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  1. Arthur isn't liked on IDF. But people here tend to favor the belters, ballad queens. Not the musicians, artists. But Arthur gets tons of views on his videos and has created a following that he can translate in the real world. And that's what labels care about. The show is over. It will be interesting who will be generating buzz a year from now. And who will be forgotten.
  2. Reality check, Sam wasn't on her death bed, lol. In as far as a production person, something is fake about having someone there because they are paid too.
  3. What if she had lost? She's not the only person to not be with their loved ones during a pandemic.
  4. NY has very strict shelter in place guidelines. It is not worth it to drag someone who is high risk across the country. And what if Sam had lost?
  5. Really Idol??? It has nothing to do with money. There is a pandemic. Sam's grandmother is high risk. They are from the highest risk state in the country.
  6. I only care about voting patterns as they translate or do not translate into real world success. Idol voters are notorious for pimping a favorite than forgetting about them. Whatever happened to all the people who voted for Laine, etc.
  7. It will just further inflame the fan wars. The only results that matters is album, concert ticket sales, streaming, charting. It's one thing to vote for someone, but it's much harder to get people to spend their hard earn money on you. From the above examples Carrie, Scotty, Phillip easily tops those results for their seasons.
  8. No one is claiming that Arthur will be a breakout star. But if Gabby and Laci can get record deals, it's not inconceivable he will be sign. And what I said about Maddie and Laine are true. Their comeback to Idol were Disney covers - not any original music. FACT: After a year winning, Laine has yet to release an album. FACT: Gabby does have a Platinum single.
  9. Maybe they know he'll be free to sign with another label. It's not inconceivable Arthur gets a record deal. Gabby did. So did Laci Booth. Hopefully, it won't be with HR like Alejandro.
  10. No need to feel bad for Arthur. He dodged a bullet. He's not a slave to an Idol contract that guarantees you returning to singing a Disney cover, while ignoring your own music. Last year's winner has not even release his album. Maddie's album was the worse selling of all the winners.
  11. Arthur's family was probably relieved that he now won't have to suffer the same fate as Maddie and Laine.
  12. Maddie and Laine couldn't even get an invite to perform their singles. Both got stuck doing Disney covers.
  13. At the start of the reboot, The Wall St. Journal did a ranking by albums sales including ‘album equivalent units’ (10 track sales equal one album; 1,500 streams equal one album. Source: Nielsen. Maddie Poppe has since released an album, but it did not make the Billboard Top 200. Laine Hardy has not released an album. 1. Carrie Underwood 2. Kelly Clarkson 3. Fantasia Barrino 4. Scotty McCreery 5. Phillip Phillips/Ruben Studdard 7. Jordin Sparks 8. David Cook 9. Taylor Hicks 10. Kris Allen 11. Lee Dewyze 12. Candice Glover 13. Trent Harmon 14. Nick Fradiani 15. Caleb Johnson
  14. Which means she won't. Album sales for last 5 winners - Candice, Caleb, Nick, Trent, Maddie have gotten progressively worse. Trent and Maddie never even made the BB200. A year later, there is no album in sight for Laine. And with ABC Idol, the winner isn't invited back to perform their own music.
  15. People here were sure they were going to push Maddie since Idol haven't had a female winner in a long time. Last year, people insisted Laine would get the star treatment. He's good looking and TPTB pushed him to audition.
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