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  1. Season 7 because of Taylor John Williams and Troy Ritchie and Season 9 is a close second because of Jeffery Austin and Ellie Lawrence
  2. When I learned he didicated the song to his brother with autism
  3. Unpop but WTW deserves a spot in the Top9
  4. My Top 9 1. Cami 2. Carter 3. Payge 4. Worth The Wait 5. John 6. Ryan 7. Desz 8. Madeline 9. Julia 10. Taryn 11. Jim 12. Tamara 13. Sid 14. Chloe 15. Ian 16. Ben 17. Larriah 18. Tanner 19. Bailey 20. Joseph. He's already a great singer though. This top 20 is stacked. And yeah as you can see I prefer RnB , Soul and Indie more than Country but I really like WTW and Madeline.
  5. Chloe s13 singing Landslide on the knockouts was really her standout moment where most viewers considered her as a contender and probably even their winner. I still don't see that with Payge but I'll wait 'til knockouts/playoffs
  6. S13 is the last season I enjoyed. Chloe, our rock diva's win is the cherry on top. Hoping this season surprise us. I hope eclectic singers like Cami and Payge rise above the country singers. I really liked WTW audition though.
  7. I thought she's a goner and I've prepared myself for that until kelly and gwen turned. That high note deserves four chairs in my book.
  8. Carter and Payge are strong contenders but this season is surprisingly stacked, at least compared to the past two seasons, its still too early to call. But I also want a Gwen win to change things up. She better redeem herself from the 'playoffs disaster' on her last season.
  9. Opposites do attract yall. I mean those 5 years proved it to me at least lol
  10. I'm gonna go way way back haha. So these are my favorites from past seasons that I come back to time and time again. S3 Amanda Brown vs Trevin Hunte "Vision of Love" by Mariah Carey S4 Jessica Childress vs VEDO "Locked Out Of Heaven" by Bruno Mars Monique Abbadie vs Luke Edgemon "You And I" by Lady Gaga S5 Jacquie Lee vs Brianna Cuoco "House Of The Rising Sun" by The Animals S8 Mia Z vs Ashley Morgan "Put The Gun Down" by ZZ Ward S9 Alex and Andi vs Chance Pena "Where You Will Go" by The Calling I might have forgotten some favorites but I want to sleep already xD
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