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  1. I don't think so. Dana's numbers on social media are better.
  2. Statistically, probably yes. But after the 4-way KO results I cannot predict she'll get it, despite her strong numbers.
  3. Oh yeah, the fact that he led facebook is wild to me. Not that I'm complaining though.
  4. I wasn't talking about their views, I was talking about likes. Iirc, Worth the Wait and Ian were very close on facebook in terms of likes, but "iT's tHe vOiCe nOt tHe vOiCesSSSSSsssss" pretty much guaranteed Ian the PV.
  5. lmao, Corey isn't getting PV. Yes he's a clear 3rd place, but Kenzie is still way above him on facebook. if Kenzie somehow doesn't get PV,Cam basically won. Because Cam is AHEAD of Kenzie on facebook.
  6. she's doing pretty well on facebook!
  7. I don't think google trends really matters that much. Savanna was WAY ahead, and look what happened.
  8. The only way a woman can do well on this show if if there's no male competition.
  9. Dana: All upbeat Corey: All ballads What are they, polar opposites?
  10. A lot of these studios are fantastic. Safe to say no matter what happens tomorrow, it's gonna HURT.
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