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  1. i noticed that too when i went to the website, hopefully nia did make it. I am perfectly fine without anilee. Amanda Mena, Cassandra, Lilahona, Casey, and Willie were amazing tonght, and Amanda is from boston.
  2. i'm surprised Nia Renee didn't make it, she has a beautiful voice, and the fans vote at top 24, if they don't dq Hannah, the fans will vote her out.
  3. I thought i saw Ryan Romano under hollywood category, not true.
  4. top male standouts for me were: Alex, Jason and Benson Top femal standouts for me were: Grace and Nia Grace has to be in the top group, she's simply amazing and comparing to Kelly, well, Kelly also sings country
  5. right now, i have no idea who's going to win, that may change during the season.
  6. nice having spoilers, thank you, i will be watching these videos too. Also if Claudia Conway can sing, i don't care who she is related too. And chances are whoever this trump guy is has already been elimintated. So why bother arguing.
  7. Ayla Brown is now a featured radio host on WKLB in boston massachusetts
  8. 5. Fransisco 4. Johnny 3. Dillon tied for first place arthur and sam
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