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  1. Alejandro's first physical album is his EP on vinyl!
  2. BUMPING. From my recent Google search I found this pic from Kris Allen's "Waves" music video!
  3. So pumped! Honestly best news to come out of September and now I really need a PS5! lol
  4. It was on his Facebook page as opposed to his Instagram live!
  5. So this was their "secret surprise..." Honestly? A tad disappointed it isn't bigger news. Well that and they don't ship to the U.S... lmao
  6. I'm still out of the loop with this thread. lol
  7. Alejandro's EP Doom Hologram is out now!
  8. Sorry! I'm hypersensitive online. lol I thought that was about the Judge Judy GIF. lmao
  9. I am a fan... Since 2018 when he was my early season 16 fave! lol I just want that debut album like yesterday? Surprised no one else is as fed up with waiting as me.
  10. Correction. It was a Facebook live! lol
  11. Instagram live tonight around 10 pm I'm guessing!!
  12. Got my black bandanna and face mask pre-ordered!
  13. I missed 90's week... He didn't save it either... He skipped this past Thursday for an appointment. So this Thursday coming up will be the final Instagram live right?
  14. Doom Hologram by ScaryPoolParty- Out September 4th!!
  15. Congrats! Welcome Daisy!
  16. Maddie needs to cover this!
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