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Best blind audition of season 14


Best blind audition  

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  1. 1. Pick one

    • Britton Buchanan - Trouble
    • Brynn Cartelli - Beneath your beautiful
    • Rayshun Lamarr - Don't stop believing
    • Kyla Jade - Seesaw
    • Kelsea Johnson - Like I'm gonna lose you
    • D.R. King - Believer
    • Justin Kilgore - Tommorow
    • Jaclyn Lovely - Can't help falling in love
    • Jackie Foster - What about us
    • Drew Cole - Sex and Candy
    • Johnny Bliss - Preciosa
    • Christiana Danielle - Hotline Bling
    • Terrence Cunningham - My girl
    • Hannah Goebel - If I ain't got you
    • Other (please mention in comments)

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Decent blind auditions. Overall not as strong as the season before or after, though Christiana Danielle and Terrence Cunningham stand out here and would be the best or one of the best in any season imo.  But I'd have to pick Terrence, would make my top 10 best blind auditions of all time.


what do you guys think is the best blind audition of this season?


I dont think I left out any auditions that would realistically win the poll. But if your favourite isn't mentioned, name drop them and pick the last option.


Contestants not in poll with votes


Sharane Callister - 2 votes.

WILKES - 1 vote.

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My Top 3- Justin Kilgore, Johnny Bliss, Britton Buchanan


Definitely one of the weakest auditions seasons, there weren’t many great ones, and I didn’t really love many besides these three. Besides the Monday battle episodes, I felt that this season was one of the weakest in most rounds (don’t even get me started on the playoffs)

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Christiana was my favorite from this group but I thought Reid Umstattd's and Shana Halligan's were pretty underrated and worth mentioning.

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2 hours ago, Spurrious said:

Jaclyn Lovely's blind went viral for good reason.  As I recall...it had several millions of views when TPTB finally removed it.  


Your snowflake could never.  😜

I believe it had 10M before it was taken down.

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These are all pretty solid options, but it's WILKES for me.

This is probably my one-of-my-favorite-songs-ever bias showing, but I loved his version, too. :haha:



HM to Reid though!


As for the poll, I'd otherwise pick Kelsea or Johnny! 🙂


Shana's blind also got mixed feedback here but I LOVED it :haha:



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