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  1. Kelly's basically losing her mind here during Wendy's KO lol
  2. Agreed. I think they're the best multi-person act to ever appear on this show.
  3. I don't expect this to happen but GNT, Gymani and Katie as Kelly's top 3 would probably be one of the best top 12 teams of all time.
  4. We went from not knowing if Katie turned a chair to seeing her lose her battle and be eliminated in the KO after a save to her winning her battle and being stolen by Kelly instead of Brittany. What a plot twist lmao
  5. Yep, Brittany's out. Dang, that's unfortunate. She was probably DOA in playoffs anyway though.
  6. Just like that the order from the sources video is wrong, since Wendy vs Jonathon was aired first. Maybe Ariana tried to steal Brittany after all
  7. Plot twist: The steal information from the sources was completely wrong and BrittanyBree and David did not survive the KOs with Kinsey being stolen by John and Kelly stealing Hailey Green
  8. Wendy's going to destroy Ain't No Way but that's not going to move the needle for her. She's gonna get slandered for being a '"screamer". If BrittanyBree is on Tuesday maybe Ari never actually tried to steal her? Then again, Gymani and Kinsy were shown last, and that didn't end in a steal.
  9. It's unfair because contestants get eliminated for a reason. Whatever it may be, at the end of the day this is a competition and only one can win. If a previously eliminated contestant comes back and advances further than others who actually earned their spot in the live shows, it completely disregards their legitimate effort to go as far in the competition as they can. Whether a comeback contestant was simply outperformed, just had a bad day, or anything in between, it doesn't matter. They were eliminated, and that should be that.
  10. Sasha's favorite past Voice Artist: "Season 4's Sasha Allen" lmao
  11. Producers attempting (and failing) to get more social media buzz. That's literally it. As for PO wildcards, they should have never been a thing. The truth is in the results - contestants were eliminated in battles and KOs for a reason. It's just not fair to those who actually did win properly.
  12. This doesn't surprise me. I'd bet money on Wendy's chances of winning being practically nonexistent. Think about it: Considering the voting demographic of The Voice, does anyone in all honesty actually think a 55 year old AA woman can win the show? It doesn't matter how talented Wendy is, nor how much of a vocal beast she is, because she'll still get slandered for the exact same reasons as most other AA females on this show. Honestly, I don't think Wendy even WANTS to win. She's clearly too good vocally for this competition and probably just wants exposure.
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