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  1. The thing about these potential frontrunners (Peedy, GNT, Hailey) is how well they can deliver during the live portion of the show. The only one I'm sure will be able to handle is Wendy. With GNT, there's a triple chance of being flat. Peedy and Hailey doesn't cross me as experienced singers. I honestly think Wendy can be the first AA with real chance, if she plays her cards right. Watch me being wrong and the trophy going to a charismatic kid/youngster again.
  2. If The Voice is able to purchase the rights to the song this season, Ariana should be with her hands on it for Holly ASAP.
  3. She got Holly though, which I believe is a pass to the finale for her team. Or at least semi-finals.
  4. Yes! One of the top 3 albums I've heard this year and I'm a huge fan of The Highwomen. Crowded Table and If she ever leaves me are songs The Voice are sleeping on. I'd debate a bit regarding what can be considered country and what can't, specially when yesterday Kacey Musgraves had nominations denied on the country category for the grammys because of her latest record. Meanwhile, artists like Kane Brown and Dan & Shay are putting up hits on country radio. But at the end of the day, I feel like Wendy Moten would have a great shot at the soulful country lane, this year. I don't think Yola has songs for a competitive setting, but she'd destroy some Chris Stapleton and Brandi Carlile.
  5. It's unfair to draw the line between a powerhouse diva and country, considering we have Reba, Martina, Faith Hill... Also, maybe y'all should check an artist called Yola for a nice surprise. She's going to be peforming on the CMA's and pre-pandemic, was sharing the stage with Dolly Parton, The Highwomen and Sheryl Crow. I love Wendy and she should perform country on the show and slay some Chris Stapleton or any other soulful country, because she got the pipes, the energy and the experience in Nashville for that.
  6. Well, I think it's the case of looking into the cup half empty or half full. Either way, it seems like KJ could be a more popular pick. I'm just doing the devil's advocate, though. I don't have a horse in this race at all.
  7. Random thoughts after checking Facebook. - Apparently, minivan is into Peedy... - Samuel and KJ received a suprising number of likes, for the usual Team Legend quota. However, the comments are a flood of people criticizing the decision of keeping Samuel, the vast majority preferred KJ. - Still don't know about Girl Named Tom as a frontrunner for Team KC, considering the amount of "it's The Voice, not The Voices" types of comment.
  8. Here's the thing. Last I checked, The Voice is the type of show that avoids unecessary drama (unless it's live, and robegate happens...). I have no idea why they would air this.
  9. I'm pretty sure she's oblivious to it. I hope her PR team is paying attention, though.
  10. Hmm... Maybe Kelly should pay a little more attention to whom she associates with on national television...
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