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  1. This is so embarrassing when you've got Desz as your #1 after last night's performance.
  2. Desz at the bottom? Are people being too optimistic about her too? Hopefully.
  3. Just watched his performance, loved it!!! Really hope he can make the next round somehow. I've just used VPN to vote for him. VOTE Y'ALL!!!
  4. Might as well just scrap it then and vote for Tanner.
  5. Nah, definitely yours if you disagree.
  6. It really doesn't matter. It's not only possible to be racist against black people.
  7. Top 16 could be all country males and I'll take it over anything else. Chloe bores me, Tanner doesn't. And no, yet again you didn't make sense. Becoming a recurring theme here.
  8. Difference is I didn't say I shouldn't.
  9. Would you be alarmed if all the white people were at the bottom of somebody's? Doubt it. Like I said, it says more about you than me.
  10. Larriah was alright in her battle performance, but her last one was an absolute trainwreck. Painful to listen to. Chloe is meh, nothing we haven't seen before tbh.
  11. Thank god someone actually gets it around here.
  12. Alarmed because I have a different opinion to the majority of people here? Who could have thought it?
  13. Why are you talking about background music? I literally just said that I don't want to listen to a screaming mess basically. "I don't want to make any assumptions"--continues to do so. However on this occasion you would be correct. I like country music, hence my rankings.
  14. ...what? Go ahead if you like, it'll only say something about you, not me.
  15. This doesn't even make sense? There are plenty of artists not like that this season alone.
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