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  1. Add me pls Great song choice, lovely voice and performance.
  2. 1. Cami Clune 2. Madeline Consoer 3. Taryn Papa 4. Chloe Hogan 5. Ryan Gallagher 6. Sid Kingsley 7. Liam St. John 8. Aaron Scott
  3. 1. Marisa Corvo 2. Lauren Frihauf 3. Jim Ranger 4. Joseph Soul 5. Ian Flanigan 6. Eli Zamora 7. John Holiday 8. Payge Turner 9. Tamara Jade
  4. What a basic first episode though Hopefully tomorrow is better.
  5. "Piano Man" would actually be a really great song choice for her.
  6. I really wish she stayed at the piano for the whole performance, but I like her and she's got potential.
  7. Well she's being overrated here that's for sure. She was alright, but not worth this hype.
  8. Imagine the % Eli would've gotten if he even sang ONE LINE in English.
  9. Damn I hate when they don't sing in English because I can't tell how good they are, but from what I can tell this guy sounds great.
  10. But the two 'country' artists so far barely even sound country, they just sang country songs.
  11. One of the better ones this episode, but that really isn't hard.
  12. Nobody should ever sing this song again after Josh Gallagher slayed it.
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