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  1. Agreed. I wouldn't be shocked if any of the Top 10 from this season were signed to 19 recordings/BMG.
  2. So am I. I'd rather have an all-female finale consisting of three female contestants next season. And they made a Downfall Parody over this.
  3. Well, since season 17, where Hoot won, we've been seeing males winning The Voice after season 16 where Maelyn won. Is there any way a female can win The Voice again?
  4. Deserving winner in Voice history. And they're still making Downfall Parodies.
  5. Congrats Chayce on your win. And they're still making Downfall videos.
  6. MjsBigBlog and IdolChatterYD.com both have Grace ranked at third in their power rankings.
  7. I think my bets are on Chayce. Though I'm hoping it comes all down to Grace and Willie.
  8. Disappointed that Casey is not in the finale. and LOL someone send this to Casey.
  9. 1. Grace 2. Casey 3. Willie 4. Chayce 5. Caleb
  10. But which one? Casey, Grace or Willie?
  11. It's now possible that the numbers are pointing to that direction. But I'm hoping Grace, Casey & Willie are the top 3.
  12. Disagree. Grace or Casey will secure the season 19 victory. I read in the tea leaves.
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