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  1. Wow... ok. that's a lot to digest. Some quick notes: -Very glad to see that 12 contestants teams are returning! The 4-Way KO was not my favorite addition to put it lightly, and this more but confirms it'll be gone. -Dang, 4 of the confirmed chair turns are duos or trios? That'll spark some outrage for the conspiracy theorists saying "itS tHe VoIcE nOt tHe vOiCeSSSSss!!!" -Every coach has an AA female, haha. Interesting to see how that goes. Glad in particular to see Blake have more than like 2 females. -This Carson kid on Blake's team is going to be dangerous. A kid who turned 4 chairs on Blake's team? Get ready for him to destroy your favorites in the lives (if he gets that far) -7 four chair turns? That's wild, considering the past 2 seasons only had 4. And this is with around half the names still to be determined. I have a lot of hope for this season.
  2. Amy Vachal and Madi Davis in S9. Both KOs were flawless and there was no wrong decision.
  3. The average ratings for this season (not factoring in the clip show) are below, assuming my calculation is correct. Demo is rounded to the nearest tenth, viewers are rounded to the nearest hundredth. Key Demo: 0.82 unrounded, 0.8 rounded. Viewers: 6.562 unrounded, 6.56 rounded. For comparison, here's S19's numbers: Key demo: 0.96 unrounded, 1.0 rounded. Viewers: 7.337 million unrounded, 7.34 million rounded. This season was a bit lower but not by that much. I guess the network can't really complain about the show's numbers if it's getting renewed, despite the cut of Spring seasons. We'll see how next season fares.
  4. Most of my favorite winners come from spring seasons, but overall in terms of talent and format I think fall wins out. How ironic.
  5. There are three types of contestants who audition for this show: 1. The people who are genuinely hopeful this will completely change their life. These people are probably delusional about the show's track record for success stories. 2. The people who simply go for the exposure, and don't care where they end up. They get to be on TV, perform in front of millions, and whatever happens happens. 3. The people who want to be in the music industry more than anything, and have the drive to do so. These people are probably better for American Idol if they fall within the upper age limit, and likely ran out of other options. Honestly, anyone who auditions to get on The Voice for ANYTHING besides exposure is fooling themselves. It's not even the winners nowadays who have a poor track record with success, it's EVERYONE. All the people from this show who have made a name in the music industry were from 10+ seasons ago. Speaking of that, if no one gets successful from this show anyway, why would you NOT want to win? Win or lose, the contestants need to have the drive. If a losing contestant has more success than a winner, it's probably because they distanced themselves from the show.
  6. I’m not going to give a rank, just mentioning my 10 favorites. -Cam Anthony: Feeling Good -Cam Anthony: It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday -Cam Anthony: Stand Up -Dana Monique: Free Your Mind -Dana Monique: Nutbush City Limits -Pia Renee: What The World Needs Now Is Love -Savanna Woods: Black Hole Sun -Zania Alake : If I Were Your Woman -Rachel Mac: Foolish Games -Gihanna Zoe: Glitter In The Air The fact that 7 of my top 10 are from the KO really shows how strong that round was this season.
  7. Cam is the sixth teenager to win The Voice, and is the first teenager who won at over 16 years old. His win gives teenagers an overall 30% win rate, having won seasons 4, 8, 14, 15, 19, and 20.
  8. I wouldn't go that far. They did, just not as much as country men usually get. There was a fair amount of flack but he still had strong support overall.
  9. oh i forgot jordan turned 3 chairs. oops
  10. Agreed. I think that should have been game over right there, but Facebook loves their country. To me, it didn't matter that Kenzie wasn't getting as much support as country men usually get, because I thought he had it in the bag.
  11. forget this i'm dumb sorry
  12. This is nothing new. Facebook is the ONLY reliable social media platform. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it basically reveals the results before they're aired. It's not 100% accurate, but it's more reliable than all other platforms combined.
  13. Honestly, I think the show is going to keep getting renewed as long as it does well against other unscripted shows. Obvious budget cuts have happened, but the show is still being aired. And the pandemic destroyed ALL ratings, not just The Voice. Most people just moved on from network TV to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu long ago, and it's not changing. It is what it is.
  14. Dana Monique, Savanna Woods, Cam Anthony, and Pia Renee.
  15. Stand Up. Freedom was fun to watch. I emphasize "watch" very hard because I didn't think the vocal itself was anything special. It was all choreography.
  16. I'm just good at predicting how this show works. I'm not perfect, but I like to think I'm right most of the time.
  17. dead at me making this prediction before this season began realizing that kenzie's gonna win the show tomorrow, this show is so predictable
  18. 1. Kenzie 2. Cam 3. Victor 4. Jordan 5. Rachel
  19. I had a feeling Victor was gonna close. They wouldn't let the same person close twice in the lives with only three weeks.
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