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  1. But they were on a different show. I can see backlash for former Idol alums who had already been voted off by the public, then come back to compete. The show should be moving forward.
  2. Willie and Caleb have producers right in their musical lanes.
  3. Dragging a bunch of contestants back who have long faded is not going to help with ratings. The problem is that the Idol format is completely out of touch with the current music industry. Their main demo is older white women from the South. Idol needs to bring in more diverse viewers - younger, more males, people of color, urban. And more representation with Rock, R&B, Rap - which is reflective of the music industry. Not just the standard Pop, Country fluff on Idol.
  4. An All-Star Season would never work. There is no way anyone who has a successful career would ever want to do. Then we're stuck with people who have long faded - hardly all stars.
  5. But it still means your career flopped and you need to come back after being off the show 8 years. Everyone had a chance when they competed. It's not like Candice did anything that great after the show.
  6. It actually would be embarrassing for any alum who had already been voted off by the public to compete again, especially if they have been away from the show a few years. It's saying they couldn't make a go of their career and have to come back to Idol in hopes of getting a record deal (again).
  7. People are just setting themselves up to be disappointed. People have been complaining about the judges for the last 4 seasons. Nothing's change.
  8. Idol must be having a hard time finding new contestants. Why would previous contestants, especially if they went through the public vote, even want to come back and go through the process again? The goal is to have a career after the show. Not to go back in time in hopes of reigniting a career. This will only attract those who have struggled after the show - which is not a good look for Idol.
  9. Unfortunately, I can see the Final 3 ending up Caleb (Country vote), Chayce, Hunter. That's what Idol voters tend to gravitate towards. I don't have any confidence that the Southern Housewives will back a young rocker girl like Casey or a great singer like Willie, who isn't floating a heart throb narrative.
  10. Sam had no clue to who she was as an artist. That's probably why Hollywood Records dropped her shortly after winning. She got sympathy votes because she was alone during the pandemic. She also benefited from the limited real time voting that favored the East Coast. If their finale was broadcast live across the time zones, the Final 2 likely would have been Arthur and Francisco.
  11. I never said Arthur was going to win. I said that he can still get a record deal, because he has maintained a fan base, which is what labels like to see. You are actually better off not winning these days and probably will have a better career. Maddie and Sam have already been dropped. Laine has yet to released an album. I like Casey, so she wins, then what? Look at what Maddie had to go through. She couldn't even get an Idol appearance to promote her album. And she has since said she can't talk about certain things regarding Idol and the label or she will be sued.
  12. Even if Arthur doesn't win, I can see him getting a record deal that isn't an Idol label. He has shown that he has been able to maintain a fan base over a year. He has actually gain social media followers. Maddie said that once the show was over, interest from fans really dropped. I think whoever wins will have a tough time. Just ask Candice, Caleb, Nick Trent, Maddie, Laine, Sam.
  13. Coldplay week will favor some more than others. This theme will work more against Caleb, Willie, Grace. But I think Hunter is on borrowed time. Viewers already saved him once.
  14. But you can't really blame him. Record labels are a business and they can't just carry people who aren't profitable. And Jimmy Iovine did have this successes with Idol. There's a song called Home.
  15. There's Caleb Kennedy. He has the Country voting block. How else would anyone explain this guy getting a pass week after week. And he seems to be immune from any kind of criticisms.
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