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  1. I generally prefer clearer tones (twangy is fine too), but I have enjoyed contestants with some rasp before. I'm probably just a bit more picky with how they use it (probs can't take too much) and they may have a little more of an uphill climb for me to really like them. With that said, contestants should just sing how their voices are and sometimes that's just not my cup of tea and that's okay
  2. iirc, Addison or someone close to her (her dad?) had said that going into the show, the ideal finish was 2nd because she wouldn't be locked into the contract and has more freedom to do whatever she wants afterwards
  3. Plus there are tons of people who are great and a limited number of spots, so in that sense many eliminated contestants would've been deserving to continue. I've heard similar sentiments in other competitive settings, where if you trade out the entire group that made it and picked a new group, the new group would've been just as good, just different.
  4. I wouldn't really classify Reckless Love or Oceans as gospel - they're more CCM
  5. KAYLIN!!! I've loved her for years and her song Break Up Proof was my 11th most played song on Spotify this year (with others further down). I've loved Sarahbeth for a while too (Long Way at 34 on my Spotify last year, among others) but doesn't seem like she got that far. Haven't followed her that closely, but I've also heard Olivia multiple times and enjoyed her. I remember liking Rebecca on The Voice and same with Kendra and Allegra. Also Bk, you may want to put your lists on page 1 for ease of referral (since you so conveniently have a "lol" there)
  6. My faves are definitely Wendy and Lana. Freaking gorgeous I think all the studios range from fine (meh/unremarkable) to great. I'm more concerned about bandzilla and ability to deliver live. Also I'm sure some contestants may have issues with this performance not lining up with what people want from them, but that's not their problem
  7. I don't think there's an upper limit. It's not like Idol where they specifically look for younger people. There have been a handful (I counted 5 on wikipedia) of no chairs over the age of 60 over the years (oldest one I can find was 68 years old from S18). It's just that as ages go up, there's fewer and fewer people who both want to go on reality TV and are good enough for it.
  8. Nah it's happened many times before, I remember always laughing about what misspellings they can come up with for people with relatively straightforward names
  9. Chloe & Addison Jordan & Emily Danielle & Michelle there are other pairs that were also great but less so my cup of tea
  10. fyi the YT link for Victor's I Can't Make You Love Me is wrong (it's Rachel's I Hope You Dance)
  11. Voted! this was a hard one, I like 4/5 of them and the 5th is still good, just not really my thing
  12. My favourites are Chayce and Casey. Grace and Willie sound great but the songs are just okay.
  13. 1. female 2. doesn't matter, but the voices/tones/styles I prefer tend to be more common in females
  14. I chose tone, storytelling/emotion, and genre. Tone - yes, though not sufficient on its own. While I can appreciate good singers that don't have a tone I like, they won't be a snowflake. But even if they do have a tone I like, there needs to be more to make me like them (such as storytelling/emotion and genre/style) Pitch - sort of, there does need to be a decent ability to sing on pitch for me to like someone, but other aspects tend to play a much stronger role in whether or not I like them. And I tend to be more lenient for singers I enjoy. Vocal tricks - no, though I can definitely appreciate it Storytelling/emotion - yes, delivery is super super important to me. I need to be able to feel things from what they're singing, regardless of whether they have super great technical abilities or not. Arrangements - no, though I can appreciate it and if they are in the realm of possible snowflakes due to other aspects, it can be an asset if done well Instrumentation - no Personality - sort of, I'm not going to like someone who's a jerk, but otherwise an appealing personality is just an asset. Looks - no Genre - yes, I need to like their style. If someone is in my preferred genre, it is much more likely they will become a snowflake. But for my less "typical" snowflakes, I still like their style. And there are some styles that will never be something I prefer Gender - no, though it may contribute to tone. Age - no
  15. Based on personal preference: Addison Chloe Karli Brooke Ashland Moriah Janice honourable mention to Ilianna because I liked her blind, but we didn't get to see anything else so I have no idea what I would've thought of her overall The others I don't remember too much, but from what I do remember, none were bad, just in the realm of decent-but-unremarkable, not my style, and/or not enough performances to have an opinion
  16. Makayla Louis Olivia DeWayne -- Aliana Franklin Faith Arthur Nick Cyniah
  17. I actually really liked that (i will admit some parts were kinda rough), it was super fun, but also who the heck decided on that camera angle when she first started dancing lmao
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