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  1. Yes I do, I've said it many times. It's in the past seasons spoiler channels. I don't have the screenshots atm because it would take a bit to find, but its there.
  2. I'm SERIOUS. Change NEEDS TO HAPPEN. Don't be ignorant - be the change
  3. He tracked down those poor MINORS down to the STREET NAME just to find out if they were still in the competition or not. You can see for yourself, it's just a few seasons back.
  4. What Soreneraya said. Change NEEDS to happen. Be the change you want to see in the world.
  5. QueenMae - be an actual queen and stand up for female rights. These poor girls - Brynn, Addison, Chevel, etc deserve better than this. Stand up for what you believe in, Mae.
  6. Look at the past seasons spoiler/news/updates channels. He's stalked where underage girls from The Voice are down to the exact street just to find out where they lived. And there's more.
  7. Thanks for having the guts to come forward about this TeamAudra is a rude, predatory, disgusting human being who NEEDS to be stopped. It's crossed a line and there has been no punishment yet - this needs to change.
  8. you'd probably have some favorites that aren't... the same kind you have now.
  9. i agree, but it's happened enough on here that i don't think we're surprised
  10. i haven't listened to all of them, but so far maia, tracey and tamika
  11. i'll do since s10 since tbh i don't remember that far back s10 - alisan s11 - ali s12 - lauren s13 - chloe/janice/keisha s14 - spensha/jackie s15 - kymberli s16 - maelyn s17 - rose/myracle
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