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  1. Agreed. But unfortunately, two of the coaches were Kelly and John, the pickiest of the picky. It was inevitable that they wouldn't turn. Also, that man had grown shockingly picky since at least season twelve, so another problem there. She was damn lucky that Blake went for her.
  2. Really? That's why you need at least two, so Battle pairings can be more even. Sounds to me like she just overthought it too much. Definitely Kelly-like.
  3. I missed it. What was it? Something as lame as the ones Kelly or John give on the U.S. version?
  4. Lindsay is with Andrew? She really should've been paired with Raine since they're exactly alike in terms of lane/genre.
  5. Only two people on here would ever have voted for him, but thankfully (and happily), they seem to have left here for good.
  6. "Clearly" nothing. I sure didn't see any indication of that. I remember how happy he looked when she stole him and when she advanced him past the Knockouts. I saw nothing that showed that he didn't like Jennifer. Nothing whatsoever.
  7. Alicia is unlikely. She's stated that she doesn't want to keep flying across the country and leaving her two small children at home in NYC. Plus, with COVID, I don't think she'd want to risk it until she gets the vaccine, whenever it's finally released. Jennifer can't return to the U.K.'s version, however, so she'd probably be interested. But really, I think that John's here for the long haul.
  8. Hunter Plake - "Lose Somebody" by Kygo ft. OneRepublic
  9. It's true that the Bundys totally flopped in their Cross-Battle. But they could've redeemed themselves, at least, in the Playoffs (and beyond, had they gotten that far). Do you really think that Abby could have? I certainly don't.
  10. I meant her decision-making that season (though it wasn't stellar the next two seasons, either).
  11. She panic-wasted her save on her, too, and also sacrificed her first-ever trio for her. That pretty much tells you all you need to know about Kelly and her decision-making.
  12. She yelled, "I'm sorry! I'm playing the game!" after she saved Ben. She definitely knows how the gaming aspect of the show works.
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