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  1. Preach! Our Kitty Kat actually slayed. IDF has been scared of her from the beginning. That’s where her hate comes from.
  2. He actually did. His snarky fake “congrats” is unwarranted.
  3. Please don’t congratulate her. You hated on her all season.
  4. Most talented Gwen has ever been around? Jeffery Austin is crying in a corner right now
  5. Please. You all can’t deny we’ve all heard that song sung like that before. There are billions of Rose
  6. Hello Sunday is about to become Goodbye Sunday. Get off my tv screen please
  7. Vote Kat everyone. We get multiple voices like Rose every season. Nobody has ever said her voice is unique.
  8. Tbh I’m voting Shane so Marybeth and Joanna’s votes go to Kat. But Shane isn’t winning lmao.
  9. Somebody has to say it. Hello Sunday only got voted through because of the diabetes sob story. So unfortunate. At least my future wife Kat is safe.
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