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  1. Do any of John's members have high numbers as of now? If not, then dropping Thunderstorm in the Knockouts might be the worst choice he makes all season.
  2. Still catching up here. Who's going to steal CammWess?
  3. I'm only just getting caught up here. I moved recently, and my new roommate apparently did not care enough to get cable or satellite, so I had to get the NBC app to watch these instead. And I have to say this. I hope that Nick was playing the force-a-steal game with Joanna or was hoping to use his save on her but for John going in for the steal instead. If he legitimately thought that Roderick won, then he's a moron. Blake's backstage potshot about that choice was dead on. Nick is going to make a sucky coach if he keeps making choices like that. Giving up his ONLY four-chair-turn was a HUGE error.
  4. I actually thought that Shane beat Melinda fair and square, but I agree with the Alex and Hello Sunday decisions being completely senseless on Kelly's part. Amazing how a coach could spend an entire season making poor decisions but still win.
  5. It's ego. Plain and simple. He didn't turn for Kalvin Jarvis or Rose Short when they both sang his songs (and did them very well, possibly better than he did), so it's unsurprising that he'd dump Thunderstorm for doing the same. If it is for the little hiccup, while Mandi does her song perfectly, then it's understandable. If it's really just because he sang his song and he "overthought" it (the same lame excuse he gave Rose for not turning for her), then he needs to get the hell over himself.
  6. That's actually sort of true, and wouldn't surprise me if that was why John let Mendeleyev go so soon last season (though he really should nt haev picked John in the first place, so that was also on him). Five seasons before that, it also wouldn't be much of a shocker if that was why Adam let Kawan DeBose go so quickly.
  7. What about seasons fourteen and fifteen? Those were a couple of weak premieres themselves.
  8. So Joanna really was a four-chair-turn? Damn. That's two four-chair-turns Nick's going to dump, then! I was excited about him as a coach, but that excitement is starting to wane now that it's clear that he's going to make a lot of pretty bad choices this season.
  9. When does the usual article detailing each coach choice for the premiere come out? Tonight or tomorrow?
  10. Why not just call them soccer moms and/or grandmas and be done with it, then? Team Minivan seems and sounds a bit too broad.
  11. Well, from that list, I'm glad that it looks like Nelson picks John. I really thought he'd practically gift-wrapped him to Blake by blocking Nick. I don't even know why John did block Nick. He didn't sound like he was in his particular lane at all!
  12. Nick wouldn't seriously be that stupid, would he? Then again, after Kelly did the same to Brennan, why am I surprised?
  13. Many of us thought that last season, too. . . .
  14. He'll almost certainly at least have someone in the top two again. But winning? That'll only be if his finalist is a country singer and no viable alternative is there. Still, I'm going on Kelly this time. Last season proved that she's clearly accruing a huge fanbase that's getting even huger due to her talk show (most likely). I won't be surprised if she pulls off her fourth win. I really want it to be Nick as the new coach, but after seeing some of his choices thus far, I'm not too confident in his decision-making abilities. . . .
  15. When John said he gets too stuck on his own version (with Kalvin) or overthinks things (with Rose), he wasn't kidding!
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