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  1. People, I have a very newbie question. What is the most relatively accurate way to mesure the voting for The Voice? Facebook likes/shares?
  2. I wasn't a fan of teenage boys not even when I was a teenager . He's talented, of course, but I prefer to listen to music done by singers who went through basic voice change.
  3. That's my jam! 1. Ryan Gallagher U BETTA SAAANG 2. John Holiday 3. Desz I could stan 4 - Taryn Papa 5 - Madeline Consoer 6 - Tamara Jade 7 - Syd Kingsley (It's more like a tie with Tamara, actually). Well... 8. Cami Clune 9. Payge Turner 10. Julia Cooper 11. Larriah Jackson 12. Chloé Hogan I don't think so... 13. Joseph Soul 14. Ian Flannigan 15. Tanner Gomes No. 16. Bailey Rae 17. WTW 18. Jim Ranger. PLESE, GOD. NO. 19. Ben Allen 20. Carter Rubin
  4. Hey, is it possible to consider a Dark Theme option for the forum? My eyes hurt a little when I use it at night. It's all to white. I did the brightness ajustments on my screens, etc, but still...
  5. He was also in Ex on the Beach after stating to be a reality star because he auditioned for American Idol
  6. I've read on reddit an interesting argument concerning Marisa's elimination. If she eliminated Tanner, she would have a full female team (considering that Ryan isn't a sure thing on paper). And Kelly likes to diversify the team in that sense. Also, she might have stolen Cami prior to Marisa's KO (this might be in need of a check). Keeping Marisa and Cami in the same team might split the vote between them. By saving Tanner, she would clear the competition, keep a male member on the team and appeal to a certain demographic, also. I believe it w
  7. I believe you are right. Actually, I'm pretty sure all the 4 coaches (Blake, Kelly, John and Gwen) seems to me like the kind of people who would cut a promissing competitor if they smelled that there was something off with them character-wise. And Kelly always had a nice finger to point it out. Does anyone remember Dr. Luke's situation during the Breakaway era? Also, the whole "pick the weeds but keep the flowers"? I'm not saying that's the case, but she would do it, for sure.
  8. Well, it is controversial, of course. One could say Kelly only cares for the win at the end, but that's not true. She really cares about her contestants winning or loosing. I've seen her invinting former contestants like Jej to sing a duet with her during concert. I've even seen her doing a full on background for Chevel, also. She signed Brynn and a The Voice country duo (Kaleb Lee and Pryor, I guess) to Starstruck entertainment. I can see how Kelly can be very pragmatic (see Marisa vs Tanner), but these bad bloods doesn't smell very good to me on the contestants parts. And I do b
  9. What kind of middle american values does Ryan represents, though? Considering he didn't spoke much about anything other than "my momma had COVID. Now she's recovering"?
  10. About opera and heavy metal: FOR SURE. That's why I love Ryan. I listen mostly to a genre called symphonic metal in which the singers usually do operatic/classical vocals. I'm used to this style of singing in my daily basis. I really think Ryan should go for some rock ballads from Queen, at least, if he's going for rock. And I fully support an operatic Luke combs bop #sarcasm
  11. I might have my differences with Blake, but he sure supports the artists. That's beautiful. I don't see John doing the same, for instance. Kelly FOR SURE supports it also, but she's been a little off lately, consideing everything that is happening to her. With that being said, I thought she would back up Ryan more on social midia. But I don't even think she's using twitter much, these days. It's all assistants, etc.
  12. What really worries me about Ryan going to the lives is the song choices. I fear he might make a poor decision after his stories suggesting country and hard rock. I hope it was just a joke. I'm here for him singing Love of my life and Candle in the wind, like the covers in his IG. Even going for something inventive like this, but please, GOD, NO Blake Shelton or Aerosmith covers, PLEASE. Nothing against these artists, I have both on my playlists, but I really don't think it would suit him in this competition setting.
  13. I really wish he would stay in this pop-opera lane. Maybe a few standarts like the ones he already posted on his IG, like Queen, Elton John, maybe Adele if he's feeling bold. But my personal wish is that he would do "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed. It's rock and piano, just his lane, but at the same time, Pavarotti has a version of this song and even Susan Boyle. So, it's a rock-opera, perfect for his vocals. Going for country will be suicide is this particular case.
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