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  1. Really rough ranking bc I don't dislike anyone, but am also not particularly attached to anyone. And many of them are just people who I am not a fan of stylistically, but I still think are good. Willie Spence Casey Bishop Grace Kinstler Chayce Beckham Ava August Cassandra Coleman Madison Watkins Caleb Kennedy Hunter Metts Beane Alyssa Wray DeShawn Goncalves
  2. honestly that was my favourite Graham performance and I've never paid attention to him before this
  3. Looking at who's left, should be Hunter & Grace into the top 10 and Graham singing for the save
  4. I like Alanis generally, but some of her belts get shouty and/or pitchy. I think she might be trying too hard which makes her perform worse
  5. Not surprised Beane didn't make it, but I thought that performance was good. Whether I want him to be picked for WC though is gonna depend on who else isn't safe
  6. Just tuning in Madison was good! I've never liked the original Hotline Bling but I like a lot of alternate arrangements and hers was good too. Happy Ava made it!
  7. uhh @sublymonal Willie isn't an option for question 1
  8. I thought Beane was decent, didn't particularly stand out though
  9. I liked Casey! Not sure if I like the song itself, but she sang it well
  10. Alyssa, Graham, Grace, Alanis, Willie and Deshawn is performing now
  11. Think it's 10 by public vote + 2 wildcards chosen by judges
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