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  1. Loved the performances, some were plain amazing. Just Sam slayed. i like this top 20
  2. Adam lambert just dropped a new album yesterday. It's called Velvet
  3. MJ updated her blog, idol is inculding, This is me featuring the top 20 and has unaired footage and performances
  4. Favorite Season - Season 10, I like Country, Top 40, Rock and R&B. Love Scotty and Lauren. Least favorite season 12 - The blatant favoritism of female contestant's was disguesting. Johnny Keyser and Cortez Shaw should have gone through, and the constant bullying of Lazero was sad.
  5. Females: 1. Julia 2. Laurn Masicity 3. Lauren Spencer Smith/Grace Leer 4. Just Sam 5. Sophia Wackerman Males: 1. Arthur 2. Johnny 3. Nick 4. Louis Knight 5. Jovin/Dillon
  6. Females: 1. Julia 2. Lauren M 3. Grace Leer 4. Just Sam 5. Sophia Males: 1. Arthur 2. Louis Knight 3. Nick Merrico 4. Jovin 5. Johnny/Dillon
  7. i believe Ryan Seacrest when he says they figured it out, and they have. there is a twist coming that they announced and i believe that. the rest of the stuff that's posted on here is fake news.
  8. I believe that Arthur could win, he has everything the fans want, he's beyond talented, he is a pure artist, and he has the backstory. Who wouldn't want him to win. though a girl winning would be interesting too.
  9. it's the twist, i think they are sending the top 20 home, so they can perform for an internet audience.
  10. Females: 1. Just Sam 2. Grace Leer 3. Lauren Masicity 4. Lauren Spencer Smith 5. Julia Greggano 6. Sophia Wackerman 7. Kimmy Gaberilla 8. Cianah 9. Mackayla 10. Olivia 11. Alinah 12. Faith 13. Mackayla Brownlee 14. Shannon 15. Camryon 16. Grace Lundy 17. Natalie 18. Amelia 19. Geena 20. Demi Males: 1. Arthur Gunn 2. Dyllon James 3. Jonny West 4. Jovin Webb 5. Franklin Boone 6. Fransisco 7. Louis Knight 8. Nick Merrico 9. Dwayne Crocker Jr 10. Jeb Vonderbrudge 11. Dewayne Alexander 12. Bileal 13. Jordan Jones 14. Cameron
  11. has no one figured out the twist yet? i know it. It wasn't because of the virus that they sent them home, it was so they could video tape themselves for youtube or another social media outlet, and that's the top 20 show, and that's how we vote.
  12. I quess you haven't figured out the twist yet
  13. The addition of the Duets round is way better than the group rounds. It's a more even playfield for all the contestant's and a lot less drama too. There were a few questinable/bad duets but in the end the rest of the duets were amazing. in the end the right people left and the right ones are now in the solo rounds. Those start tomorrow.
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