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  1. Listening party on Patreon tomorrow!!
  2. Single or album news is my guess!!
  3. New single "Safe Harbor" out July 30th!!! According to Kris there will be a music video for this one!!
  4. New Daughtry album out September 17th, 2021! And there will be a tour as well! The album is called "Dearly Beloved"
  5. NEW SONG. Album "Dearly Beloved" out SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2021!! AND A TOUR!
  6. 10 years of "This Time!" https://www.instagram.com/p/CRO5cMULfkE/?utm_medium=twitter
  7. Kris Allen will be releasing another single in July!
  8. Did someone make one yet?
  9. Bumping! Haley has said in posts/Instagram stories that her "Off The Ground" EP is coming together and pretty much finished!
  10. I read on MJ'S that he was at one point suicidal about his feelings for being bi/gay. I'm just glad he's still with us and that he's feeling more open and himself as a person and artist.
  12. KRIS LISTENS TO FANS. OMG. I put For Once In My Life in a playlist I made for him just the other day!! This is the playlist. Kris wanted songs that could be shaped around Don't Stop Dancing but I think the overall theme of songs he can vibe/create with stands!
  13. Not surprised by those numbers, but sad that some really good singers don't have more listens...
  14. Yes that is the reflective Kris Allen American Idol 2009 trading card from Upper Deck!!
  15. Happy 36th birthday Kris!!! The new song is SO DANG GOOD!!!
  16. Wishing there was a livestream of her hometown show...
  17. Kris announced fall tour dates... Can we ban singers from ALWAYS going to Philly? lol
  18. I don't think I posted this video here yet!
  19. According to Kris' Patreon fan club... He will be releasing a new single called "Hallelujah For Now" on June 25th!! Fan club members get to preview his new song on Monday the 21st!! I'll report here how the song is on Monday!!
  20. https://www.facebook.com/KrisAllen/posts/352574882895969 Kris posted his song inspiration for "Don't Stop Dancing!"
  21. Just read this article that was shared in a Facebook group... NEW MUSIC OUT AUGUST 27TH!! SOPHOMORE ALBUM WITH 21 TRACKS. https://shorefire.com/releases/entry/scarypoolparty-displays-tremendousmusical-ambition-on-21-track-double-albumthe-act-of-forgiveness-out-august-27th?fbclid=IwAR2z34QCRmr4HabPLtA94UFpiGSbeUe1UIcfNXhLDhxlqOCh1Ddxmdcaf0k
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