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  1. Yeah I agree on Alejandro, I think hes a genius musician and even singer (listen to the Exit Form album and youll know). Was his body of work on Idol mediocre? maybe? But I liked alot of his performances, I don't think hes the worst runner up of all time, like some of you are ranking. My Ranking Jessica Sanchez Katharine McPhee Alejandro Aranda Arthur Gunn Clark Beckham Bo Bice Adam Lambert Kree Harrison Crystal Bowersox Jena Irene Lauren Alaina La'Porsha Renae David Arch
  2. I loved Arthur/Julia/Sophia this season, but I'm fine with this
  3. Roar was pretty big, I don't know about anything after that.
  4. This is such a bar karaoke performance.
  5. Franklin performed back 2 back John Mayer songs, and I didn't even mind.
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