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  1. I actually did watch that one back recently, and it wasn't as bad as I had thought it was.
  2. No, absolutely. Fully agree with that. Just saying that Kelly had full control of their survival beyond that round, and if she wanted that to happen, then she blew it. They very well would have indeed gone out in the Playoffs. But at least it still would have been one more round. Really, though, Kelly screwed herself either way that entire season with her absolutely bonkers decisions. Of the three seasons where she actually, truly deserved to be wiped out (sixteen, seventeen, and eighteen), that was the only one where she actually did.
  3. And they would have, had Kelly not panic-wasted her save on Abby. But she gave some lame excuse of thinking that they were going to win their Cross-Battle matchup, which . . . was outrageously flawed thinking, given that they'd underperformed and were against a Team Blake member who sang country and was backed by his enormous, slavish, sheeplike base.
  4. To repeat something I've already requested, "Crush" by Jennifer Paige. Ryleigh Plank from this past season probably could've done well with it instead of the flop songs she chose to sing.
  5. Yes, I really think that the Playoffs would've been a lot better that season had there just been team quotas again. Two voted through for each team, one saved. Then, the Comeback vote. If things go like that, then the teams going into the Top 13 look very different.
  6. I'm not going to admit to something that I don't believe. I shouldn't be forced to do that, nor should anyone else.
  7. You can if you want. I just don't and won't agree with you. I think she was plenty good. She unfortunately had a coach who didn't get her. It's why, in hindsight, I think that if she had picked John instead (for the steal), he would have gotten her just fine and treated her much better. Ariana just plain didn't.
  8. Did I say it would? Did I?! Not even close. I was simply saying that Ariana was so laser-focused and tunnel-visioned on her personal obsessions that she didn't see the gem she actually had. The gem who could've put up an actual fight with the star players of the other teams. And in the end, it cost her everything.
  9. I'm not giving up a thing. I really do think the Holly could've been her team's savior. The problem was that Ariana just didn't understand her enough. Or wasted so much time with Jim & Sasha and Ryleigh that she didn't even think about what Holly could actually do for her.
  10. I would have, too. Unfortunately, his opponent was Ryleigh, Ariana's huge (and undeserved) obsession. Nobody was going to beat her. I swear, Ariana's weird obsession with that girl was one of several things that took her down eventually.
  11. You don't think Micah would've made it?
  12. Though I still maintain that she absolutely did not deserve the finals, Aliyah? She was never a powerhouse and didn't cover either one of them.
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