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  1. If I had to pick 4 at this moment based on overall feedback of the artists + pimping thus far... -Thunderstorm Artis (artists like Thunderstorm rarely go far but his audition received the most buzz by far, and for good reason.) -Todd Tilghman (Team Blake always has someone in the finale, let alone the top 2. All he has to do in order to be in the runner-up position is to make the playoffs, unless Blake busses him for...) -Toneisha Harris (She's 2/2 for being leaked and so far both of her performances were very well received. She also has a very emotional story that singing show fans love. Blake was very serious with his pitch for her, I get the impression that he really wants to get her far.) -Allegra Miles (this one's up in the air but they're obviously going to want Nick in the finale or a winner, and Allegra is his best shot at this current moment.)
  2. I love how they're saving 3 of my top 4 this season for the end of battles
  3. I still wonder how long they can keep this up for. Did the ratings in the past increase by this much when the bachelor wrapped up the season?
  4. nvm i was beaten by istersay
  5. All this talk about Samantha and she lost her battle but the real question is will Anaya beat Mandi in the KO...
  6. For the record, last night's episode of The Voice had a higher number in the demo and viewers compared to ANY episode in S17. That's really impressive.
  7. I COULDN'T BELIEVE my eyes when I saw that. I guess the young coaches are the ones with the dumbest pairings...
  8. Add me! Her audition was COOL.
  9. someone we thought was a chair turn and was never heard from again
  10. I recognized only 2 battles from the preview: -Joei Fulco vs Todd Michael Hall -Roderick Chambers vs Joanna Serenko (LMAOOOO) - when the party's over (Billie Eilish)
  11. So Mandi really beat Thunderstorm? Her audition was solid but it wasn't as good as Thunderstorms... either he must have flopped hard, she flat-out crushed him, or John just hates when his songs are covered on the show.
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