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  1. Don't take it too much coz generally I prefer female voices than male
  2. 1. Wendy Moten 2. Girl Named Tom 3. Holly Forbes 4. Ryleigh Plank 5. Joshua Vacanti 6. Gymani 7. Hailey Mia 8. Shadale 9. Jeremy Rosado 10. Paris Winningham 11. Jershika Maple 12. Lana Scott 13. Jim and Sasha
  3. Okay, if her next song is from the list then yall know where she got it
  4. ^^I suggested ICMYLM and its a long story why I'm urged to send the list to her lol
  5. Any of these songs would be killer. I wish she visits here lol. Song Suggestions At Last by Etta James Big White Room by Jessie J Try by Pink I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt Stone Cold by Demi Lovato Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson Broken and Beautiful by Kelly Clarkson pov by Ariana Grande Who You Are by Jessie J Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande
  6. Dangggg, this song was famous in our country in the early 2000's. I remember singers in tv shows cover this song. Finding out she was the original singer is quite a treat
  7. Welcome to team Ryleigh! What other songs would like her to sing on the show?
  8. This is great she deserves the worldwide attention We need this. Period.
  9. Who You Are will be an awesome pick for the lives
  10. Welcome to team Ryleigh :))) Do you have any recommended songs for her in the lives?
  11. Add a pinch of Jessie J in the mix Her performance is great and I hope she sings an emotional song or a ballad in the future rounds because that's where she truly shine
  12. https://fb.watch/8Urc0KcLq0/ Performances are up on facebook Ryleigh as usual did amazing and nailed another upbeat song I don't know why Youtube took too long to upload them this season.
  13. I'm just intrigued of Ari stans voting power. Idk maybe bcoz my top 2 this season is on her team? and I'd be happy if one of them wins
  14. I loved Halle Tomlinson's audition back then and more so now . Thanks for reminding us her awesomeness.
  15. Yeah I also don't know why I forgot about the country voters/Blakers having their way in most of the seasons of this show
  16. Ryleigh is singing Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus in the KOs. I'm intrigued by the song choice but I know she'd kill it.
  17. 1. Ryleigh 2. Bella 3. Katie Rae 4. Katherine 5. David 6. Raquel 7. Manny 8. Jim & Sasha
  18. The taste I'd like to hear her sing some pop rock. It must have been so difficult for Ryliegh to pick between them during the blinds on songs, I would've liked her to sing pov on this show sadly it's been done already
  19. ^^ That's a good song to showcase her voice! I'd love to see her perform a Demi Lovato song and give it justice
  20. Hey guys, feel free to post songs suggestions for Ryleigh. I will post them all on OP. Mine will be: At Last by Etta James Big White Room by Jessie J Try by Pink I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt
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