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  1. 1. Jules - "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" 2. Zan Fiskum - "Light On" 3. Michael Williams - "You Say" 4. Jon Mullins - "Don't Give Up on Me" 5. Jacob Miller - "The Times They Are A-Changin'" 6. Mike Jerel - "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" 7. Roderick Chambers - "Back at One" 8. Mandi Thomas - "Time to Say" Goodbye" 9. Jacob Daniel Murphy - "Until You Come Back to Me" 10. Anaya Cheyenne - "I'll Never Love Again" 1. Ari Tibi - "The Joke 2. Jared Harper - "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" 3. Chan Fuze - "Groove Me"
  2. Add me pls! She's got a great voice, love her tone and she's gorgeous.
  3. 1. Sara Collins - "Johnny and June" 2. Samantha Howell - "Take It on the Run" 3. Joei Fulco - "Gypsys, Tramps, & Thieves" 4. Allegra Miles - "Use Somebody" 5. Jamal Corrie - "Be Alright" 6. Thunderstorm Artis - "Blackbird" 7. CammWess - "Earned It" 8. Samuel Wilco - "Lately"
  4. 1. Genavieve Linkowski - How Am I Supposed to Live Without You (Michael Bolton) 2. Lauren Mascitti - If I Can Lose You (Original) 3. Kimmy Gabriela - Let's Hurt Tonight (One Republic) 4. Dillon James - Make You Feel My Love (Adele) 5. Lauren Spencer-Smith - What About Us (P!nk) 6. Geena - Don't Want You Back (Original) 7. Jordan Jones - Lovesong (The Cure) 8. Shannon Gibbons - At Last (Etta James) 9. Courtney Timmons - Rise Up (Andra Day) 10. Amelia - Yesterday (The Beatles) 11. Erin Kirby - Who You Are (Jessie J) 12. DeWayne Crocker Jr. - Don't Worry Be Happy (Bobby McFerrin)
  5. Nah, I think Luke would have taken him through because he's country and he was actually good.
  6. 1) Julia Gargano - Growing Pains (Original) 2) Sarah Isen - If I Were A Boy (Beyonce) 3) Jonny West - "You" (Original) 4) Margie Mays - I Found A Boy (Adele) 5) Hannah Prestridge - Day To Day (Original) 6) Kyle Tanguay - Mercy (Shawn Mendes) 7) Cyniah Elise - You Are The Reason (Calum Scott) 8 ) Jovin Webb - Whipping Post (The Allman Brothers Band) 9) Kay Genyse - Mercy (Duffy) Kurt should have gotten through. Only Luke knows what he's talking about on that panel.
  7. Seriously? Her voice didn't even match her level of confidence yet they liked her arrogant attitude. Seems like when it's a girl it's fine, but when it's a guy it's not. What's that all about?
  8. Add me pls, her voice is amazing! I think she'll go really far.
  9. I don't doubt that some of the things that have been said to artists within the years have been nasty. We're not trying to see who has had the worst here. Whatever way you look at it, Lionel didn't need to speak to Nick the way in which he did. The Voice... I would agree with you and say they're not hard enough on them because they hardly ever get critiqued. Idol is different.
  10. There's criticism then there's just being plain nasty. That's your opinion and mine is in this thread. Why can't we discuss different opinions on a... forum?
  11. Add me pls Always loved him and he's definitely one of my favourite presenters ever.
  12. Add me pls!!! I love him as a judge, person and artist.
  13. Did you not hear what he said? He tried to vilify Nick but actually showed himself to be the villain. I honestly couldn't believe what I was hearing when he made those comments.
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