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  1. He was good in the knockouts but I think I’ll get bored of him pretty quickly
  2. It’s most likely Deshawn, Alyssa/Cassandra, and the comeback winner and
  3. .🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸
  4. Blake 1 Pete 2 Jorden 3 Cam 4 Anna 5 Emma John 1 Pia 2 Ryleigh 3 Victor 4 Zania 5 Carolina Kelly 1 Zae 2 Savanna 3 Corey 4 Gihanna 5 Kenzie Nick 1 Jose 2 Rachael 3 Dana 4 Devin 5 Andrew
  5. Blake Pete sings a song Pete and Blake wrote in the band so Blake goes up on stage and starts kissing Pete on the lips and cursing. Blake forces cam to sing old town road and he screws up so Cam runs off the show screaming that it’s scripted Nick Jose knows his chances are slim so he eats Dana and Andrew so Rachael wins and Jose is the judges pick Kelly Kenzie sings an original song called “mullet cowboy” and the only to words are “mullet cowboy” and puts the mike to his butt and farts and wins gets the public vote. All the other contestants had to leave cause they got arrested for attempting to kidnap and ship Kenzie to his natural habitat “Nashville” because they know that even if he just farts hill beat all of them John Because of John slowly screwing up John Holaday John H comes back and during all of the performances (all forced to sing higher ground) John H screams “John Legand is poopy head!”
  6. 1 Pia 2 Pete 3 Gean 4 Corey 5 Dana 6 Keegan 7 Ethan 8 Jordan 9 Ryleigh 10 Victor 11 Andrew 12 Ciana
  7. 1 Franklin 2 Louis 3 Aliana 4 Nick 5 DeWayne 6 Olivia 7 Cyniah 8 Arther 9 Faith 10 Makayla
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