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  1. What in the world is this theme. I like Coldplay but an entire theme around it? Good lord. Grace NEEDS to do "The Scientist." That would slay. She could do great on "Fix You" as well. I don't want anyone touching "Yellow" that was one of my favorite performances by Alejandro!
  2. 1. Grace 2. Casey 3. Hunter 4. Willie 5. Chayce 6. Arthur 7. Caleb Grace and Casey are probably the two strongest female vocalists we've had since the ABC reboot. Sad to see Cassandra go because she was finally coming into her own.. I like Arthur more than Caleb, but don't think Arthur should be in the competition at. all.
  3. Based off the spoilers the only song exciting me is Grace.. so.. if this doesn't pan out in my favor.. DRACARYS.
  4. Arthur: Good but I don't think it is fair you are here.. Cassandra: Okay Florence! I think she has pitch issues BUT I appreciate that she is doing something different.
  5. Agree! One of the best parts of Idol is the growth of contestants.
  6. PREACH. I tried watching Rise of Skywalker at least 5 times and still can't bring myself to finish it.
  7. So maybe tonight is just not the best. BUT for a pretty icky theme.. I'll accept an off week. I still think this group is overall the most talented we've had since the "reincarnation."
  8. Get a bottle of tequila, a box of chocolate and watch them back to back. You will be a new man!
  9. I sobbed. Beautiful story about the journey of life and death.
  10. Why are these contestants trying to make Disney.. jazzy? Deshawn, Alyssa.. just stop.
  11. I love when Casey is more intimate. She can belt like crazy, but it takes just as much skill to be subtle. Her tone gets breathy in a very gorgeous way when she doesn't push too much.
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