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    Other than being obsessed with Idol... I'm a big anime/manga fan. My favorites being: Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Dragonball Z, Tenchi Muyo!, Pokemon, and Azumanga Daioh! I love the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Superman, Star Wars, video games, and other forms of pop culture.

    I love taking pictures of pretty much everything. I enjoy watching the Food Network/The Cooking Channel.

    I L.O.V.E the following Idols: Kelly Clarkson, Melinda Doolittle, Carly Smithson, Michael Johns, David Archuleta, David Cook, Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen, Siobhan Magnus, Haley Reinhart, Hollie Cavanagh, Amber Holcomb, Malaya Watson, Caleb Johnson, Joey Cook, Dalton Rapattoni, and Avalon Young.

    AI16 Faves! Catie Turner and Maddie Poppe!

    AND. AI17 Faves! Alejandro Aranda, Laine Hardy, and Jeremiah Llyod Harmon!

    BRING ON SEASON 18 OF AI 2020!

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  1. Not sure. She wasn't all that at all... They wasted time on someone who probably didn't even make Top 20!
  2. KTHXBYE Nah. But good effort. She made my sig so that's something since the sausages are winning so far this season...
  3. I started with season 6 on FOX! I will include all 15 though... Season 1: Kelly Clarkson & Justin Guarini Season 2: Ruben Studdard Season 3: Fantasia Season 4: Umm. Maybe Carrie. Don't really have a fave from this season... Season 5: Chris Daughtry Season 6: Melinda Doolittle Season 7: Carly Smithson, Michael Johns, David Cook, and David Archuleta! Season 8: Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta Season 9: Siobhan Magnus Season 10: HALEY REINHART. Season 11: Hollie Cavanaugh Season 12: Amber Holcomb Season 13: Caleb Johnson Season 14: Joey Cook, Clark Beckham Season 15: Avalon Young, Dalton Rapattoni, Trent Harmon.
  4. Anything from the start to most of 2019 is gone forever with the update in check... By the way. This is just a fan thread and with mine I'm not adding a list of fans to the top. Sorry guys!
  5. ^^^ YAY! Thank you so much!
  6. We can have different opinions. I disagree with yours is all. Sorry if that came across too harsh. Wasn't my intention. I think we all get protective of those we like on the show so much sometimes that we forget that not everything they do warrants applause... If that makes sense.
  7. Thank you for coming back @Tiger_8! I love both Arthur Gunn sigs. Do you mind if I take the all green one with his name on it?
  8. He has a merch store now!!! https://shop.davidarchuleta.com/
  9. Can't wait to to see what he does in Hollywood week!
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