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IDF:The Voice Fan Thread Survey

Jyn Mycle

IDF:The Voice Fan Thread Survey  

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  1. 1. What is your Gender?

    • Male
    • Female
  2. 2. What Team you are?

    • #TeamSausage
    • #TeamWaffle

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Team Sausage and Waffle tied. Is this IDF? lol


1. Male

2. Tend to lean more toward male voices, they`re just more appealing to me. But I have no problem supporting the females.  I`ve had several girl favorites over the seasons too. Savanna would have probably become my favorite had she sang the fantastic version of "Barracuda" she sadly didn`t get to perform.

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2 hours ago, FloorWax said:

1. Male 

2. Both, I've had male and female voices on the show that really appealed to me. Of the recent seasons, I was pretty attached to Maelyn, Rose, and Zan for the girls, Corey and Sid for the guys.


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