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S21 Battle Premiere: Favorite Battle (Write your winner as well)


S21 Battle Premiere: Favorite Battle (Write your winner as well)  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Katie vs Bella - No More Tears
    • Samuel vs KJ - I Know What You Did Last Summer
    • GNT vs Kinsey - Seven Bridges Road
    • Peedy vs TJR - Joy to the World
    • David vs Chavon - Sugar, We're Goin Down
    • Jeremy vs Jershika - Hold On

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1. Girl Named Tom vs Kinsey Rose

2. Katie Rae vs Bella DeNapoli

3. Jeremy Rosado vs Jershika Maple

4. Samuel Harness vs KJ Jennings

5. David Vogel vs Chavon Rodgers 
6. Peedy Chavis vs The Joy Reunion


Do I even need to say who my favorite winner is?

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1. Katie and Bella (winner)

Both of them showed more vocally than they did during their blinds, especially Katie. Close, I love both their tones. But I prefer Bella. Her high notes were awesome.


2. Jeremy and Jershika (winner)

Another close battle. Jeremy's high notes are impressive, but I prefer Jershika. She  more dynamic vocals. She hit notes just as high, while giving us those beautiful low notes and providing runs that were intricate and blended with the song.



3. GNT (winner) and Kinsey

Individually, Kinsey was the best singer here. But GNT have something special with how good they're harmonizing is. Probably the best I've heard since I've watched this show. They won imo.


4. Chavron(winner) and David

They both sounded decent, Chavron was much better here. But it was hard to distinguish their voices except for when Chavron went into his lower register, and for that I pick him.


5. Samuel (winner) and KJ

Samuel was the clear winner for me. Just like John said, his voice has more character and uniqueness. KJ is very good, but there's nothing that stands out about her voice, and I feel like her runs, while very impressive, felt out of place for me.


6. Peedy (winner) and Joy Reunion

Neither was that impressive. One of the singers in the trio was probably the best of the lot, but the other 2 didn't do anything for me. Peedy's high note missed. But the rest of his performance was ok.. so him I guess?

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This was such a great night, it was so hard to rank them all.


1. Bella vs. Katie.

2. Girl Named Tom vs. Kinsey

3. Jeremy vs. Jershika

4. K.J. vs. Samuel

5. Chavon vs. David

6. Peedy vs. The Joy Reunion

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Finally watched them:


1. Jeremy vs Jershika : Didnt expect to end up loving a JB track. But these two made it work wonderfully. Tough choice for the winner, but Jeremy's tone...It just works for me.


2. GNT vs Kinsey : Heavenly harmonies all around. Love the comradere and the teamwork here. Great job by all 4, especially Bekah.


3. Samuel vs KJ : Another pleasant surprise. Samuel's rasp is just to die for, and the intensity he puts in the performance is something a lot of singers should strive for. And KJ did her thing, loved her confidence and how her tone contributed to the story of the song. I think a steal or save was merited here.


4. David vs Chavon : This song takes me back lol. And David went all in. Confidence, great voice and rocking the guitar. Chavon was muffled in some parts but he nailed the falsetto in the run. Props to that battle.


5. Katie vs Bella: Bella's range is impressive, but I've come to discover her tone is not for me. Katie surprised me big time. Didnt know she had that rasp. Deserved win for me, albeit a surprise considering the spoilers lol.


6. Peedy vs TJR : Enjoyed it as well. A bit subdued so it gets last place, but loved watching and listening to Peedy.

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6. Peedy Chavis vs The Joy Reunion
I didn't mind the song choice here actually. Towards the end TJR kinda dropped the ball with some mediocre harmonies, while Peedy was consistent throughout.

5. David Vogel vs Chavon Rodgers 
Both of them need to project their voices more, this felt very low-energy and not at all in the spirit of the song choice.

THIS is how you do this song justice, TBH.

4. Girl Named Tom vs Kinsey Rose
Great beginning, not in love with the very country arrangement towarda the end, but decent vocals all around. I think Kinsey was decent but I'm surprised at the 3 steals/save thing.

3. Samuel Harness vs KJ Jennings
Bizarre song choice, they both tried to make it work, and they mostly pull it off, but KJ was the weak link here. Samuel needs to be more careful with song choices moving forward.

2. Katie Rae vs Bella DeNapoli
I looooove this song, so I'm gonna be very critical of this battle. For the most part this worked very well, and both artists showcased themselves, but I do think they could have projected just a bit more to capture the spirit of the song. I personally thought Bella sounded beautiful but a little timid, while Katie embodied the song much better. I do think Bella deserved that save.

1. Jeremy Rosado vs Jershika Maple
Fantastic battle! I feel like John should take notes from Kelly, coz Kelly is much better than him at choosing modern pop songs and making it work in a battle setting (e.g. ... Ready For It, Mercy, pov, Sign of the Times). I'm pleasantly surprised at how smooth and in the pocket Jeremy was, and Jershika had much more control here than in her blind. They both deserved to move on.

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1. Katie vs Bella - This vastly exceeded my expectations. Both of them stepped up to the plate and understood the assignment. Katie's rasp is impeccable but Bella's high notes gave her the edge for me.


2. GNT vs Kinsey - GNT, especially Bekah Grace, absolutely slayed here and Kinsey's tone is great as well. Was expecting to love the opening harmonies the most but the rest wasn't a letdown by any means.


3. Jeremy vs Jershika - They both have qualities that made this such a great battle. Jershika has the low register and the runs, while Jeremy has a gorgeous falsetto and some unexpected power. Personally, I prefer Jeremy's tone but I could see why IDF preferred Jershika for the most part.


4. Samuel vs KJ - Much better than I was expecting, but this could've been even better with a different song. I'm glad they managed to not make it awkward though. Samuel for me really sold the drama and the passion towards the end, which is why'd pick him over KJ who felt a little disconnected at times.


5. David vs Chavon - Something about Chavon's tone and weird enunciation just irks me a lot. Meanwhile, David here proved he was a natural on stage and rocked every moment he was given.


6. Peedy vs TJR - I thought TJR was better here than in their audition, but I still find Peedy more interesting. The song choice was pretty sleepy tbh.

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1. GNT vs Kinsey - Can’t really think of a better country battle than this one. Perfectly done, from beginning to end.

2. Katie vs Bella - This came out of nowhere. A very bold song choice, which could have very easily been a trainwreck, but DAMN, they really did it.

3. Jeremy vs Jershika (tie) - Kelly proving us wrong for the 100th time when we question her battle song choices. Another great performance.


4. Samuel vs KJ - Everything here was solid, but the song clearly didn’t allow them to showcase what they can really do (it sucks for KJ, because the same thing happened with her blind)

5. David vs Chavon - I feel like this song might have been too much of a challenge for them. They did a serviceable job, but like many users have already pointed out, it lacked the edge.

6. Peedy vs TJR - Not a bad performance but it’s a one and done kind of thing.

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Re-ranking after watching the performances again today.


This was a great bunch.


Jeremy/Jershika and GNT/Kinsey remain my Top 2 in that order. Killer battles, and all acts deservingly moved on.


3. Peedy vs TJR: Wasnt really sold on it last night, but now I have it on replay lol. Just a fun, feel good performance, and Peedy is a blast to watch and listen to.


4. Samuel vs KJ: Still a pleasant surprise by both as I remembered it. Love the intensity.


5. Katie vs Bella: Still think Katie won that and she was another pleasant surprise for me. She gives the song the intensity

needed with that lower register of hers.


6. David vs Chavon: A very good battle, and David killed it. Just happened to prefer the other ones.

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1. Girl Named Tom (10) vs. Kinsey Rose (9.5) - Oh this is gonna go on an all-time favorites list of mine for SURE. I just can't stop listening to it. GNT absolutely nailed it and Kinsey stepped it up and went above and beyond anything I could've wanted her to do. Lord this was fantastic. ❤️

2. Jeremy Rosado (9.5) vs. Jershika Maple (9.5) - Ask me every 20 minutes who won and I'll flip flop my answer. Both of them did FANTASTIC here. It was just so even and lovely. Can't say much more. Just well done all around.

3. Katie Rae (8.5) vs. Bella DeNapoli (9) - Katie Rae really stepped it up from her blinds! I did enjoy her, but Bella continued to perform on another level. Don't agree with Ari's pick, but I could've seen a justified save/steal for Katie here. I think the only issue I had was at some point in the middle their voices were too different and didn't blend well for me, but Bella sounded superb there.

4. David Vogel (8.5) vs. Chavon Rodgers (7) - Easiest decision of the night tbh. It just felt like David outperformed Chavon in every aspect. That being said, I do feel the performance lacked the grit/edginess that I did want from the song, but that's just the nature of their voices. Hoping we get a contestant that can absolutely nail this song! That being said, David killed it for sure. Those big notes at the end were fantastically placed and executed. Well done! And thanks Ari for giving these boys a classic ❤️

5. Samuel Harness (8) vs. KJ Jennings (7.5) - I guess I need to worry about my faves when they pick John now because he'll just give them Camila (Mandi, Zan, Samuel) or Shawn (Will) and they have made zero sense every time. Ugh. Regardless, Samuel did great here with this dud of a song choice. And KJ did fine, but it sounded awkward for her throughout as well. Not a good fit for either, not sure what John was thinking here. If they needed to showcase a Camila song, this pairing made the least sense to showcase it on his team.

6. Peedy Chavis (7.5) vs. The Joy Reunion (7.5) - It was a fun listen. The harmonies for TJR were decent but nothing special. Peedy did well overall, too. It's just such a puzzling song choice that doesn't do much? I didn't really want to lose TJR this early, but I'm just upset that this is the song they were given. Not a super great pick from Blake.

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6. David vs Chavon - messy, Chavon was very inconsistent, David was the obvious winner but this showing wasn't as interesting as his BA

5. Peedy vs TJR - decent, not really memorable

4. Samuel vs KJ - I love Samuel's tone and he is my favorite atm but the song choice kinda crippled him and his presence felt off, not the best blend of voices too, KJ didn't really get to show off

3. Bella vs Katie - Katie did step up but I still don't like her, Bella took it for me, although I wish the arrangement wasn't as bombastic, they did too much at times

2. GNT vs Kinsey - Bekah was awesome, tight harmonies, Kinsey stepped up and deserved that save

1. Jeremy vs Jershika - great blend, great vocals, perfect amount of restraint, great presence, overcame a questionable song choice

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