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  1. yea i agree, Nelson's audition was mediocre imo but at least they leaked a 4-chair turn where a coach used their block. Kim's audition being leaked was just... extremely baffling. Especially because she only turned 2 chairs and her audition was not worth being leaked, even moreso being for the PREMIERE.
  2. Wait, there’s gonna be 24 contestants in the KOs, but there’s 3 Monday shows between the battles and the top 17. Since Monday KOs have 6 pairs per episode, they can get through all KOs in 2 weeks.
  3. Welp it's official... 4 weeks of auditions, 3 weeks of battles and 3 weeks of KOs.
  4. For the record, 10/13 weeks of this season will be pre-taped. That's about 77% of the entire season. So yeah, over 3/4ths of this entire season has already been recorded.
  5. As someone who’s actually seen it... it’s just... bad. it’s really cringey and I just don’t find it funny at all. I gave it one episode and that was it
  6. Wow... so it's basically gonna be impossible to get invested in anyone over the course of the season, because by the time the taped portions are done the entire season will be nearly over!
  7. -Quizz Swanigan (S12) -Keith Paluso (S15, mainly Kelly's steal that felt more wasted) --Colton Smith (S15, both Blake and Jennifer wasted their steals here) -Stephen Marcellus (S13) -The millions of country men Adam stole just to try and beat Blake with one (imo that's a really poor reason to steal someone, let alone move someone forward)
  8. Also in the trailer: Cedrice Webber A black woman who I don't recognize (turned Nick) - Arei Moon? Toneisha Harris sang I Want To Know What Love Is and is a 4-chair turn Tate Brusa turned Nick's chair but not Kelly's
  9. If that matches the trailer, then Allegra is a 4 chair turn.
  10. Oh my god : D but wow this is the weirdest season ever schedule-wise...
  11. The "I AUDITIONED" picture says the premiere is 2/24 AND 2/25. Are we getting a Tuesday episode premiere week after all?
  12. WTF was NBC thinking? I just looked at Ellen’s ratings so far. They’ve all been a 1.0, not even cracking 5 million viewers. Even S16 of The Voice performed way better.
  13. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I defined this before, but if they had 40 contestants it could be like this: Auditions - 4 weeks, 10 chair turns per episode for 40 chair turns. Battles: 3 weeks, 6/7 per episode (2 might have to be shortclipped). 28 contestants survive the battles eliminating 12, but the 4 saved contestants go straight to playoffs for a wildcard vote. 24 contestants going into KOs. KOs: 2 weeks, 6 KOs per episode for 12 total. 8 contestants are eliminated for a top 16. Playoffs: Assumed live (meaning this makes 4 weeks of lives instead of 3) - If Monday only then the top 13 would be decided in one night (live voting), otherwise the top 16 would perform Monday and results Tuesday (I remember S16 initially had 6 weeks of Monday only and not 4 like we got). Top 2 votes for each team advance, coach saves one more. The saved contestants from the battles participate in a wild card that works exactly like it did in S17. Top 13->Top 8->Top 4 Seems semi reasonable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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