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  1. Omg, if Kelly was the coach I'd die for a rendition of Mariah Carey-Boyz II Men - One Sweet Day between them. But, well
  2. Well, I don't actually know who taped first: him or Cam. However, it's a good point.
  3. I'll be controversial and state that Blake would have been an interesting choice for him, instead of John. First because I don't trust Nick. Second, Blake tends to go for some interesting picks for the artists that are not in his lane. Its like he's drawn to people who would not typically choose him, somehow. With John, I'm betting the choices are going to be extremely vanilla and he may end up flying under the radar.
  4. Yeah. Anything deeply passionate. He has some very emotional vocals.
  5. The last thing this man needs is more John Legend in his vocals, honestly.
  6. Also, I'm pretty sure Kelly didn't turn because she listened to a lot of John Legend in the song instead of Victor. I can understand her thoughts, because sometimes I felt the same.
  7. Hmmm, Victor is good. I think the key with him is totally going to be song selection, because he can easily fall into this R&B male trap of 100 runs by the second and not connect with the audience.
  8. Even better when you find out Blake was originally set to record this song. Miranda took it and now CMT elected as one of the best songs of the decade prior to the pandemic. Also, recorded by Tanya Tucker and featured on her grammy winning album. Well, a great song for The Voice. It's sad that it's lost on drama.
  9. Cof cof The house that built me would be a powerful moment, however... cof cof
  10. I love big powerhouse voices from AA females from R&B. But I hate too many vocal runs and the males tend to always go for it.
  11. I'm watching in loop Kelly's reaction to Ryleigh because that's how I wish my father would have reacted when I came out. I stan a queen.
  12. Well, last time my favorite was on the 4-way knockout, probably won, but was stupid enough to get himself thrown out of The Voice. It definitely was a roller coaster
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