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S21 Favorite Audition (Ep 5)


S21 Favorite Audition (Ep 5)  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Ryleigh Plank - Anyone
    • Jershika Maple - Can You Stand The Rain
    • Manny Keith - Break My Heart
    • KJ Jennings - Put Your Records On
    • LiBianca - Good Days
    • Sophia Bromberg - Heather
    • Wyatt Michael - Mack the Knife
    • Brittany Bree - Call Out My Name

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1. Wyatt - This was just right up my alley. Love this song and he brought something different for the season. He obviously displayed some Frank but there's room for him to break out more. Loved his audition.


2. KJ - I would have guessed she is a trained vocalist even if she hadnt mentioned it. Clean and precise runs all around. Loved the ending too. Well done.


3. Jershika - Sweet low notes. Wasnt that big on her higher register, but that low one was enough to do it for me. Great job.


4. LiBianca - Very fresh. I ironically think another song could have showcased her voice better, but at the same time I commend her on the song choice. I think she' ll do great things with Blake.


5. Brittany - Liked it more when I first saw the leak, honestly. She can sing though. Very good control and runs.


6. Ryleigh - Good vocal, but didnt do anything for me, honestly.


7. Manny - Nice tone, but same as Ryleigh, only he got Bandzilla'd.


8. Sophia - I command her on her range, but this just didnt work for me at all. 


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1. Brittany

2. LiBianca

3. Jershika

4. Ryleigh

5. KJ

6. Manny

7. Sophia

8. Wyatt


My top 3 are interchangeable, but I’ve watched Brittany’s audition at least once a day since she was leaked so I voted for her. 

I’m very excited to watch LiBianca’s and Jershika’s journeys. I think they have been getting a little overlooked but I see them both moving past the playoffs and I love what they bring to the show


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I think Brittany bree was the only one with a flawless vocal out of everyone and a great song choice to showcase their voice. So her.


Jershika and Libianca are close behind.


I wish KJ picked a different song, there's only so many things you can do with that song. Even though she made it sound fresh.

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1. Brittany Bree (9/10) - Obviously the strongest vocal of the night. Personally my favorite version of the song so far on the show.

2. Jershika Maple (8.5/10) - Certainly not what I was expecting from her but the performance progressively got better and better and ended off on a fantastically high note.

3. LiBianca (8.5/10) - Loved the song choice and she definitely delivered. She executed it well even though it's not the best type of song for the show. Also HOWLING at the Twitter reactions to her picking Blake.

4. Ryleigh Plank (8/10) - A super strong vocal! This song usually eats the contestants alive and she powered through it. Not a perfect performance, but a very strong performance of that song.

5. KJ Jennings (7.5/10) - A serviceable job. Points for not using that god awful Tiktok version, too. I do wonder what she'll be doing next round because I feel like she's adaptable, but she needs a lot of work. 

6. Wyatt Michael (7.5/10) - It was a decent performance and ended on a strong note, but it wasn' anything that blew me away. There have been better crooners.

7. Manny Keith (7/10) - Perfectly fine. This didn't move me either way. I do appreciate a good flip though.

8. Sophia Bromberg (5/10) - Oh man... I feel bad because she absolutely had good moments in there but the bad moments were so much more obvious. Don't know the song but it doesn't seem very Voicey either. She's obviously talented but it was an uncomfortable watch. Looking forward to seeing her in the next round to impress the way we know she can. She doesn't deserve the level of negative feedback she's getting though.


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1. LiBianca - I don't know why, but I didn't really have high expectations for her, and she totally proved me wrong! Her phrasing is amazing and she made the best out of good song choice.

2. Brittany Bree - Didn't like her tone when this first leaked, but she grew on me a lot! Slow start, but when she started opening up, it was amazing.


They did not disappoint.

3. Wyatt Michael - All the jazzy inflections were perfectly executed! Love his tone as well.

4. Jershika Maple - The lows were great and the highs were amazing, but song choice is what holds this back for me.

5. Manny Keith - Unpopular, but I really enjoyed this. I always like it when someone does a current song on The Voice and does good with it.


Good, but there are issues

6. KJ Jennings - Pitch perfect, but I didn't love all of her phrasing choices. Nonetheless, there were a lot of great ones to balance out the awkward ones.

7. Ryleigh Plank - She was very emotional, which is understandable, but for me, it got in the way of the quality of the performance. A bit too shaky, and the chorus part was pitchy. Great start and ending though.


Not quite there yet 

8. Sophia Bromberg - She had some good monents, but this was pretty messy. Feel bad for the bullying by the Arianators though, some criticism is okay but cyberbullying is f***ed up.

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1. LiBianca - So cool. Beautiful tone, I loved her choices and everything felt very fresh. Plus she’s 100% radio-ready. If only the audience wasn’t so loud…



2. Brittany - I liked this better after watching it again, and while I’m still not crazy for it, it’s undeniably the best performance of the night.

3. Jershika - Saying she ended on a high note is an understatement. Easily one of the best voices this season, but I’m hoping for a different song choice next time.

4. Wyatt - This took some time to get going but when it finally did, it was really great. 

5. KJ - She succeeded in making the song more interesting by adding some range, and it got better as the performance went on. However, I don’t think this showed how good she is.

6. Manny - It was pleasant and he worked the stage, but I kept wanting more.

7. Ryleigh - A good cover of a song that I find very boring, which is why I can’t put it higher (there were also some iffy moments towards the end)



8. Sophia - The Voice usually makes sure that the contestants who turn a chair sound at the very least decent, so the fact they gave this a green light without using some “magic” to fix the really bad moments confuses the hell out of me. I’m sure they could have made this listenable. Anyways, nothing justifies the hate she’s been getting so I’m really hoping she kills it next round.

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  1. LiBianca - I LOVED every single bit, her voice is so good and warm and distinct.
  2. Brittany - That was awesome, one of my favorite renditions of that song.
  3. Jershika - Rose Short. And her voice obviously lmao
  4. Manny - I actually liked the flip but he needs better songs.
  5. KJ - One of the coolest voices but that song held her back.
  6. Wyatt - Refreshing but not my thing, I respect his artistry though.
  7. Ryleigh - The first verse was gorgeous, but it derailed when Kelly turned IMO and tbh I expected higher notes, the chorus was nowhere as impactful as what Carolina did
  8. Sophia - It's a shame cause the beginning was actually really pretty but it went south when she started the vocal tricks, she should rely on the tone
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1. Brittany - A vocal masterclass. This performance was amazing

2. Jershika - Getting Desz vibes from her, and that’s always a good thing. Both her high and low notes were incredible

3. LiBianca - Such a cool and vibey performance



4. Wyatt - I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this one that much but it was a fun performance


5. KJ - Disappointing 😕 

6. Ryleigh - Way too much vibrato

7. Manny - Nothing to say about this one



8. Sophia - Just because you can do high doesn’t mean you should

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