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  1. Ranking this by team because there's no overall vote. TEAM KELLY 1. Kenzie - Obvious frontrunner, only country singer remaining, has got minivan support. I'll be very surprised if he doesn't win the entire thing. 2. Corey - A surprising contender, Corey has proven to be a fierce competitor. He won't get the PV with Kenzie around, but I think he's the likely CS. 3. Zae - Zae has been pretty positively received by Minivan so far. I think his chances of surviving the night are pretty low, however. 4. Gihanna - She hasn't made much progress in terms of support. Had one
  2. S11, the top 8 was 6 guys and 2 girls. At least in terms of a male dominated semi-finals.
  3. Honestly, me. Her support was lacking compared to Carolina and even Devan. We'll see though, stranger things have happened. I mean, even with Ryan's exit last season I don't think anyone expected Taryn to win out of those three.
  4. Then get of IDF/Twitter and write the damn paper! Or if you REALLY wanted to obsess over The Voice and/or Big Brother, write the paper during a period of nothing exciting happening. In those times there's nothing to be obsessed for
  5. Don't sacrifice your school life for a reality competition that you're not even competing in
  6. Savanna was the only one who was even remotely good imo. Unfortunately for her, she's last place in likes on Facebook. I think Carolina's going to take it.
  7. Not to mention, his competition has not resonated with the audience as much. And considering the type of artists they are (two 30+ black females and an openly LGBT pop female), they were bound to be trapped in an uphill battle. I don't mean to sound harsh, but that's just how the demographics vote.
  8. The playoffs closer, with a few exceptions, is usually the contestant who has got the most pimping in the pre-lives. This leads me to believe it's going to be Dana, especially since she's probably the least likely to flop out of everyone, but as you said it's possible she can open with a bombastic song.
  9. Cam yes, Victor no. Dana's not getting eliminated in the T17 she's 100% first pick on the CS if she doesn't get the PV
  10. Youtube doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Facebook is like, 90% of how the voting goes. It basically reveals the results before they're aired.
  11. Dana's getting attacked on Facebook - I'm seeing a lot of typical "screamer" comments for her. Andrew's pair has already passed her in likes and shares - granted it might be because he's getting carried by Pete. The comments favor the latter more. Whether or not it'll matter remains to be seen, but I don't think Dana's as safe as ya'll think she is.
  12. That performance had winner all over it, imo. Of course Kenzie is very tough competition, but I have a feeling he got propelled to frontrunner status.
  13. Strongest: S17 - the playoffs are usually messy compared to the other live rounds, and while I don’t think this is an exception, a lot of the performances were decent at worst and pretty damn strong at best. Weakest: S16 - Literally almost every performance was completely forgettable. Even Maelyn, while solid, had her weakest performance here imo. It felt like a bad karaoke night.
  14. Strongest: S13 - many contestants had one of if not their best performance here. weakest: S16 - I couldn’t even remember any of the performances aside from Maelyn.
  15. Strongest: probably S13. The finale is usually not the best night of music, but there were quite a few performances here I enjoyed. weakest: S19. Carter and DeSz were the only finalists I enjoyed, and both of them had their weakest performances imo
  16. The leak's going to be Corey/Ryleigh. It got a triple steal, need there be any more reason?
  17. Assuming the top 5 format of 1 per coach and a wildcard, this is statistically impossible
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