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  1. I hope their memoir book comes out this year!!
  2. How many American Idol alumni were on The Voice as coaches in the past and present? How many The Voice alumni have appeared on American Idol to promote something or to mentor someone? Now knock it off with the who's better and has more success and it's The Voice people... Idol has the facts and the numbers. The Voice has had some success as a television program and a couple alumni success stories. THAT IS IT. And about the Katy Perry and not an actual Idol alumni GIF. She's my favorite Idol judge after Steven Tyler so stop. lol
  3. I have a feeling Sam will just disappear like Laine has... Although at least Laine got singles... Laine didn't even get an album out in the almost two years since he won and it's not like he wasn't popular enough to warrant one... I hope Arthur, and Francisco come back to sing on the show.
  4. The 3rd Hanson.net fan club online scavenger hunt starts today!!
  5. Add me please! She has some potential. IMO
  6. AH. Now take it easy there partner. You don't know how much Idol this full of sh!t person has watched... I.E. Seasons 6-18. I have never once watched The Voice so I'm sorry for putting it down. You know I'm a fan of Idol when I only can spat the bad news from the Voice camp... lol Now we can agree to disagree. I mean. I think the Idol judges are supportive on and off the show, but Gabby, Maddie, Catie, and so on aren't exactly touring with Katy Perry and the others anytime soon. The only season that got screwed so far is season 18 and they still carried
  7. UMM. K. I disagree. 1. WHEN HAS IDOL EVER BEEN ABOUT TALENTED SINGERS WINNING. 2. The same "judges" critiqued like they were half asleep, and/or in the later seasons (Ellen/Mariah/Nicki) didn't have anything to offer other than "You do you boo." 3. The public still determines the winner... That has never once changed. Only voting methods have changed over the years. We are two episodes in to season 19 and The Vomit (I'm sorry The Voice.) is being thrown around the AI forum section. Smells like someone STILL doesn't like the ABC American Idol formula... Which is different than it'
  8. She was a great opening to the show. Hope we see more of her! Add me please!
  9. Loved Casey! Good musical taste and no performance experience = diamond in the rough! The Alejandro comparison didn't make much sense but I get it. lol
  10. Thank you for this! Didn't know that about Allison! STILL Waiting for Hollie Cavanagh to release an EP/album... :(
  11. David Cook- The Looking Glass- Out April 16th, 2021!
  12. Good idea! I have the Fantastic Beasts script/books and I gotta read them. Saw both films and love the story so far! Will do!
  13. Bumping in hopes of AI19 graphics @Tiger_8!
  14. I may go through this thread and WTF at your theories the whole time, but nice to see some love for Potter on IDF either way! lol I'm not here to diss J.K. Rowling though. If you follow me on Twitter I'm MissRizaHawkeye, then you know where I stand on that matter! I'm afraid to ask this but will you analyze the Fantastic Beasts films? I actually love that world a tad more than Harry Potter. Which is saying a lot but this Hufflepuff can't stand Harry's whiney a$$ sometimes... Newt's just cooler and I KNOW that's an unpopular opinion...
  15. I only hate that awful stage dad from last night and his crappy guitar playing... His attitude combined with that ruined his daughter's audition...
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