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  1. Lmao, Allegra's social media support in the Top 9 was weak. She may not have even made the middle three under a normal format.
  2. Haaaard agree. I thought Kirk was winning from the beginning. Not only were his iTunes the best of the season overall, but his social media standings were also incredibly strong, even on his worst performances. It seemed like he had the competition locked up, and suddenly he got third. Can't say I expected that at all, considering I had him pegged as the winner for so long. As for Kennedy... yeah she never had a shot at winning as much as it hurts to admit it. Her blind audition hype probably had a lot of people fooled, but I just KNEW that it wasn't going to last forever, and pegg
  3. Not speaking for everyone, but Payge beating Carter for the spot of Gwen's frontrunner was never going to happen. And a TON of people thought it would, granted I think that quickly faltered after Carter's KO.
  4. Season 20 will mark Kelly's 7th season as a coach, thus making her the longest running female coach in Voice history (and third longest running coach overall), as Christina was on for 6 seasons.
  5. Definitely Kyla. Her notes were absurd.
  6. I don't dislike John as a coach yet, but I've enjoyed his presence on the coaching panel less and less each time.
  7. Basing on the entire year, 2014 without a doubt was the worst. This is the only year I didn't enjoy at least one of the winners. S6 had a lot of talented people but imo almost all of them were eliminated early. S7 had few talented artists I enjoyed at all, and that field was weak. As for the best year, it's harder, but I think 2013 takes it. S4 was STACKED, and S5 was also very solid.
  8. I calculated the average viewers and demo numbers. Viewers rounded to the nearest hundredth, demo rounded to the nearest tenth. Key demo: 0.96 unrounded, 1.0 rounded. Viewers: 7.337 million unrounded, 7.34 million rounded. I think these numbers are fine? It's not like many people really watch network TV.
  9. Rainbow Connection probably would have hit #1 if there was a studio of it upon airing.
  10. Sticking with finalists only for this one. S1. - I've seen like 2 performances from this season, so I'm not putting anyone here.S2 - Juliet Simms. She's the only contestant from this season who I've seen more than 1 performance from, so she wins this by default. Besides, they were all amazing, so I'd probably root for her anyway.S3 - Cassadee Pope. Cassadee is the only contestant I've seen more than 2 performances from, and she was pretty strong for them. If I wasn't referring to only finalists, Amanda Brown would go here.S4 - Michelle Chamuel. Hands down the most consistently good
  11. S19 had an all male top 3 - this was the first time this happened since S7.
  12. I haven't seen enough of Javier or Jermaine to rank them here. 1. Alisan Porter 2. Maelyn Jarmon 3. Jordan Smith 4. Tessanne Chin 5. Sawyer Fredericks 6. Chris Blue 7. Cassadee Pope 8. Carter Rubin 9. Danielle Bradbery 10. Brynn Cartelli 11. Chloe Kohanski 12. Chevel Shepherd 13. Josh Kaufman 14. Craig Wayne Boyd 15. Jake Hoot 16. Todd Tilghman 17. Sundance Head
  13. So much for Jim winning after most of IDF declared him the winner after hearing his KO spoilers But hey, 2nd is as close as you can get.
  14. That's more than likely how it'll be going forward. simply because that's where minivan, the bulk of this shows viewers, reside.
  15. Congrats to Carter for winning! He wasn't my #1 favorite this season, but there's no doubt he's a vocal prodigy. He was one of the most likeable contestants of the season.
  16. You would think she'd save Payge because Payge is the definition of "unusual". Then Gwen was like "haha country over payge is funny"
  17. Ian is going to be 2nd with Jim in third. I could not care less about where these two place as long as they don't win.
  18. Gwen saving Ben in the T17 after using "unusual" to describe him.
  19. John was atrocious, and his social media numbers show it. He's a DISTANT 5th.
  20. Don't Let Go (Love) was not only her best performance, but also the best performance of the entire season. It was EVERYTHING.
  21. I'm not sure how much this means, but comparing Ian and DeSz on FB... the former has higher likes and shares but the latter has a TON more views. As of right now... Ian's cover - 3.8K reactions, 66.5K views. Ian's original - 1.4K reactions, 24K views. DeSz's cover - 1.2K reactions, 33K views. DeSz's original - 2.3K reactions, 80K views. Obviously, this isn't going to matter in the end, but I find it kinda interesting.
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