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  1. are you sure your tracks are actually on private? bc the private function works fine for me on my own page
  2. Results-wise, TV has definitely been better. But there are more contestants from AI that I can see myself paying attention to beyond the season (but alas they have all been eliminated)
  3. I really liked that Wasn't perfect, but still very good
  4. it's hard to sing as a duo when one person is ok and the other is really not
  5. Kacey songs are hard to sing Cali doesn't sound bad, but her head voice is noticeably weaker than her full voice which really takes away from those parts
  6. I think that was my favourite performance from Katie, though I'm still not a huge fan (style/personal preference thing)
  7. Marybeth - best of the night for sure Katie - the good parts were really good but she definitely needs to be careful because she's prone to oversinging at some parts Alex/Will/Khalea - they were all decent but not particularly memorable. Will might have the edge with him being a crowdpleaser, but performance-wise it was meh for me
  8. Some parts of this were really good, but there were definitely some oversung parts as well
  9. That was interesting I couldn't understand half of what he said but that was definitely a crowdpleaser
  10. this is the first performance that I think was actually good and not boring
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