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  1. Miley cutting Addison and Chloe only for them to go on to be the Final 2 lol. It was definitely questionable of Miley but worked out great for Adam and Blake.
  2. Yeah, Eight Days A Week wasn’t good but I never think of it as the worst lol. The fast arrangement is jarring but I don’t think KLC sounded horrible on it.
  3. Danny Gokey- Dream On Ryan Star- You Really Got Me Carmen Rasmusen- Call Me Kevin Covais- Part Time Lover Jacob Lusk- No Air MK Nobilette- Perfect Qaasim Middleton- Stronger
  4. Scotty. I couldn’t stand him but when he got a little older, his voice got so much better and I like a lot of his music.
  5. S4: Grace Askew and Trevor Davis. Blake chose “Me and Bobby McGhee” for a raspy voiced, female blues singer and a generic pop guy. I wonder who was gonna win that one?
  6. Chayce wasn’t the strongest singer and that sucks when there were a lot of big vocalists this year, but commercially, he’s a good winner. I would’ve preferred Willie or Casey but he’s a worthy winner.
  7. 1. Kelly Clarkson 2. Carrie Underwood 3. David Cook 4. Trent Harmon 5. Jordin Sparks 6. Fantasia 7. Maddie Poppe 8. Candice Glover 9. Kris Allen 10. Chayce Beckham 11. Phillip Phillips 12. Just Sam 13. Scotty McCreery 14. Laine Hardy 15. Lee DeWyze 16. Ruben Studdard 17. Nick Fradiani 18. Caleb Johnson 19. Taylor Hicks
  8. This is the exact top three i predicted at the end of auditions, but I used to think Willie had it in the bag. Now I think Chayce is gonna take it.
  9. Any of the Top 4 can win. I think their performances are going to be the deciding factor on who wins, because all of them have dedicated fan-bases. The winner will need the support of casual viewers.
  10. I’ve predicted a Willie, Grace, and Chayce final 3 since the audition rounds were over but Casey seems to still be building momentum, so it’s gonna be a close call. I wouldn’t be shocked to see any of them go, honestly. It’s that close of a race.
  11. It wasn’t a shirt, it was a Klansman hood. And there’s no way he didn’t know that’s what it was. It wasn’t a Strangers mask like his mom is trying to play it off as. I know he was a young kid at the time and has probably been raised around racists all his life, but Idol did the right thing by getting him out. He can learn and grow as a person at home and try to make a career another way.
  12. If she sings “My Funny Valentine”. I think reprising that viral audition can give her the push to go all the way.
  13. Dang, I remember being in middle school in 2006 while Season 5 was airing. And now people born that year can audition!
  14. Willie’s still gonna be the winner, imo, but I think Arthur will be in the finale again.
  15. The producers wouldn’t have brought him back if they didn’t want him to be the pick. I mean, his next closest competition was Louie, who only finished 7th. Now it’s just a question of whether they want him to win or just get far enough for some rivalry.
  16. I wish her a successful surgery and recovery. I wonder if those twitches she mentioned in S15 were related to the tumor and she just didn’t know it?
  17. Nobody wants that attention-seeker Demi Lovato on panel. She’d get offended about something and want to cancel the show. She has such a downbeat vibe.
  18. She’s a lot like Madison Watkins. Has the looks and talent of a pop star but doesn’t seem to connect to the viewers. I still think Jason Warrior has her beat for professional talent show auditioner lol.
  19. Katy won’t vibe with a new female coach lol. Remember Kara?
  20. Seasons 13 and 14 made the single elimination format unbearable. Those contestants were almost unwatchable.
  21. Taylor Swift is the only person I can think of who would be bigger than Ariana. Billie Eilish but I can’t see her ever agreeing to do a talent show.
  22. Yes, ratings matter but not like they did a few years ago. People have been going on and on about Idol getting canceled again since it was brought back in 2018. The show is clearly making money somehow. Its ratings are right there with The Voice and pretty much every other show on network television right now. Idol is making money from Hulu ads, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, all kinds of ads. So is The Voice, and that’s why they can stay on the air and hire these judges that cost $20 million.
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