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  1. Phillip Phillips HOME is the Best Selling Song from Idol of all time. Google American Idol Coronation songs - and it easily Ranks #1. That's why these rankings are so BOGUS. It is based on who is popular on IDF. There are lots of Jessica Sanchez fans here who are still fuming that she flopped.
  2. It's a forum and I am also allow MY opinion.
  3. FOX was done. There were no plans for them to revive it. If it bothers you that much, then don't watch.
  4. ABC can do whatever they want. FOX had already cancelled the show. And CBS, NBC did not want the reboot.
  5. Laine will end up being one of the most forgettable winners. He has yet to even release an album. He only won because he was from the South and had the desperate housewives voting for him. He, his girlfriend, "bodyguard "all have Corona. He's gotten a lot of criticism for not wearing a mask and not social distancing. Not a surprise that he is a MAGA. His fans tried to float a conspiracy theory that Alejandro's family were illegal immigrants. But Alejandro's had the last laugh with his SOLD OUT tours where there is demand for him to tour overseas. The Grammy folks singled his performance at Lollapalooza. Stevie Nicks is a big fan of his. IDF has never been about the true artists, musicianship. I'm sure the Top 10 here will be made up belters, ballad queens.
  6. I actually pointed out that Daniel Seavey, Colton Dixon are 2 of the more successful alums. And of those rank so far, I will add Kellie Pickler and Danny Gokey.
  8. It matters to the contestants and certainly to the industry, the media. What gave Idol legitimacy initially was the success of their contestants. Obviously that has eroded in the last several years. With any lists, it's important to look at why certain singers didn't well after the show, while others succeeded. The show itself should be a starting point - not the high point in someone's career.
  9. Double Standard. Because you have constantly taken digs at Arthur and Alejandro. My point about Colton Dixon - there was ZILCH mentioned on his post show success.
  10. This only goes to show that you can sing karaoke - but can't launch a career after the show. And it's what matters after the show that counts. The FACT remains that Colton Dixon who finished in 7th place is the 2nd most commercially successful of Season 11.
  11. Colton Dixon is one more successful alums. He is a GMA DOVE winner who has made a name for himself in CCM. One of the few Idols that has gone from one major label to another. I am willing to bet that belters Jessica Sanchez and Josh Ledet will rank very high here. But both also had careers that TANKED after the show. If we're going to pimp people when they were on the show, it's important to look at why some of them bomb when it came to launching a career.
  12. Ironically, 2 people of color considered over rated? Not surprising. The core Idol audience has always been very conservative. But no one will ever admit their prejudices.
  13. Arthur would have won if this was a regular season. He has a huge following. But the time zone voting work against him. Sam also got sympathy votes, since she was by herself with the quarantine while the others had their families.
  14. It's important to look at why certain contestants who were great on the show - but tank afterwards. Likewise, it's worthwhile to acknowledge contestants who may not have been great at karaoke covers - but manage to launch good careers afterwards. And it's ultimately the latter that counts.
  15. Catie is just under rated on IDF. But IDF is all about baby divas, belters. Not artists, musicians or those that are unique. I already know that Alejandro and Arthur will be rated very low. And someone like Jessica Sanchez will be very high, even though her post show career sucks.
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