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  1. Ayla Brown is now a featured radio host on WKLB in boston massachusetts
  2. 5. Fransisco 4. Johnny 3. Dillon tied for first place arthur and sam
  3. love it, i hope bobby bones comes back
  4. i have amazon prime music and she was number 9 on the top albums, and 40 on top albums on itunes. But Billboard won't even let me look at their charts. They want me to pay for it.
  5. Does anyone know how well the cd is selling, billboard ain't giving me anything
  6. favorite songs for me are I Hope (both versions), footprints on the moon, Jesus and my Momma, Got Me, The Good Ones, Goldmine, Hall of Fame, Write it On My Heart and Every Rose has a jack. I'm also getting a new appreciation of Strong.
  7. As part of Christmas in July, Hallmark and Hallmark mysteries and movies are re airing their christmas specials and A Country Christmas is one of them.
  8. i would love to see Laurn Massicity, Lauren Spencer Smith and Mckayla Brownlee come back
  9. I got my album today, it's amazing
  10. I am so buying this. Love it.
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