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  1. Uh.. these are some of the best blind auditions I've seen. Holy cow!
  2. Kelly's version of "The Dance" was breathtaking.
  3. Well done Grace. I loved her arrangement of I Have Nothing. She had a handful of terrific performances throughout the season.. I am just mad that my most looked forward to song of the night, Natural Woman, she didn't get to do! UGH. Overall I really enjoyed this season though.
  4. But.. But.. Natural Woman. That is ALL I WANTED.
  5. Grace did the minor on the high notes for I Have Nothing and I am living. for. it.
  6. I would argue the going off is the few exceptions as most of the vocal is great. I genuinely wonder if given the high pitch of her voice, coupled with the acoustics of the room, sometimes throws her pitch off for a second or two. That being said, many a favorite of mine of Idol has had the occasional pitch issue now and again (Kat McPhee, for example.)
  7. I think she could very well get second. I just don't think the momentum that Chayce has is stoppable at this point. I am just happy that my favorite made it to the finale tbh.
  8. Hey, even Kat mentioned a few months back that it was a trainwreck hahaha
  9. IMO it needs a very soft, vulnerable arrangement. Not the weird folk thing Chayce tried to do.
  10. Agreed. Willie was a little cabaret for me and Chayce did what he could with a song that (while I LOVE) you can only do so much with.
  11. The fact that the judges chose these songs is making me sad.
  12. Exactly. Which is a travesty because she did a few songs on a David Foster special a few years ago and.. woah. Girl can SANG.
  13. I don't think the majority of casual idol voters are thinking back to performances from 10 years ago..
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