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  1. When does the usual article detailing each coach choice for the premiere come out? Tonight or tomorrow?
  2. Why not just call them soccer moms and/or grandmas and be done with it, then? Team Minivan seems and sounds a bit too broad.
  3. Well, from that list, I'm glad that it looks like Nelson picks John. I really thought he'd practically gift-wrapped him to Blake by blocking Nick. I don't even know why John did block Nick. He didn't sound like he was in his particular lane at all!
  4. Nick wouldn't seriously be that stupid, would he? Then again, after Kelly did the same to Brennan, why am I surprised?
  5. Many of us thought that last season, too. . . .
  6. He'll almost certainly at least have someone in the top two again. But winning? That'll only be if his finalist is a country singer and no viable alternative is there. Still, I'm going on Kelly this time. Last season proved that she's clearly accruing a huge fanbase that's getting even huger due to her talk show (most likely). I won't be surprised if she pulls off her fourth win. I really want it to be Nick as the new coach, but after seeing some of his choices thus far, I'm not too confident in his decision-making abilities. . . .
  7. When John said he gets too stuck on his own version (with Kalvin) or overthinks things (with Rose), he wasn't kidding!
  8. Of course she isn't. "Mystery" excuse and all that jazz.
  9. John dumped Thunderstorm?! WTF was he thinking?! Kelly dumping Tayler out of a "gut feeling" for Micah? Yeah, I can see that biting her in the ass. Then again, this is the same woman who, for some strange reason, thought that Alex Guthrie beat Injoy Fountain when . . . so not. Really shocked that Blake dropped Levi. I thought that he tries to keep his teen boys around. (See: Jake Worthington.)
  10. And Blake's mafia still doesn't seem to realize that Jake winning did NOT mean Blake winning. They seem utterly clueless that Kelly won because of them.
  11. . . . When the steals and/or saves might all be gone by then. Good luck to him!
  12. Meanwhile, any first-day Battle results available?
  13. Do we know what team she's on? I'm really hoping it's not Blake's. He dumps those of her type of genre pretty quickly.
  14. Assuming he's country, I probably won't.
  15. Did it really take them till this season to finally put the names on the lanes when the coaches push their buttons?
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