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  1. i have amazon prime music and she was number 9 on the top albums, and 40 on top albums on itunes. But Billboard won't even let me look at their charts. They want me to pay for it.
  2. Does anyone know how well the cd is selling, billboard ain't giving me anything
  3. favorite songs for me are I Hope (both versions), footprints on the moon, Jesus and my Momma, Got Me, The Good Ones, Goldmine, Hall of Fame, Write it On My Heart and Every Rose has a jack. I'm also getting a new appreciation of Strong.
  4. As part of Christmas in July, Hallmark and Hallmark mysteries and movies are re airing their christmas specials and A Country Christmas is one of them.
  5. i would love to see Laurn Massicity, Lauren Spencer Smith and Mckayla Brownlee come back
  6. I got my album today, it's amazing
  7. I am so buying this. Love it.
  8. wgm

    iTunes chart

    whoever decided this is really stupid
  9. i love that version.
  10. I voted for both Thunderstorm and Todd, so i am thrilled that Todd won, he deserved it. I loved both signals too but Todd's were slightly better.
  11. Just Sam is way better and has the better back story. If they wanted a woman to win, then Joanna should have gone through. Thunderstorm and Cammwess split the african american vote, Toniesha never had a chance.
  12. I agree with everyone, everyone has made good points, i have may be one or two of my own. First, let's go back to her inital audition, she is from Harlem New York, and she sings in a subway, her nerves get the best of her during Rise Up but you can already tell, that she has the judges in the palm of her hands and sounds beautiful on both songs. Right then, you knew, she would be a fan favorite. Two great songs, do we know if she has done these songs while singing in the subway? I'm surprised that with all these labels in New York that no on signed her already. Another suprising performance from her came in Hawaii showcase rounds, look at what we know about her from the previous rounds, she gave no indication that she could sing in another language. and BOOM, SHE KILLS AND SLAYS COMO LA FLOR by Selena, right then, she become the female to beat. Como La Flor was a winning performance right there and it stole the latino vote from Fransisco, he never stood a chance to win against her. That's why he lost. Reason 1: The Latino vote. Idol started with 11 girls and 9 guys, right there it showed bias to the girls and the fans saw through that, considering the fact that almost all the girls were talented, the fans got their revenge by voting out the girls, I knew a female would win, i predicted a female would win in a earlier post. I knew Sam would win, the moment Julia was voted out. Reason 2: The lone female vote.
  13. Just sam: 1. Como La Flor 2. Rise Up 3. A Dream is wish your heart makes Arthur: 1. Have You Ever Seen The Rain 2. Kiss the girl Julia: 1. New York Sate of Mind 2. Growing Pains Grace: 1. Over The Rainbow
  14. i wonder if the same thing happened to Lazaro that happened to Sanjaya? and i would love to know Nigel's explanation on Johnny Keyser's elimination and, why Scott Savol wasn't disqualified for domestic abuse. And i also demand an explanation for Constaine's and Colton's shocking elimination.
  15. Celeberation: 1. Sam 2. Arthur 3. Dillon 4. Jonny 5. Fransisco Debut singles: 1. Sam 2. Arthur 3. Dillion 4. Jonny 5. Fransisco
  16. Males: 1. Phillip 2. Scotty 3. Laine 4. Trent 5. Nick 6. Lee 7. David Cook 8. Kris Allen 9. Caleb Lee Hutchinson 10. taylor hicks Females: 1. Just Sam 2. Carrie Underwood 3. Kelly Clarkson 4. Jordin Sparks 5. Fantasia Barrino 6. Maddie Poppe 7. Candice GLover
  17. 1. Arthur Gunn 2. Adam Lambert 3. Clark Beckham 4. David Archuleta 5. Katherine Mcphee 6. Lauren Alania 7. Kree Harrison 8. Diana Degramo 9. Blake Lewis 10. Crystal Bowesox 11. Jessica Sanchez 12. Clay Aiken 13. La'Porsha 14. Justin Gurani 15. Bo Bice 16. Caleb Lee Hutchinson 17. Jena Irene 18. Alejandro
  18. 1. Just Sam 2. Arthur Gunn 3. Dillon James 4. Jonny West 5. Fransisco Martin
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