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  1. A deserved meltdown because neither of them should be in the B2 after last night. But minivan doesn’t like confident artists
  2. Glad to see that controversy didn’t keep the king from coming out on top All in all, I’ve always been a long time lurker here so it never surprises me. I just think the easiest thing to do is, if you’re a fan of someone on the show, enjoy their performances for what they are. Facebook is Facebook, its been negative since years ago when the general age of people predominantly using it shifted
  3. Y’all really are taking years off your own lives by over-analyzing every single little aspect of a social media websites reaction. Wendy delivered as usual and isn’t in danger. Jershika gave one of (if not the best) the top performances of the night. Gymani ate and can easily handle anyone in the B2 if she sadly ends up there again.
  4. Wendy delivered another wonderful performance tonight. Easily in my top 3 along with the other two queens of the Top 11! I love that Wendy is performing the way she wants to perform and that’s what makes me the happiest. People get so wrapped up in the fact that it’s a “competition” and over analyze everything, but I’m just so happy to see Wendy consistently having fun up on stage
  5. And I think we’re being spoiled too getting to witness it all Happy Birthday queen Wendy . I’m very excited for her performance tonight, and I love that she gets to perform one of her idols on her special day. The theme for this week should have been songs dedicated to Wendy
  6. This is a tired conversation. Gymani is a performer and brings a presence to the stage. Her rasp makes her stand out compared to everyone else so I’m more than happy to have her around still (and can’t wait to see her advance again ). Singing competitions aren’t all about winning. Who cares if the usual, problematic audience of the show doesn’t vibe with her. As a young mom, she’s putting captivating performances out there to build her resumé
  7. Finally watched the group performances (no, I don’t watch the show live and yes, I know I’m late, leave me alone) and all I can say is, GNT is cool and all, but the best trio of the season is Gymani, Kelly, and Jeremy
  8. I had a dream the other night (before we knew Wendy was singing an uptempo Aretha song) that Wendy performed an uptempo song next and she killed it, but it was “24k Magic” by Bruno Mars I remember thinking in my dream that it was a bus, but a) we know Wendy can’t be bussed and b) she got Blake up dancing. Not saying I’m trying to speak all of that into existence, but maybe that reaction with the Aretha song
  9. I completely agree. Wendy has performed two slower/ballad songs (3 if you count Ain’t No Way) in a row now so I was actually hoping her next song would be uptempo anyway so this is music to my ears. Her blind proved she can kill uptempo and the judges/casual voters will eat it up. Kyla, Rose, etc. had uptempos sprinkled in on their run and were fine. She needs a “moment” song in the bloodbath, not now
  10. Wendy once again coming through in Top 3 of performances for the night for me (and she isn’t #3 or #2 ). I find it really interesting that during the pre-lives, she showcased her upper register/belts more, and now she’s utilizing her head voice/falsetto more. She’s showing off how much of an instrument her voice truly is and I am so here for it
  11. I completely agree with both of these. I think Shadale was just overshadowed with her performance during PO. There wasn’t a lot of “moments” like Jershika created with her song. But I don’t think it’s clear-cut that Shadale is in the bottom this week based on song choices/actual performances
  12. I could see Shadale escaping the B3 since it’s dedication week and we all know she’s capable of delivering another emotional performance. This in turn could mean that all 3 Team Legend members survive to Top 11 which could be a shock for some
  13. I was actually thinking yesterday about who could sing “Be Alive.” I think if someone was to individually sing it, I’d say Gymani or Jershika because the runs are built into the song. But Shadale could bring out all the emotions in it as well so that could definitely be a moment and powerful. And her range is so good
  14. Ok I’m really bad at assigning songs but I just wanted to say you have taste for adding Jhené on here even if Minivan would go up in flames (love to see it) if anyone ever performed “P*$$Y FAIRY” I’ve been waiting for someone to perform her on the show. She has a song called “Promises” that would be perfect for dedication week
  15. All I’m gonna say is, Wendy supremacy from this point forward I’m so happy for Jershika for turning that bus attempt into a PV. And I always had a feeling both her and Shadale would make it through so that has me pleasantly happy. Hard to lose Libianca, Samuel, and Bella all in one night when they were arguably some of the most interesting artists (although admittedly only Libianca delivered last night). This season could play out in so many ways
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