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  1. I'm just happy for more Casey on my T.V. I'll get my sister to vote this Sunday for her!
  2. Time for the 2021 Crossroads fan club EP and Against The World studio album to join the gang!!
  3. It's a shame how last season went down, but those saying Sam would have wiped the floor with him on, on stage performances? I disagree. One moment she's singing Selena in a very captivating live performance. The next it's slow song after slow song in her apartment. Granted that couldn't be helped. Why am I bringing this up? Arthur managed to get me to pay attention to him with his at home performances. Now it's bittersweet... I feel like he shouldn't be there, but what can I as a fan do about it? Casey is my fave this year and quite frankly... We've never had a younger r
  4. A nice comment on IDF about my 2020 Idol fave? But yeah. Even if it had been Louis or Makayla... It still won't matter much in the end. Arthur still has a base but they aren't very vocal outside of social media like Facebook...
  5. Screenshots from two livestreamed concerts I attended in 2020!
  6. UPDATES Kris Allen just did a photo shoot for his new album... Haley Reinhart did something similar for her EP. David Archuleta just released "Be That For You" which looks to be the start of a new album era. Any other alumni updates please add to this thread!
  7. I think Casey has a solid online following... I wouldn't count her or Grace out just yet.
  8. Save the rocker sounds lame at this point, but I refuse to except a final 3 without Casey!
  9. I know this is random. But I wonder how she'd sound on a rock/acoustic pop song like this? Somewhat midtempo with lovely rasp... Songs I wish Idol alumni would cover please! lol
  10. God I hope not. Casey would be revenge for Allison and Haley not making the finale on their seasons.
  11. Upbeat would be nice but damn if that song doesn't hit when it's sung RIGHT. lol
  12. YAY. Hey. I mentioned this in tonight's AI thread but... Would you mind if I PM you a vocal performance of my younger sister's? She auditioned for AI in 2018... But didn't make it past her online audition. Now she's too old to compete on the show at 29.
  13. I'm kinda glad I left this American Idol unofficial fan group on Facebook. Things would be ugly on there right now...
  14. OK. To cheer up this thread... Anyone want to hear my younger sister's cover of "Sing Sweet Nightingale?" I'm not here to promote her but as she's 29 now she can't audition for Idol again... So... Anyone?
  15. Glad power voting doesn't exist anymore... Not like it matters. Caleb is still there. WHY. lol As an Arthur fan hey... At least he's not a white country guy with zero personality...
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