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  1. There's no way Ben will beat Carter. All you need is 1 to win, and Carter's her favorite as well as THE frontrunner. She 100% messed up in every sense of the word.
  2. Well, at least the holy trinity is still here! 1. DeSz 2. Tamara 3. Cami You're solid, but your coach doesn't deserve to win. 4. Carter I can do without but not bottom tier. 5. John H 6. Ian Can you tell I dislike country? 7. Bailey 8. Jim Gwen might be the dumbest coach in the history of the show. 9. Ben
  3. Team Kelly: PV - DeSz CS - Tanner WC - Cami Team Gwen: PV - Carter CS - Payge WC - Ben Team John: PV - John H CS - Tamara WC - Bailey Team Blake: PV - Ian CS - Worth the Wait WC - Sid
  4. Sooo... is it safe to assume John, Carter, Ryan and Ian will be the PV recipients? My god, that's really boring.
  5. Where are you guys finding this? I only see Ryan's from the link above.
  6. I wanted to wait until KOs ended to make my prediction. I'm going to go out on a limb here. Let's assume the format is the same as last season for the sake of this post. Playoffs: Kelly - Ryan PV, DeSz CS, Tanner WC Gwen - Carter PV, Payge CS, Ben WC John - Tamara PV, John H CS, Bailey WC Blake - Jim PV, WTW CS, Ian WC (Winner) Top 9: Kelly - Ryan PV, DeSz WC (Winner) Gwen - Carter PV John - Tamara PV Blake - Jim PV Final 5: 5th Place - Tamara 4th Place - DeS
  7. Ryan was destined to win from the start. He’s the only male (advantage by default), is deemed to be “extremely hot” by basically everyone, and none of his competition is the type of singer to mesh well with minivan.
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