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  1. you'd probably have some favorites that aren't... the same kind you have now.
  2. i agree, but it's happened enough on here that i don't think we're surprised
  3. i haven't listened to all of them, but so far maia, tracey and tamika
  4. i'll do since s10 since tbh i don't remember that far back s10 - alisan s11 - ali s12 - lauren s13 - chloe/janice/keisha s14 - spensha/jackie s15 - kymberli s16 - maelyn s17 - rose/myracle
  5. 1. rose 2. katie :) 3. will 4. hello sunday 5. jake 6. ricky 7. kat :x 8. marybeth
  6. Joana - Burn (Probably wouldn't work but IMO it could slay)
  7. Kelly was on Idol, so she would probably make it pretty far for most of the seasons since she knows how to handle the pressure and has a lot of experience with competition shows Gwen probably wouldn't do too well, but if she were to make the lives she could possibly make it to the finale in a couple seasons Blake would get to the finale in most of them probably but he wouldn't win much IMO John might make it to the finale in a few seasons but I couldn't imagine him winning
  8. 1. Dane & Stephanie / Gracee - D&S were really solid, same with their blind, so I wish they could have gotten saved/stolen Gracee wasn't her best that night, but she was one of my favorites, so I would still pick her in the WC vote 2. Joana, she was amazing and if she went home that early, that would be stupid :* 3. Shane was bad
  9. i wish dane & stephanie would've sung this if they went farther on the show dane covered it on his yt channel
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