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  1. Congratulations. I won't be watching the finale, then. But have a good evening, all of you. . . . Said with all disdain possible.
  2. How was Roderick pleasant? Nick stupidly, unwisely dropped Joanna for him, and then, he flopped in the Lives.
  3. But Jim was leading it last season's finale night, and Carter still won.
  4. Diana and Prinnie are my gold standard for that song. But glad to see it finally be covered on this version.
  5. What about Alessandra and Joe's Battle? Or Clinton and India's Battle? Or Maelyn’s version?
  6. Good. Break for Jordan and Cam, then back in time for Victor.
  7. Some shockingly strong parts, but the band again got her in other parts.
  8. Rachel doing "The Chain?" I don't see this going well for her.
  9. Kelly and John calling out the obvious Blake pimping!
  10. I never liked any of Keisha's performances, so I agree.
  11. What? I would've thought that they'd have at least finished the first round of performances first.
  12. Band got her a few times, but still a strong performance. Good job, Rachel!
  13. Finally. Rachel. Someone who can bless my ears.
  14. Thank you. I didn't have to say it this time.
  15. He still could. A song preceded by the Carson sit-down typically closes each finale.
  16. Dedication or uptempo, I am changing the stream for him, too.
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