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  1. Wait, we got a guy cut in Hollywood week performing instead of the top 5?? Nice
  2. LOL coulda done 1 more song each. But we did these bs performances by the judges
  3. The episode immediately goes downhill the moment Bobby Bones gets screen time.
  4. You mean twice and completely rearranging it?? LOL
  5. Arthur is far and away the better all around artist. Fransisco has a really nice voice but its not pretty plain and hes show next to nothing in terms of what he might be able to do beyond doing covers in his living room
  6. They will announce Louis didnt make it. Leaving a final girl battle
  7. Johnny was a lock even if some didn't think so
  8. I wouldn't expect it anytime before 7 pm west coast time.
  9. Stop using the word literally for things that are literally incorrect.
  10. Yeah because WNTS proves vocal ability as 100% certain fact
  11. Uhhhh Arthur and Jonny are far older and more experienced than those girls you mentioned lmao. Two of them actuall being kids. And singers like Lauren and Makayla are usually the ones who fade quick when its realized they don't have any musicianship and are(unfortunately) female.
  12. Wouldn't have changed much. Arthur, Jonny, Fransisco and Dillon all would have rolled through the votes Only way they potentially wouldnt is if it was old school idol of 12 weeks with the old voting methods where maybe some of them suck votes from the others.
  13. There is a 0% chance Johnny goes And maybe a 10% chance Fransisco goes.
  14. At least Laine getting to show off his new tunes
  15. Irony of them trying to create mega superstars by singing Disney songs is amazing. And they do it every year. You'd think someone would find it ludacris.
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