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  1. Want: Team Kelly: Kenzie Wheeler Corey Ward Gihanna Zoe Team Nick: Rachel Mac Dana Monique Team Legend: Victor Solomon Carolina Rial Team Blake: Cam Anthony Anna Grace Will: Team Kelly: Kenzie Wheeler Zae Romeo Team Nick: Jose Figueroa Jr. Rachel Mac Team Legend: Victor Solomon Carolina Rial Team Blake: Cam Anthony Anna Grace Pete Mroz
  2. Would that be Rachel Mac or Dana Monique? I'm saying Dana.
  3. Season 5: Matthew Schuler losing the IS to James Wolpert. Season 6: Christina Grimmie finishing in 3rd place behind Jake Worthington and Josh Kaufman. Season 7: Matt McAndrew losing to Craig Wayne Boyd in the finale. Season 8: India Carney being robbed by Joshua Davis. Season 9: Madi Davis being eliminated in the semi-final IS. Her exit interview really broke my heart. Season 10: Emily Keener, she didn't deserve to be in the IS after her performance of Lilac Wine. Season 11: Ali Caldwell losing the IS to Josh Gallagher in the semi-final (she deserved to be in the
  4. 4-way KO winner: Savannah Woods Team Kelly PV: Kenzie Wheeler CS: Corey Ward Wildcard: Gihanna Zoë (Win) Team Nick PV: José Figueroa Jr. CS: Rachel Mac Wildcard: Dana Monique Team Legend PV: Victor Solomon CS: Ryleigh Modig Wildcard: Zania Alaké Team Blake PV: Cam Anthony CS: Anna Grace Wildcard: Pete Mroz
  5. Jenzie Wheels is going to win with Cam in 2nd, Corey in 3rd, Jose in 4th and Victor in 5th in an all-male finale.
  6. What would you guys think of this being the final five? IMO, I think IDF would meltdown if that happened. It would bring alot more buzz. Of course TPTB would love that. What would you guys think of a Cam/Pete/Victor/Jose/Kenzie finale? I think would bring a lot more controversy than Todd/Toneshia/Thunderstorm/CamWess/Micah and Carter/Jim/Ian/DesZ/JohnH in the last two season.
  7. He's making the finale, but with Kenzie winning, in an all-male finale.
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