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  1. Agreed. It would be too big of a cut, but I can't imagine an all-male t8 when we get to the semifinal, even though I want my pre-season faves, Joanna and Samantha in the finale.
  2. Well I know it's too early for this but since TVUS10 there have been four female winners count and that was a huge setup for Chloe Kohanski, Brynn Cartelli, Chevel Shepherd and Maelyn Jarmon I think are their names who won seasons 13 to 16 respectively. Then back to a guy last season. Is there any way we could get another female winner?
  3. Want: 1st: Katie 2nd: Jake 3rd: Ricky 4th: Rose Think: 1st: Jake (In a close vote between Katie and him) 2nd: Katie 3rd: Ricky 4th: Rose
  4. 11. Ricky 37. Katie 82. Kat 104. Jake 115. Marybeth 134. Hello Sunday
  5. Brace yourselves people, here comes the bonus. :devil:
  6. If Jake and Ricky are the first two PVs tomorrow night, then they are certainly the final 2 next week IMO.
  7. Unfortunately it seems they're pushing for a Jake win next week. Even though I want either Katie or Rose to win.
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