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  1. Good God. Here it goes... 1. Kenzie's chances as a winner are threatened. He's still getting the PV tonight. 2. Even though I love Ryleigh and she's my favorite on Team Legend, her current PV is correlated to the song. During Top 9, they might throw a bone to Victor if TPTB wants a Kenzie win. If they want Cam, Ryleigh will be pimped. 3. Views doesn't mean much because a lot of those are from international people who doesn't vote. Actually, I noticed several international accounts saying Cam was the winner. Most of which, I don't think they vote. Meanwhil
  2. I don't understand a thing about male traditional country, like Alan Jackson/Garth Brooks/Brooks & Dunn... Etc. I usually go for 60's/outlaw/females in general. Does @Misirlouhas any thoughts about a good song for Kenzie? Because I can only think about The Dance (Garth Brooks) and I know for sure Kelly will be picking 80's/90's country for the next round.
  3. It's just what I've said earlier to @TeamAudra. I feel like his ceiling for general PV is next week. If he doesn't deliver a strong and traditional country performance to convince minivan, Cam will be 1st place.
  4. I voted for Corey based on body of work, because I didn't enjoyed his performance as much, tonight. However, it's in my personal top 10. I also voted for Dana and Jordan, because they were good enough to convince me to do so.
  5. Around 00:12 (New York hour), Facebook was (likes vs hour estimative): 1 hour posting 1. Cam (2,2 K) 2. Jordan (1,1 K)/Dana (1,1 K) 3. Anna (1 K) 4. Pete (954) 5. Rachel (735) 6. José (529) 7. Devan (406) 2 hours 1. Kenzie (4,3 K) 2. Ryleigh (1,4 K) 3. Victor (738) 4. Andrew (717) 5. Pia (630) 3 hours 1. Corey (2,7 K) 2. Gihanna (1,1 K) 3. Zae (770) 4. Zania (546) I wish I was actually good at math to calculate estimative/probability, so I'll just post the data gathered .
  6. Considering the likes vs time of posting until now, I'd say that Devan/Pia/Zania/José are completly gone.
  7. Both sides now is PERFECT for her. I can see Joni as a perfect fit.
  8. Ryleigh is ADORABLE. She actually reminds me a bit of Kelly during season one of Idol, but edgier. Kelly has always been a dork . Anyway, it surprises me. But I feel like she has the better shot at PV on Team Legend.
  9. I'm torn. Because the casuals are divided in demographics and mechanisms I don't actually grasp. For instance, Devan won the 4-way for some reason. Nick's fans? Casuals? I don't actually know. But I'd say somewhere along Cam/Dana/Jordan/Anna. They received more hype in general and delivered solid enough performances. I think a casual viewer would be influenced by the 4 coaches standing up or something like that.
  10. Hmmm, considering people tend be more vocal about something they dislike, you have a point. But I'm sure minivan is still mourning Ethan and Avery, though.
  11. I think top 9 will be Kenzie's ceiling as a frontrunner. If he doesn't knock it out of the park with a huge and traditional country song (I dare to say, even a ballad), he'll be second place. Easily.
  12. I would like to point out a detail about Kenzie on Facebook. Even though he is way ahead of everyone, the commets are very lackluster. Maybe his position as frontrunner is compromised.
  13. @Misirlouguess who voted for him, bud . I'm not ready to commit to his fan thread yet, but he for sure got some of my votes tonight.
  14. Or maybe because his song choice for the Knockouts was brilliant. Meanwhile, this time wasn't and some of his peers got better ones.
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