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  1. Toneisha got that far piggybacking off the story of her sick son, combined with the overwhelmingly, disgustingly powerful Team Blake fanbase boost. Nothing more, nothing less. Had she been with John, Kelly, or Nick, I doubt she would've tasted second place.
  2. John has turned for several artists for reasons of potential. Jacob Maxwell, Talon Cardon, Lisa Ramey, Kayslin Victoria, Will Breman, Zoe Upkins, and Max Boyle are all such cases of potential vs. seasoned. Season eighteen, though . . . yeah, that was definitely when he went for all seasoned artists. But at least in seasons sixteen and seventeen, he went for potential and seasoned at the same time. And let's not forget that Rose was the epitome of seasoned, and he didn't turn for her. Gwen isn't always the best at pitches, but they definitely got better in season twelve. Her pitches to JChosen, Troy Ramey, Brandon Royal, Stephanie Rice, Savannah Leighton, and Hunter Plake (both in the Blinds and the Battles) were spot-on. And in season seventeen, she went hard for Rose Short, Jake HaldenVang, Brennen Henson, Kyndal Inskeep, and Calvin Lockett with stellar pitches). Even some of the artists she didn't win over in those seasons got some pretty strong pitches from her. I look forward to seeing if she's kept on working on them going into season nineteen.
  3. As far as I know, Jennifer's open to returning. I'm just not sure whether or not Miley is.
  4. She's still a hell of a lot more interesting and likable than you, because she's on the show at all, and you're not. So whatever.
  5. Why not?! What's wrong with her?! If nothing else, if they needed a fourth coach that badly, at least she made it a point to make herself available, considering how many other celebrities seem reluctant to sign on as coaches. I think that she should get props for that. Plus, it's clear to me that she does love the show and enjoys the coaching aspect, and she showed that more clearly than ever in season seventeen. I hope Gwen has an even better run this time around. Season seventeen was probably her best run to date. She did good jobs with Myracle and Joana and an exceptional job with Rose. She actually could've had a legitimate shot with the latter. She was just terribly unlucky to have been up against a vocal beast in Katie, the country fanbase with Jake, and the unfortunately huge Blake fanbase with Ricky. As for Blake . . . ugh. I like the guy. I do. But I really hoped that he wouldn't renew his contract. Far be it for me to agree with anything Ptones says, but he does need to go. His fanbase is messing up this show but good, and last season was probably the nadir of it.
  6. What?! To hear Kelly tell it, they sounded so happy! What happened?!☹☹☹☹
  7. Not everyone. I knew that Britton would make Alicia's top three. I just thought that Christiana (she did) and Terrence (he didn't) would get there with him.
  8. So what's taking so long for the coaching lineup to be announced? Are we waiting for renewal news? Or are things coming down to the wire with the coaches they already have? Blake, in particular, is the big question mark since his contract expired after this season.
  9. Todd is probably going to win, unfortunately. But Thunderstorm really deserves to.☹
  10. Anita, perhaps, but JChosen was R&B/soul and R&B/pop. He said so himself. Definitely not reggae. Which was made it so surprising that he went with Gwen.
  11. Ciera needed to pay for her utter stupidity in picking Adam over John, so I was okay with that. As for the Bundys, the viewers were pissed at Mikaela Astel's loss (which really was Kelly's fault more than anything). Add that to them being up against a Team Blake member (what with Blake being so unfairly, disproportionately loved by the audience), and they were bound to lose that one. Their poor performace of "The Letter" was probably just the icing on the cake. Seriously, though. Had I been any of the coaches, I'd have avoided choosing to send up my artists against Blake if I was the one picked by Carson to begin the challenge. And I'd have been hoping to avoid being picked by Blake if he was the one who got to do the challenging. His fanbase is just too big and too strong, given him winning nearly all of his Cross-Battle matchups.
  12. Adam and Shalyah Fearing (season ten): I loathe the man, but admit that he did pretty well with someone I wouldn't have expected him to steal in a million years. Adam and Sharane Calister (season fourteen): See above. Even for the short time he had her, I was surprised at how decently he worked with her after her Knockout steal. Blake and Kyla (season fourteen): Pretty much what others have been saying. Shakira and Kristen Merlin (season six): Shocked that she did so well with a country singer, and pissed that the sudden change in proceedings screwed her out of her rightful place in that season's finale. Usher and Bria Kelly (season six): Pretty much said by others above. Bad mix there. Christina and Lexi Davila (season eight): Didn't get this steal, because she didn't seem to have anything in common with Christina. Christina and Trey O'Dell (season ten): Didn't get this steal, either, since he had nothing in common with her, either. Pharrell and Lowell Oakley (season eight): Lowell doesn't seem to get mentioned a lot here. But I was shocked that a crooner picked Pharrell instead of Adam, who seemed to do the best with artists of the old-time, classic genres since he was generally raised on those. And it was clear by at least the Knockouts that Pharrell didn't know how to work with him. Pharrell and Hannah Huston (season ten): She seemed way more suited to Blake and Christina than she did to Pharrell. Still, third place shows that it was a choice well made. Gwen and Anita Antoinette (season seven): Never would've seen that one coming, although it was obvious by the Lives that Gwen didn't know how to work with her. ("All About That Bass?" Really, Gwen?) Gwen and JChosen (season twelve): Even having been spoiled, it was still a stunned to see him pick a coach I wouldn't have imagined him picking in a million years when Alicia, who nearly lost her mind and her reservations over his Blind, was right there waiting for him. Gwen and Rose Short (season seventeen): She seemed more fit with Kelly, so the Gwen pick, while delightful, was exciting. But they turned out to be a match made in heaven. One of Gwen's best work ever. Gwen and Calvin Lockett (season seventeen): Like JChosen, it was a bit shocking to see an old-time R&B artist pick her when John was right there. It was kind of a shock that he got montaged his remaining two rounds, too, since you'd think that someone who evoked a reaction like the one Gwen had after he picked her would've been focused on like holy hell. Miley and Ali Caldwell (season eleven): Big surprise since I figured that she was easy Alicia bait. Still, it was like a dream pairing. Miley and Janice Freeman (season thirteen): See above, but replace "Alicia" with "Jennifer." But another dream pairing. RIP, Janice. Alicia and Christian Cuevas (season eleven): Thought he'd be Adam or Blake bait, really. Jennifer and Noah Mac (season thirteen): Shockingly good duo here, as shown by how well they collaborated to stage his amazingly awesome top eleven performance. This duo was one that deserved to reach that finale. Too bad Noah wanted out by then. Jennifer and Alexandra Joyce (season thirteen): I actually would've wanted to see this one in full, because her picking Jennifer was hugely unexpected given her genre. She was country, so Blake seemed like the easy, obvious choice. Kelly and D.R. King (season fourteen): I'm . . . still scratching my head over her fascination and obsession with him. Kelly and SandyRedd (season fifteen): The Kelly choice was shocking, but I got it, as she likely wanted to stand out better on Kelly's team when she might not have on Jennifer's. That said, to have gotten dumped in the Battles for a guy who didn't even stay around for the Knockouts that followed showed by she was better off with Jennifer in the first place. John and Maelyn Jarmon (season sixteen): I just thought that she'd be easy Kelly or Blake bait, is all. But John seemed to know how to work with her, and her win is proof. John and Marybeth Byrd (season seventeen): Pretty much has been said above. I really thought that Kelly or, hell, even Gwen would've been more suitable for her, given what happened with John. Unlike most, though, I do blame Marybeth, too, for wanting to go pop instead of staying country. Her fans here on this site seem to rather conveniently forget that fact and just want to blame John when it was both of their fault. Nick and Roderick Chambers (season eighteen): I must be the only one who think that Roderick got worse with Nick, not better. Whew. These are my offerings.
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