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  1. I love the way Haley’s started acapella and I think the band was too loud for Casey. Haley is one of my favorite female contestants ever. I think I would choose Haley’s version although I love Casey’s too!!!!
  2. Anyone but Arthur Gunn!!!! I voted for Willie but Casey or Grace could win.
  3. Casey Grace Willie Deshawn Beane Hunter Alyssa Caleb Cassandra Ava Madison Chayce
  4. I am not liking her song choices but I love her singing!!!
  5. I really loved Alanis at first but her high notes are ear piercing! I understand if she doesn’t make it.
  6. Not a Chayce fan but will vote for him over Arthur Gunn!
  7. Casey rocked it again tonight. She is getting better and better!!!
  8. What does Deshawn have to do to earn the accolades he deserves. I don’t think he will make the Top-10. People are ranking him too low. I hope I am wrong!!!!
  9. Deshawn was one of the best last night. I wish he wasn’t so underrated. I love his voice and performances! Add me!
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