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  1. Whoa. Didn't see it coming that J.D. and Kenzie's Battle would be the other montage. I figured that it'd be Ainae vs. Anna Grace (if they had to montage another Kelly Battle).
  2. He should've turned all four chairs. Gwen got quite a few solid three-chair-turns that season who would've and should've been four-chair-turns but for either Kelly (Jake and Calvin) or John (James).
  3. His voice has already changed? And he's lost twenty pounds? Sounds like things in his life are really moving forward now. I'm still happy that he's in contact with Gwen, too.
  4. Just so you know, some of us were sad to see them go. They would've been a much better save option for Kelly instead of her panic-save of Abby.
  5. Exactly. Maybe the coaches felt something big that moved them into standing up for them. Personally, I also enjoyed a very good vocal performance and was so enthralled by Rachel's improvement from her very subpar Blind. So those are two of the reasons that I enjoyed it.
  6. Kelly, John, and Nick were all extremely and ridiculously picky their first seasons, though.
  7. Then mine is pretty low, because that was my favorite Battle when I watched it live.
  8. Yeah, and less pickiness from Kelly and John that way, too. Ooh, I hope Ariana isn't too picky.
  9. I don't think that Kelly expected Sarah to get through, though. She looked shocked when that happened.
  10. I mean, I'm still fairly sure that Nick will save Jose. Finale promise, after all.
  11. This was when I turned my opinion of Rachel around. That was just gorgeous. It was actually my favorite Battle in that particular taping. By far the best one. Well, this guarantees that all five of Nick's Battles will be shown now, since Andrew vs. Raine ends in a steal. He avoids a Battle montage this time around.
  12. Explanation simple to me. The fact that the vote was so close showed that there were many, many, many people just as disgusted by that debacle as so many of us here were. As for her making the middle three the next week, I think it was a combination of disgusted people who had stopped watching, and thus would not be there to vote her down, and whatever dedicated fans she still had left who didn't want her to pay for that man's actions.
  13. Clearly, based on his Battle song, Nick didn't know a thing.
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