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  1. Wendy has had two stellar performances over the last few weeks (You’re all I need and Over the Rainbow) but she flatlined after the knockouts up until basically last week imo. Girl Named Tom one hundred percent deserves the victory and my fingers are crossed for them. This has been a great season!
  2. Uh.. these are some of the best blind auditions I've seen. Holy cow!
  3. Kelly's version of "The Dance" was breathtaking.
  4. Well done Grace. I loved her arrangement of I Have Nothing. She had a handful of terrific performances throughout the season.. I am just mad that my most looked forward to song of the night, Natural Woman, she didn't get to do! UGH. Overall I really enjoyed this season though.
  5. Grace did the minor on the high notes for I Have Nothing and I am living. for. it.
  6. I would argue the going off is the few exceptions as most of the vocal is great. I genuinely wonder if given the high pitch of her voice, coupled with the acoustics of the room, sometimes throws her pitch off for a second or two. That being said, many a favorite of mine of Idol has had the occasional pitch issue now and again (Kat McPhee, for example.)
  7. I think she could very well get second. I just don't think the momentum that Chayce has is stoppable at this point. I am just happy that my favorite made it to the finale tbh.
  8. Hey, even Kat mentioned a few months back that it was a trainwreck hahaha
  9. IMO it needs a very soft, vulnerable arrangement. Not the weird folk thing Chayce tried to do.
  10. Agreed. Willie was a little cabaret for me and Chayce did what he could with a song that (while I LOVE) you can only do so much with.
  11. The fact that the judges chose these songs is making me sad.
  12. Exactly. Which is a travesty because she did a few songs on a David Foster special a few years ago and.. woah. Girl can SANG.
  13. I don't think the majority of casual idol voters are thinking back to performances from 10 years ago..
  14. SMART Grace. While these songs might be overdone, they are recognizable and voters will respond if (and most likely when) she does them well.
  15. I think if she picks the right songs it is possible. I think she is overall the most talented person this season, but Chayce's momentum after this week might be hard to beat. That being said, I would have put money on Just Sam NOT winning last season, so.. what do I know anymore.
  16. "A Moment Like This" was fine.. but "Father" was incredible.
  17. My excitement level has fallen dramatically with some of the song choice spoilers. Hopefully I am wrong.
  19. This wasn't Caleb's fault. But the entire idea behind "Black Lives Matter" and holding people accountable is to stop forgiving 200 plus years of oppression and acknowledge the work that still needs to be done. If ABC had said "well, he was only a youth.." it would discredit the millions of African American young men and women who went through hell because of the KKK while Caleb (unknowingly and I blame his parents for this) took a photo next to someone wearing a hood that strictly says: Black Lives Don't Matter.
  20. I think in many respects you are completely right. It is utterly unfair for someone at such a young age to be blamed for another's behavior. That being said, the representation of hate that comes with the KKK hood and symbol cannot be ignored. In order to move forward, the photo in its entirety - including the unknown acceptance of a young boy - must be discredited to move forward. A harsh reality for sure, but one that is needed after 200 years of social injustice towards African Americans.
  21. Just barely! I like it but I also think it is odd that the potential fate of making top 2 is somewhat based off of a random song nobody knows? Grace can sing the phonebook so I guess it doesn't really matter though.
  22. I completely agree. Even when she has picked the occasional weird song choice for her voice, she has still vocally been on fire. Minus Alejandro (..sorry but I genuinely think he was insanely talented) Grace is my favorite contestant of the last four seasons. I am hoping she once again slays this Sunday and makes it to the finale because I think she deserves it over anyone else.
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