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  1. Adam should have come out and performed in a bathrobe. Would have been iconic.
  2. That was bad. King Kenzie slayed the night. Can’t wait until he’s called the winner and IDF meltsdown
  3. I get that but vote splitting is still thing for genres. Most people only vote for one person probably in the finale versus multiple like in earlier rounds.
  4. Why isn’t it being mentioned how possibly Cam and Victor could be splitting votes? Same genre. Also Victor closed the show with a grand performance that many thought was amazing. Go Kenzie!!!
  5. He is such a diva. He was just salty he could not sing “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” for the millionth time
  6. Frustrating. I love Kelly but honestly after this I don’t love her as much anymore. Chevel is one of my favorite contestants ever and she can be a much bigger star than Brynn and Jake. And I would have thought they would have a strong bond seeing Chevel was the first Country singer to win not being on Team Blake.
  7. Does anyone know why it doesn’t seem Kelley helps her as much as Brynn and Jake? I mean she released a song with Jake and has had both Brynn and Jake on her talk show but no Chevel. Hmm
  8. Holly Henry. Amber Carrington. Christina Grimmie
  9. Preach! Our Kitty Kat actually slayed. IDF has been scared of her from the beginning. That’s where her hate comes from.
  10. He actually did. His snarky fake “congrats” is unwarranted.
  11. Please don’t congratulate her. You hated on her all season.
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