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  1. We are comparing the ratings for the PREMIERES. Idol premiered last week. Their number only dropped 1/10 the second episode. We will see if TV can hold onto their 1.5 or if it will drop tonight.
  2. That’s not how it works. Idol’s premiere had a 1.5 demo rating and The Voice had a 1.5 demo rating as well. It does not matter about hourly breakdowns. Advertisers care about the whole broadcast. Both shows tied their 18-49 demo.
  3. Idk, they’ve got both Grace Leer and Lauren Mascitti in the Top 20.
  4. Probably some montage auditions. They really do need to pick up the pace with these auditions, though. Showing one person and then going to commercial break is painfully slow.
  5. Margie is more suited for musical theater, IMO. She doesn’t have a pop singer voice.
  6. 1. Jonny (Love him!) 2. Cyniah 3. Julia 4. Jovin 5. Sarah 6. Hannah 7. Margie 8. Kyle 9. Kay
  7. Way too much filler these first two episodes. Auditions have always been drawn out but man.... But on to the positives! Julia, Cyniah, Sarah, and Jonny (my favorite audition) were amazing!
  8. Pretty decent schedule compared to what we got the last two seasons. Six weeks of finals, not bad.
  9. Me please! I’m excited to have another male contestant who sings alternative rock/pop music.
  10. Holy crap! That certainly throws a wrench in things. If someone is out, I hope it’s Nick, but I’d prefer a Top 21.
  11. Wow, lots of auditions this time. Excited to see Julia, Cyniah, and Jonny!
  12. I mean, he was a child actor and they’re always a bit arrogant. He was probably told to play up the cockiness. He didn’t really strike me as being too arrogant but he did drop out of the competition last year, so producers probably told the judges to lay into him.
  13. Lionel said that to Nick to get the point across that not everyone is going to be head over heels in love with him. Nick is probably used to constant praise and compliments.
  14. Arthur: Work Song by Hozier, All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix, Forever Young by Bob Dylan Just Sam: Don’t Worry About A Thing by Stevie Wonder, I Look To You by Whitney Houston, Just Give Me A Reason by Pink Louis: Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi, Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade, Heroes by David Bowie, Yesterday by The Beatles, Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur Nick: This Town by Niall Horan, You Know I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse, Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
  15. I agree. I hope it replaces group round because that part of Hollywood Week got stale a long time ago, IMO.
  16. Arthur was my favorite by far this episode. Something about him is so intriguing. Nick is corny to me. I’m almost expecting him to break out “My Shiny Teeth and Me” from Fairly Oddparents. I don’t like his breathy vocals. I also agree that Just Sam is a bad stage name. Samantha Diaz sounds just fine.
  17. Devon Alexander (just as good looking and more talented) should have made the Top 20 over Nick.
  18. Didn’t see a thread for this so I thought I’d start one. The premiere of Season 18 earned a 1.5 demo rating and 8.1 million viewers, winning the night.
  19. I definitely would’ve preferred them over Aliana and Faith.
  20. She has a great voice but wasn’t 100% ready for the competition. She was overhyped by the judges. I’m sure she will be amazing in a few years.
  21. There will be more live shows this year but probably still mostly double eliminations.
  22. That felt a little manufactured but it was such a sweet audition. Just Sam is so well-spoken. Something about Idol now is that it always seems like the judges already know that they’re gonna put someone through. Rarely do any of the judges disagree with each other and I think that’s because the producers have given them a guideline of who to put through. It’s probably always been like that but at least you had Simon in the earlier years who would say no to certain people, like Chris Daughtry and Taylor Hicks.
  23. Wasn’t a fan at all. He overstayed his welcome big time. The Nikki McKibbin of S17.
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