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  1. And even Chevel Shepherd and Jake Hoot had one too.
  2. Happy for Carter winning. And yet they're still making Downfall videos.
  3. LOL someone send this to Taryn.
  4. Want: Blake: Ian John: Tamara Gwen: Carter Kelly: Desz Instant save: Cami What i think will be the finale: Blake: Ian John: John Gwen: Carter Kelly: Desz Instant save: Cami
  5. Want: WTW Desz Tamara Carter Ian Will: Ian Jim John Carter Ryan
  6. If none of them can, then the odds of having a third consecutive male winner, or even worse, an all-male finale consisting of Ian, Jim/Sid/Ben/Tanner, John, Carter and Ryan increase dramatically. If Tamara, Desz, Payge and WTW go in the semi-finals, then all bets are off.
  7. I know that none of the females got the PV in the playoffs last season. Is there any way a female will get the PV this season?
  8. Want: Team Kelly PV: DeSz CS: Ryan Gallagher WC: Cami Clune Team Blake PV: Jim Ranger CS: WTW WC: Sid Kingsley Team Gwen PV: Carter Rubin CS: Payge Turner WC: Ben Allen Team Legend PV: Tamara Jade CS: John Holiday WC: Bailey Rae WC winner: Sid Kingsley Will: Team Kelly PV: Ryan Gallagher CS: DeSz WC: Cami Clune Team Blake PV: Jim Ranger CS: Sid Kingsley WC: WTW Team Gwen PV: Carter Rubin C
  9. I think all signs are pointing to that direction (assuming if Ryan wins the 4-way KO). Though I would say Carter has been playoff fodder for a while.
  10. Jim Ranger - Whipping Post (Allman Brothers Band)
  11. What would you guys think as those five being in the finale? IMO, I think IDF would meltdown if that happened and it would bring a lot more buzz than Todd/Toneshia/Thunderstorm/CamWess/Micah last season. Of course TPTB would love that. What would you guys think of Jim, Ben, Tanner, Ian and JohnH being in the finale? I'd say team Minivan would love that with more than 4 male country artists competing this season.
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