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  1. Given how close it was between himself and Lauren at the end, maybe Chris? And perish the thought, but perhaps Maelyn? (Though even if that were the case, her Cross-Battle might've more than made up for it.)
  2. Multiple people have won or made the finale in spite of it . . . but I wouldn't say many. Only three have won in spite of it (Cassadee, Chloe, and Chevel). Others who probably could've won certainly might've gotten hampered by being montaged.
  3. Right! For example, Nadjah was an unexpected Blake pick, too, but it didn't stop her Battle from getting montaged, anyway. Alexandra was a surprise Jennifer pick and still got her Blind and Battle montaged. Calvin was an unexpected Gwen pick and got his Battle and Knockout montaged, as well, in spite of that.
  4. I agree. Just making the Lives doesn't equal being shown in full each pre-taped round. I mean, poor Kristen Merlin got her Blind and both of her Battles montaged before she was finally showed in full in the Playoffs (pre-taped that season) before making the Lives. And just four seasons ago, Cali Wilson and Ricky Braddy got their Battles montaged but still made the Lives after winning their Knockouts. Two seasons before them, three artists out of the top four had their Battles montaged and still made the Lives. Point is, as long as your Battle has no steal at the end of it, you are absolutely vulnerable to being montaged in that round, whether you make the Lives or not. So any of the Battles with no steals or saves can be montaged.
  5. Ali and Janice were against that man's artists, and he still had great Twitter power at the time. Plus, their opponents were country artists. Ashland was having resentment over Moriah's elimination harbored toward her (when it should've been directed at Miley). And Darby was against another Team Miley member. There are differences.
  6. Wasn't she engaged? She could be focusing on the wedding right now. Or something else in her life is happening.
  7. She said that he said "so many amazing things." That was all. Pharrell didn't say a lot because he thought he had it in the bag. He looked pretty shocked when he didn't get her.
  8. I think that if they do it again, they should do it again when all four coaches have won a season. Like, maybe if Gwen came back with John, Kelly, and Blake, it could happen.
  9. Might've been why Miley got rejected as many times as she was, too.
  10. I can see Ariana's fans hating the hell out of her, though. Kelly had better have sold herself really well, because if Ariana made a great pitch and still didn't get picked, Gymani's the one who looks bad (or maybe Kelly if hers was weak). If Ariana's pitch was weak, then Ariana herself looks bad.
  11. Definitely saw KCK3 briefly in the First Look promo. Who's the Asian man who's the registered nurse?
  12. There were several younger artists for whom she could've turned, as well, to give Mikaela a fair match, and she didn't do it.
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