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  1. So Gwen essentially wasted her steal on a generic country guy, when she was initially planning to use it on Marisa? Gwen, what is up with you this season?!
  2. Well, blame Blake for that. He clearly wanted all of his country males to make the Lives, so he paired them accordingly with those he could sacrifice.
  3. Well, assuming that the Playoffs will work the same way this season as they did last season (top vote-getter for each team gets voted through, then the coach picks the second person) . . . I'm worried. Kelly has her obvious top two in DeSz and Cami. But with country music fans making up the bulk of the audience, Tanner and/or Madeleine could easily gum up the works. In that case, if one of them gets voted through, I would have to hope for Kelly to choose DeSz. But we know that her decision-making at this stage is hit-or-miss. (Kymberli, Jej, and Megan were great choices. D.R. and Shane were not.) Gwen also has her top two in Payge and Carter. But Ben could screw things up if he does have a "country moment." In that case, I'd want her to pick one of Payge or Carter. Or both, if one of them gets voted through instead. But in exactly all four seasons she's completed, her choices have sucked. (Ryan sucked and shouldn't have tasted the top twelve. Korin was better, but she shouldn't have gotten there, either. Troy did great in the Playoffs, but she should've known that America wasn't feeling him, and it must be noted that Gwen really only put him through because Alicia basically told her to. And Myracle, while good, when Jake and Kyndal were both right there?! Seriously, Gwen?!) John should have John and probably Tamara as his easy top two. But Bailey could mess that up. But on the off chance that Bailey doesn't make it and one of John or Tamara does, I don't trust him not to put the other one through. Blake has so much country on his team, and I think that the public vote and his own choice will pretty much be all country. He really runs of the risk of having too much country on his team.
  4. It wouldn't surprise me if Joseph vs. Van gets the Knockout montage since it sounds like they were both bad.
  5. Someone, who's the one for whom you were rooting, but bombed the song you like so much?
  6. Carter and Payge made it. That's all I care about. But noooooooo! Gwen eliminated Ryan?! That's a shock! I imagine that the Ben steal was to have some country on her team for the country audience. If not, just easy vote-off fodder for the Playoffs. Otherwise, I can't see why she'd steal him.
  7. Was it a coach moment, a contestant moment, or both? At the very least, give us that hint.
  8. To clarify this, for me personally, I do like Blake himself. But yes, it's his fan base I cannot stand. It's not his fault. His fans who just do their best to get even his most mediocre artists through are the ones who annoy me. Not Blake.
  9. Really? I'll actually enjoy the show more if he goes, if only because "Team Minivan" goes with him, and we can see other genres get their fair shake on the show again. I actually kind of feel sorry for you both if you're really basing your viewership on him being there. He's not the be-all, end-all of the show, no matter how much everyone tries to make it seem like he is.
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