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  1. So Kenzie really is the only country singer left? Release the confetti.
  2. I feel like taping A because two of the four chair turns are on Team B and that being the case might be shocking lol
  3. Honestly, I don't see a single possible scenario where Kenzie doesn't win this thing. I mean, not only is Kenzie the epitome of everything a country fan votes for (besides being team Blake, which didn't matter for Hoot so it won't matter here either), but the competition just feels too weak for anyone to take him down. I expect him to completely steamroll the win here, but we'll see.
  4. Based on these song choices and the fact that the battles are 3 weeks with only 6 battles apiece (plus montage) they’re going to be an absolute slog to get through when they air. I mean... not that they aren’t already a slog, but now more than ever tbh. They’re probably going to be the most boring 3 weeks of the show in quite a while.
  5. I think this is the first time that all of the steals were men.
  6. Blake has no girls except for the one in the 4-way KO, lol
  7. Lmaooo, I kinda want to know the spoilers right now but I'll play fair, and wait until they're all revealed at once. It's not like the wait will be long.
  8. If it's Avery, I kinda hope he lost to one of the country girls lmaooo. Neither of them have been mentioned here at all I believe.
  9. There's no way this is referring to Kenzie. There's NO FREAKING WAY.
  10. This makes me feel like she got saved, lol. And considering the 4-way KO is apparently back, it doesn't bode well for her chances if I'm right.
  11. From my own perspective, S11 was stacked early on, but the live shows were a complete disaster. The results often sucked, and there were very few contestants I enjoyed in the late season. As in Wé and Ali were the ONLY ones I actively rooted for from the beginning in the Top 8. I liked Brendan and Aaron a bit, but they were late bloomers for me. Couldn't stand the rest. I actually liked S14. Not the best season but I did like a lot of the contestants and most of my favorites went rather deep. Plus this season felt really fresh with it being Kelly's first time on the coa
  12. Reminder to save Maelyn's videos if you haven't already and plan to do so. ...or anyone else for that matter but Maelyn is literally the only contestant from this season that's talked about here anymore so she's the most relevant to this point by far
  13. The Swon Brothers - First contestant saved by coach in playoffs to make the finale. Jesse Larson - First (and only) contestant to make the finale with ZERO iTunes bonuses for cumulative voting. Amanda Brown - First steal to be the final remaining contestant on a team (Melanie Martinez was eliminated shortly before her). Sarah Potenza - First contestant to win her battle and KO, yet be eliminated before both contestants she defeated. Will Champlin - First contestant to be stolen twice and outlast both contestants who beat him, as well as the first
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