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We got the studios, predict B2 after listening (Top 11)


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16 minutes ago, thevoicefan12 said:

lana and gymani with lana winning

I agree it's probably going to be the bottom 2, however, I find the situation to be a bit more complex. 

1. Gymani isn't liked by Minivan, but can deliver better than a good sum of the cast. 

2. Lana is a country girl in Blake's team, but Minivan is pissed with her since KO's and haven't shown support. 

3. In this scenario, it's going to be the second week straight Gymani will be b2. 

4. Gymani could overpower Lana in every aspect and earn votes, the same way she did last week. Which is very likely. 

5. Gymani could overpower Lana and be viewed by Minivan as a "screamer". Which is also very likely. 

6. Blake's bat signal.

It does seem Gymani will be burned, but to me the chances aren't set in stone at all. Including a different competitor for Lana if Holly, Joshua or Hailey flops. 

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Gymani’s not quite a lock, but bottom three last week makes her odds of landing in the bottom two this week go up.


Minivan hasn’t liked Lana very much, so she’s my next guess, but since Blake has usually (not always, but more often than not) made it to the at least top 10 before losing an artist post-playoffs, she could be safe.


Joshua and Holly both have risky songs this week, so either one of them could be here too. If both deliver live, I’d say she’s a tad safer than he is, since her style is less polarizing, but Minivan has come for Ariana harder than they have for John this season, and disliking a coach can impact the artists on a coach’s team.


Jim & Sasha, despite being the least technically skilled vocalists of the top 11, are probably safe due to their song choice.

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I’d want it to be Gymani and Joshua/Jim and Sasha with the latter going home but I think Joshua will be safe this week so my guess is Gymani and Jim and Sasha.


I don’t see why everyone is counting out Lana. I think she got a good song that minivan will like.

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Gymani and Lana. Gymani will probably win the IS.


Regarding Gymani pulling a Rayshun Lamar or Joana Martinez. The thing is, they got PV in the playoffs, which means Minivan liked them to some extent, they just disliked them on a specific week.


With Gymani, they havent been into her from the get go, despite her performing well and consistently.

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23 minutes ago, AliXRose said:

This is so depressing.

let’s send some positive energy into the universe!!!! Gymani will crush her performance tonight🙏 Gymani will get a PV🙏 Gymani will advance to the top 10🙏 if Gymani happens to be in the bottom 2, she will give an amazing IS performance and get saved🙏 

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