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  1. This is the Unpopular Opinions thread - not a Fan Page.
  2. That has to do more with ABC Idol. When Idol was on FOX they still had alums appear even when the show had celebrity judges.
  3. I don't think either are Unpopular Opinions.
  4. And he always handled it really well. Kris won in life too - with his family. He has the most kids of all the Idol winners. There's a dark side to being in the spotlight. Adam has struggled with depression and went through a very dark period. He said he was lonely and felt detached. He was tired of chasing the career and his mental health suffered. Like Kris, he is also now an indie artist.
  5. It was on a Reddit AMA she did a few mos back. Maddie said unfortunately she couldn't talk about what happened with her album and the lack of support from Idol - because she was told there will be consequences if she did.
  6. It was what happened to her post Idol. She was not allowed to perform any new music on the show, even with her album dropping. She has since said she can't talk about Idol or her album or she will be sued.
  7. But look how badly the winners have been treated. Maddie and Laine have never been allowed to perform their own music on the show. Sam has been snubbed altogether. Even if Willie and Grace don't win, they can still get a record deal. Move on and not be locked to the Idol contract.
  8. Like Maddie, Laine, Sam. Look what happened to them. I thought Laine was treated poorly tonight.
  9. Yeah, especially this late in the competition. There's no proof whatever so ever that Chayce has picked up all these votes from Caleb, Arthur, Hunter. And next week from Casey?
  10. It's a myth that Chayce picked up the votes of the eliminated contestants. Some stopped watching, voting. I can also see fans voting against him - since they see him taking the spot of their favorite.
  11. She did at one point. And if she still does, she would not be eligible to compete on Idol. Conflict of interest.
  12. Very few. MJsBlog made the point that ABC Idol has always allowed anyone who didn't make the Top 10 to audition again. But she said very few do. And those who do rarely make it further. Regarding Jeana, she's done with Idol. She didn't even want to appear on the Series Finale at FOX. And if Sonika still has a contract with Disney, she would not be eligible.
  13. There's no real correlation with Itunes (which is small market). If that was the case, Arthur Gunn would be in the Top 2 with voters.
  14. There should be an Option - None of these. The most popular winning songs of all time are: Home The Time of My Life A Moment Like This I don't think any of the Top 4 songs even come close.
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