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  1. Wendy Mouton or Gymnai could easily win, they are two of the best singers in this competition.
  2. i liked the battles, the song choices for some of them were questionable though. Wendy is too talented for that song.
  3. you also forgot Nick Fradiani's fan thread
  4. it was perfectly safe for them to travel, i don't see how they couldn't.
  5. I am doing this by genre: Best Country: Inside Your Heaven, Flame, 23, I Love You This Big, Falling Rock: Home, Time of My Life R&B: This is My Now, I Believe, Flying Without Wings Pop: A Moment Like This/Before Your Love Going, Going, Gone, No Boundaries
  6. I love that song, great choice.
  7. 1. Adam Lambert was robbed 2. Caleb Kennedy did nothing wrong 3. Grace should have been final 2 over Willie 4. Casey will outsell Willie in album sales 5. I loved Living on A Prayer on finale night
  8. Jason Castro - I shot the sherrif Danny Gokey - Scream On Carrie Underwood - MacArthur Park Kellie Pickler - Bohemian Rhapsody
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