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  1. Whether it's Idol or The Voice, TV singing competitions have been on the decline. It's because viewers, labels, artists today have way more options in finding new talent. Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth became huge stars by posting videos on You Tube. Tik Tok and streaming platforms like Spotify are now the rage. Bottom line, ABC isn't going to care about successful alums. FOX didn't care when it cancelled the show in Season 14. It's always going to be about ratings AND cost. Idol is a very expensive show to produce.
  2. You're missing my point. For a good 9 seasons or so, Idol had no competition. No The Voice, America's Got Talent, X-Factor. You Tube. And Streaming, Social Media were none existence or just beginning. All that eventually took a big hit in ratings with Idol. Kelly, Carrie careers would have been very different if they were competing on Idol in the last few years, when the show passed its peaks and ratings plummeted.
  3. But the majority of Idol's success stories were from the earlier years when there was no competition.
  4. But what success stories has Idol had since The Voice has been on? And if people say Gabby Barrett, then Morgan Wallen needs to be included. Kelly, Carrie competed on Idol at a time when there was no TV competition and the industry was very different.
  5. Yes. Because you said Idol has produced success stories for 20 years. And my point was that majority of Idol success stories were during the early years - when it was the only game in town. And if you site Gabby Barrett - then you have to include Morgan Wallen from The Voice. Some of The Voice winners like Cassadee Pope, Danielle Bradbury, Jordin Smith actually did better than any Idol winners post Season 11. Melanie Martinez has done very well.
  6. Scotty McCreery and Phillip Phillips are 2 of the biggest winners Idol had - and both were from the post Paula/Simon era. But the music industry started changing around that time. There was more competition from The Voice, America's Got Talent, X-Factor. You Tube. Streaming, Social Media became huge forces.
  7. Idol didn't even signed her. She said coming off the show, it was a lot harder than she expected. It took her a year knocking on doors. The majority of Idol's big names were from the earlier years. Their last big winner was Phillip Phillips, almost 9 years ago. So between Phillip and Gabby, who are all these big Idol successes that you are referring to? Morgan Wallen from The Voice is actually a much bigger name than Gabby Barrett.
  8. The ACM's (Academy of Country Music Awards) is going back to its regular schedule. It will be on Sun April 18 on CBS. Lots of ratings competition with these big events.
  9. They need to get rid of her. It has become way to accepted for someone to "apolgize" because they got caught and are trying to save their career. She needs to prove she's sincere - and do something to support for example BLM.
  10. And I am allowed my opinion - and not be told otherwise. Obviously you are a huge fan of Nikki McKibbin and I think you expect everyone to react the same way about her death as you do. It doesn't work that way. No one needs to do anything that they don't feel. Why be fake about it.
  11. But Kelly has been made out to be this cold person who holds grudges - for 2 people who where TOXIC in her life. Give me a break.
  12. He had made the choice not to have a relationship and was only interested after Kelly became a star (i.e. had money). He had plenty of opportunity to apologize - and he chose not to. And let's keep it real about Nikki. She was an addict who had abused cocaine and alcohol for years. That is something that is very difficult to be around.
  13. But nobody needs to do anything. Keep it real. Not fake compassion - because of trying to be PC - or make up for guilt. The irony is that when Nikki McKibbin was alive, I don't even remember the last time her name was brought up from "fans". She had gone through a lot of struggles in her life. Maybe she could have used more compassion then.
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