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  1. I get that they would sound good together but why get rid of one of them Kelly?
  2. If the spoilers were wrong about this battle and Samuel goes home I will through a fit
  3. It’s not just this season but John just gives his artists the worst songs
  4. It’s a different format this season so there probably going to montage 2 or 3 knock outs
  5. If this were to happen and her fan base makes her win it would probably be with Ryleigh or a Bella instead of a Holly
  6. KELLY Gymani GNT Jeremy (save) (Hailey if there’s a WC) ARI Holly Ryleigh Jim/Sasha (save) BLAKE Wendy Peedy Libianca (save) JOHN Samuel Joshua (if not montaged in knockouts) save Jershika
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