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  1. Hmm. Whoever pointed out Bella's draw to the audience might be right, because the YouTube views of her Battle with Katie have just nosed past the Monday leak, Girl Named Tom vs. Kinsey. She might be more of a dark horse than we realize.
  2. Well, mostly, anyway. I doubt that anyone saw Pia being saved (which really was one of John's dumbest decisions). Many of us expected Ryleigh to be.
  3. Was he? The comments were nice, yes, but his views and reacts weren't exactly stellar.
  4. Hmm. . . . I think that everyone on Kelly's team for the Lives can take it on except for Jeremy and Hailey. For Jeremy, it would depend on the key in which he'd take it, and it's too big for someone Hailey's age. But I think that Gymani and Brittany could possibly do it. Girl Named Tom are capable arrangers and could make a fitting arrangement among themselves for it. For John's Live team . . . I realistically only see Shadale and perhaps Jershika handling it. Joshua is a maybe on this, since it has a rather theatrical component to it that he can match. It's too wildly out of Samuel's lane, though, and I don't see David handling it well, either. For Ariana's Live team . . . as someone said, Holly could pull it off with no problems. Ryleigh probably could, too, with enough time to prepare. Bella is capable with a very strong voice, but her tone and Adele's are so different that I could see ample comparisons being made, and not in any good ways. Raquel? Jim & Sasha? Not seeing it. For Blake's Live team . . . I really only think that, with the right preparation, Wendy could do it. Lana is a maybe, but I lean toward "not" with her. LiBianca? Paris? Peedy? Forget about it.
  5. Maya Smith vs. Tamar Davis. And yes, it was the only time that ever happened.
  6. It's also not lost on me that both went home the round they wore that outfit.
  7. These. Pretty much these. Except for season nineteen, Kelly has always prioritized her original members over her steals. So Brittany is toast unless she gets voted through. And Raquel is definitely someone unfavored by the core voting demographic, so little chance for her.
  8. I imagine that Jonathan vs. Paris will be last, seeing as how it's usually Blake's steal that goes last.
  9. I think that Vaughn should have won, too, though I see why Ariana picked Katherine instead.
  10. It's honestly why I don't feel bad for Samara's eventual fate. She had her chance to jump off that team and onto Ariana's, where she'd have had less competition in her lane. But she chose to stay with John, where she had plenty. So what happened next was on her.
  11. I think that one of them could get the Rebekah Samarin/Katherine Ho treatment and get the rare triple montage, actually.
  12. I'm just not as vocal about it. But I'm very anti-country. And FYI, I have nothing personal against any of his contestants on any season, or even Blake himself. I just hate how horribly, painfully, unfairly easy they have it on this show. Every other coach has to have their contestants fight for their survival week after week, while at least since season nine, all his contestants have really had to do is just be on his team, and they've had it made at least until the semifinals. Yes, Austin, Courtney, Dave, and Cali were exceptions, but four exceptions aren't nearly enough for me. It's just frustrating to see actual good artists on other teams do their best, but still lose, because they fall to his more average or mediocre artists who were just lucky to be on his team. It's not entirely their fault. I know that. It's hugely the fault of his Minivan sheep. But I can't take anything out on them, so his artists get it from me instead.
  13. Pop, R&B, indie, and rock. Some jazz/crooner and Broadway/musical theater, as well. But that is all. But NOT COUNTRY.
  14. *Headdesk* Because it's country at all. I don't like country no matter who's delivering the song!
  15. She's cleared many of them to be sung. She's refused to clear many of them to be aired. I believe that she cleared "Wildest Dreams," though.
  16. Still won't make me like hearing her sing it on the show if she indeed does so.
  17. You'd be right. I didn't like Keisha doing it, and I won't like Wendy doing it.
  18. Jack vs. Sabrina seems like an easy choice since, as has been mentioned, Taylor rarely, if ever, clears her songs to be aired on this show. I really love "Cardigan," but it'll likely be montaged.
  19. I am happy about it, so kudos for being right. I wanted to see Katherine vs. Vaughn.
  20. Mostly makes sense, but I think that they're going to do things like season seventeen and throw two montages across each episode. One of those montages will probably be in next Monday's episode.
  21. Well, no, but given that he was pretty much an accidental acquisition and Blake was obviously putting on a good face for him, there's a chance that he wasn't all that good to begin with, which could translate to not a good Battle performance, either. Yeah, it could turn out to be better than expected. But I'm not seeing it, personally.
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