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  1. 3 hours?!? Wtf I had no idea. Is it usually that long? I thought it was 2 hours tbh.
  2. 1. Hailey Mia - idontwannabeyouanymore 2. Hailey Mia - deja vu 3. GNT - Baby Now That I Found You 4. Wendy - Over The Rainbow 5. GNT - The Chain 6. Wendy - How Will I Know 7. Paris - Me and Mrs Jones 8. Jershika - Rolling In The Deep 9. Paris - Ain't Nobody 10. Jershika - I'm Goin' Down
  3. Hailey Mia - deja vu - 9 Paris Winningham - Me and Mrs. Jones - 6 Girl Named Tom - The Chain - 8 Jershika Maple - I'm Goin Down - 4 Wendy Moten - How Will I Know - 6 Hailey Mia - idontwannabeyouanymore - 10 Paris Winningham - Ain't Nobody - 5 Girl Named Tom - Baby, Now That I've Found You - 9 Jershika Maple - Rolling in the Deep - 5 Wendy Moten - Over the Rainbow - 9
  4. I feel like Blake really bussed Paris with those song choices tonight. They sounded completely karaoke and he couldn't really do much with them, but the band kinda drowned him out on both songs too. His ballad was quite pitchy as well. Both of Girl Named Tom's performances were really solid. I preferred their ballad but their upbeat song was super cool too. The girl really carries them though, the guys are just above average singers tbh. Both of Jershika's performances seemed upbeat to me...? But anyway "I'm Going Down" was REALLY pitchy, her voice kept breaking and it was kinda painful to listen to. The Adele song was slightly better but her voice just sounds so tired and burned out. Lmao could Wendy's upbeat song be any more karaoke? It was literally so basic and generic. I'd say that "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" made up for it tho, it was great. I do also love how she sings so effortlessly. I thought Hailey's upbeat performance was really fun and it showed a totally different side to her. The ballad performance was pitch perfect (as always) and she sounded flawless, the dress was amazing and it worked for her really well (just not rly a fan of the song though tbh). 1. Hailey Mia 2. Girl Named Tom 3. Wendy 4. Paris 5. Jershika
  5. Not watching bc the streams are shitty, but Hailey's performance sounded really good from what I heard.
  6. Faves: Danielle Audra Emily Lauren Brennley Chevel
  7. 1. Hailey Mia 2. Girl Named Tom 3. Wendy 4. Paris 5. Jershika
  8. Her song choices overall weren't great at all, but I do think she has potential
  9. Think: 1. Girl Named Tom 2. Wendy 3. Hailey Mia 4. Paris 5. Jershika Want: 1. Hailey Mia 2. Girl Named Tom 3. Wendy 4. Paris 5. Jershika
  10. Think: Public vote: Wendy, Hailey Mia, Girl Named Tom, Joshua Instant save: Paris Want: Public vote: Hailey Mia, Girl Named Tom, Jim & Sasha, Joshua Instant save: Lana (I'd be happy with Wendy either tbh, I just find Lana more interesting)
  11. Jim and Sasha - Mrs. Robinson - 6 Jershika Maple - Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me - 6 Paris & Wendy - Change the World - 9 Lana Scott - Something in the Water - 5 Hailey Mia - Someone You Loved - 10 Jim and Sasha & Lana - Hold My Hand - 7 Girl Named Tom - River - 9 Jershika & Joshua - Hand In My Pocket - 9 Wendy Moten - You're All I Need to Get By - 8 Girl Named Tom & Hailey - Hold On - 8 Paris Winningham - Close the Door - 5 Joshua Vacanti - Ashes - 8
  12. He was never going to win anyway and I'm pretty sure everybody knows that. That wouldn't be allowing him to "get away" with anything, everybody makes mistakes and does silly things when they're young that really don't need to be brought to people's attention, most of all when you're in the spotlight on a tv show. You're saying that his career won't be ruined, but you can damn well bet it'll hold him back. And lmao what on earth does Nicole have to do with any of this?
  13. Oh I knew he would get disqualified for Idol's reputation alone more than anything else. Let's think about it from his view though--he was a young boy who made a video with somebody else wearing this shirt. His career doesn't deserve to get ruined for that.
  14. I'd say no that's dumb to disqualify him for something like this, but if it means Hunter can return then sure.
  15. 1. Hunter Metts 2. Grace Kinstler 3. Casey Bishop 4. Caleb Kennedy 5. Willie Spence 6. Chayce Beckham 7. Arthur Gunn
  16. 1. Hunter Metts 2. Casey Bishop 3. Grace Kinstler 4. Cassandra Coleman 5. Caleb Kennedy 6. Willie Spence 7. DeShawn Goncalves 8. Chayce Beckham 9. Alyssa Wray
  17. Omg Hunter's song choice is perfecttt Alex Preston sang it too and it was amazing, so I'm really excited for this!!!
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