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Who's going to win season 19?


Who's going to win Season 19?  

67 members have voted

  1. 1. Who's going to win Season 19?

    • Casey Bishop
    • Deshawn Goncalves
    • Cassandra Coleman
    • Caleb Kennedy
    • Madison Watkins
    • Ava August
    • Beane
    • Chayce Beckham
    • Alyssa Wray
    • Willie Spence
    • Grace Kinstler
    • Hunter Metts
    • One of the s18 returnees...

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I wanna say Willie but he’s the early front runner and they rarely win, but he could be like Scotty who pretty much ran away with the competition from the start. Chayce and Grace are my other two guesses. Arthur has a good shot too but I’m not sure if America will vote for a returning contestant over the new contestants. 

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My early pick is Casey, she's young and can appeal to people her age, but since she's rock, she can appeal to a older voters who like that style and looking to bring it back to the mainstream...Chayce does seem like the typical American Idol winner, but it's a competitive season and the last few winners have varied in types...


I don't think Willie or Grace will win though, there is something quite dry about their personalities, especially Willie, at least that's IMO...but who knows??


If Maddie Poppe can win, maybe Ava August can possibly win...

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8 hours ago, kenboy123 said:

the answer is Arthur Gunn....yuck...

Nice. :rolleyes:

2 hours ago, MargoK said:

Anyone but Arthur Gunn!!!!


I voted for Willie but Casey or Grace could win.



I don't really know who will win, but I hope it's Casey! We've never had a rocker girl win and I think it's way overdue on this show... ❤️ 


ETA: I will not be voting for Arthur even though he was my main fave last season. I personally think he shouldn't be allowed to compete because runner up is one spot below the winner and just doesn't seem right to me. I am glad he gets to perform on the Idol stage though. My vote will be for Makayla most likely. 😜 

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If I'm looking at the folks in the Top 12 who have a shot at this thing, it's:








If Arthur Gunn is the returnee, I'd add him as well.


I'd rank the odds of those folks winning at around this:


1. Willie

2. Chayce

3. Arthur

4. Casey

5. Grace

6. Ava

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