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  1. Mignon (Grabois) - confirmed audition on her Instagram country/country pop singer-songwriter Website Instagram YouTube Spotify
  2. Ciana was on AGT (twice) which I'd assume is the main reason why she has so many followers. That fanbase could definitely help her out if they voted for her on AGT since they'd be the voting type of fan (and not the kind that watches, doesn't vote, and then complains about the results)
  3. Pre-show if you told me Bailey would win the IS, I would be pretty surprised. But having heard the performances, it was pretty plausible and I wasn't that surprised
  4. Bailey sounds good! I might be a bit biased since she's more of my type but I hadn't paid much attention to her before this
  5. Kelly talking about Tanner's character thats why he won the ko
  6. do you think marisa would have another meltdown if tanner wins
  7. I keep hearing Tanner instead of Tamara and it confuses me every time
  8. I think Desz's style has broader appeal (and she's more of the type that goes farther on the show) than Cami so can't say I'm surprised she won
  9. this is probably kind of mean of me but i lowkey want tanner to move on just to spite marisa
  10. I expect that the covid protocols for being on any shows in production in this climate are much stricter than those for normal everyday living bc there's much more legal/liability issues, so it's possible that his breach wasn't super severe relative to normal standards (I'm hoping its this bc I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt). But regardless, those strict protocols are in place for a reason (and rightly so), so his elimination is absolutely justified. Also dang that is not a good look for him...
  11. It's also quite possible that he violated it a little bit ago, then they told him he would likely get DQed, but they have to talk to legal (and whatever other departments are involved in this kind of thing) and then the final/official decision came down today
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