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  1. she would probably get runner up cause John gave her a crappy final song
  2. Want: Paris or Jershika Think: GNT
  3. They get kinda boring after a few weeks
  4. Joshua: Drivers License Hailey: Any Man Can Dig A Hole But It Takes A Real Man To Call It Home Wendy: Sweet Home Alabama Paris: Barbie Girl GNT: Wap
  5. I still think there was a glitch in the voting system every week. That’s the only explanation. She had the most unique voice this season and should have been in the finals. She is one of the only people on the voice I would actually see at a concert after the show. Wish her the best
  6. Not based on favorites but power 1 GNT 2 Wendy 3 Hailey 4 Paris 5 Joshua 6 Holly 7 Jershika 8 Jeremy 9 Lana 10 Jim and Sasha
  7. Vocals don’t usually matter when the you can connect with the music. Obviously Gymani should have won but there performance wasn’t as bad as everyone is saying
  8. Jeremy obviously has the casuals so I’m gunna say Jim and Sasha, Lana, and unfortunately Joshua
  9. 1 Paris 2 Joshua 3 Jershika 4 Jim and Sasha 5 Wendy 6 Jeremy 7 Holly 8 Lana 9 Hailey 10 GNT
  10. 1 Paris 2 Joshua 3 Gymani 4 Holly 5 Jim and Sasha 6 Jershika 7 Wendy 8 Hailey 9 Lana 10 Jeremy 11 GNT
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