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  1. Last I checked IDF, everyone (myself included) was predicting Kelly would have trouble filling up her team, because of Ariana. Now it seems she has the team to beat. How does Kelly pulled that one off?
  2. I feel like if the band INTENDED TO bandzilla Kelly Clarkson, she'd still be higher.
  3. They already had Adam Levine. Ryan is just a copy with questionable character.
  4. Oh, wow. Just me remembering that the vocalist of One Republic produced Already Gone for Kelly (Corey's KO song) and made the song sound just like Halo from Beyoncé. Until this day Kelly's probably a bit pissed about it.
  5. Oh, man. Random thoughts about Kenzie taking over Kelly's instagram. First of all, it was so sweet of her to give Kenzie the plataform. Winning or losing, Kelly is a sweetheart of a coach. Kenzie: Jordan, say hello... Jordan: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Me: Yep, we could be friends
  6. I can see where a Beyoncé/Kendrick would feel indiferent about his performance. But at the end of the day, Victor being able to even mimic such high level performance is a testament to his potential as an artist.
  7. I would go even further. Last time I felt this passionate about a performance on The Voice, Maelyn was up there slaying 3 country males with Leonard Cohen, a stairway to heaven and a gothic window .
  8. Man, here is the thing. This is far from the type of music I usually listen to. But if Victor had performed it somewhere on an award show or something, I definetely would be right now on spotify listening to his discography. If an artist have the power to flip someone like this, he deserves my full support for polling higher than thrid. Just saying.
  9. Hey y'all, we'll be able to vote only tomorrow?
  10. It amazes me how I always seem like a Kelly Clarkson bitch, but I always end up voting for Team Legend during the finale . Even when I do not expect it.
  11. There's no comparison, though. It's two completly different lanes of performances, I'd say they were both equally good in their own lanes.
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