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  1. Well, none of the girls last season made the finale by PV in favor of Team Sausage, except when Toneisha made it with the IS. Is there any way we could get a girl in the finale via PV?
  2. RIP Naya. And they're still making Downfall parodies.
  3. Female: Lauren Duski and Chevel Shepherd Male: Sundance Head and Jake Hoot
  4. IMO, I think TPTB are bussing Team Waffle in favor of team sausage. Though I hope it gets renewed for a 19th season.
  5. Honestly, for me, It's Joanna, Allegra and Megan. oh BTW, someone send this to Joanna, Megan, Allegra and Zan. <iframe id="ytplayer" type="text/html" width="480" height="270" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/GYVGz7i60GU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
  6. And so did I, so now I will never watch The Voice for the rest of my life.
  7. I'm just NOT ready to watch all the girls get eliminated. I'm just having a bad day because of these predictions that Joanna, Allegra, Zan and Megan are about to be eliminated.
  8. The show starts in two hours. I'm very nervous about it. I DO NOT want to see Todd, Thunderstorm, CammWess and Micah as the PV in the finale. I would rather see at least one of the girls get the PV. I repeat, I DO NOT want an all-male PV finale consisting of Todd, Thunderstorm, CammWess and Micah. This will be the last and Final straw of permanently boycotting The Voice altogether until it gets cancelled next season.
  9. Got some bad news, according to this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u7mbJy1JMGZ58qPwO7YoRcTbAp12B5DW3e71KNL3m8U/edit It's saying that Allegra, Toneisha, Megan, Zan and Joanna are expected sing in the Instant Save tomorrow night, with Todd, Thunderstorm, Micah and CammWess getting the PV. By looking at this prediction this shows how bad this season has gotten with this at-home format because of the pandemic. So now for the first time I will quit watching The Voice for good.
  10. I'm hoping at least one of the girls gets the PV, but sadly this is not going to become a reality when we get the results come tomorrow night.
  11. What are the odds of such a finale happening? I'm saying around 100%. This would be the first all-male finale in eleven seasons where Craig Wayne Boyd had a huge upset win over Matt McAndrew. A similar situation happened between Kris Allen and Adam Lambert on American Idol 8.
  12. An all-female finale would be great, but if the last female contestant gets eliminated next week, then I will never watch The Voice again.
  13. NO! I don't want the all-male finale to happen. Personally I'm sick and tired of seeing males winning season after seasons and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! All I want is to see an all-female finale consisting of Toneisha, Zan, Megan and Allegra and see Allegra winning.
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