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  1. Not quite! Sam, consistently showing second place strength throughout the season was able to pull it off!
  2. New updates: Round 1: Arthur Gunn - 53.6% Sam Diaz - 24.6% Francisco Martin - 8.3% Dillon James - 7.2% Jonny West - 6.1% Round 2: Arthur Gunn - 41.3% Sam Diaz - 25.2% Dillon James - 12.9% Jonny West - 10.7% Francisco Martin - 9.6% Final Prediction: Arthur Gunn: 48.7% Sam Diaz - 24.8% Dillon James - 9.5% Francisco Martin - 8.8% Jonny West - 8%
  3. So, I'm going to flush out this article over the next few days, but since this is all happening live tonight, I wanted to track the numbers I see coming from my algorithm. This is what I had for Round 1: Arthur Gunn - 49.7% Sam Diaz - 26.7% Francisco Martin - 9.3% Dillon James - 7.9% Jonny West - 6.1%
  4. And here was what I predicted for Top 16 finale using the same algorithm. Maddie Poppe - 38% Caleb Lee Hutchinson - 36% Gabby Barrett - 26%
  5. The metrics I used to predict both Season 16 and Season 17 wasn't just social media counts. It was an algorithm based off of frequency of views/clicks during a specific time window/duration, with a statistical variance dependent on shares. There's a margin of error, of course, but it's been very accurate. It predicted Maddie would win over Gabby and Caleb in the Finale night. I hate that we don't have the forum history to go back so I could show you, but I do have the Top 10 data from last year: 1. Laine (26.5%) 2. Madison (17.5%) 3. Alejandro (12.2%)
  6. I mean, no, you really couldn't have. Laine Hardy was winning most metrics hands down throughout the season. Alejandro was a solid second, but Laine was consistently the top candidate according to the metrics. And Arthur is showing even stronger than Laine.
  7. I just think there's a LOT of denial on this forum about Arthur Gunn...
  8. The NGH Report - American Idol 18's Top 7: "Mother's Day" We are finally into two songs a night! And by finally... I mean, it's been like a week since we had the Top 20... Jeez, this season flew by in such a dizzying pace. What a sad bit of luck for these poor contestants. Well, let's get to it! Like every year with a Disney theme... the performances were fine with a side of lackluster. But the Mother's Day round was much stronger and provided us with a few performances that we may actually remember a few years down the line. I think the result of this season, as you will see in th
  9. The NGH Report - American Idol 18's Top 11: "New York State Of Mind" That was a rough set of cuts. Twenty contestants down to eleven! I'm not sure why they pretended they weren't going to use the Judge's Save knowing that this was the only week it COULD be used. Doesn't matter. We are left with a Top 11 that is all set to perform "Songs That Remind Them Of Home From Home During Idols At Home!" or something to that effect. It was nice to see a few of the contestants upgrade their backdrops for these productions and I was really happy to see a return of the interviews we typically see befor
  10. Well. That happened. Let's be honest: This wasn't American Idol. Not really... but with all things considered, I think the American Idol team over at ABC actually accomplished something quite impressive. The audio quality was good (too good - a lot of it sounded canned and auto-tuned) and the editing was flashier than I expected. I think my worries certainly came to pass as many of the contestants were able to create a more polished background to sing in front of than others. I felt horrible for Olivia Ximines as the camera seemed to love showing us a messy living room
  11. The NGH Report - American Idol 18's Top 20 Power Rankings Well, this has been a @#$%fest of a month hasn't it? I was all prepared to start writing Hollywood recaps, but as the insanity of COVID19 started encompassing all of our day to day lives, I held back, realizing that this season was going to rapidly change. Either they would outright cancel it, suspend it and bring it back next year, or find a way to move forward under new restrictions. Now, we finally have that answer. We will be having a remote Idol this season, which is, suffice it to say, the pits
  12. Yes. I'll be writing up a large Hollywood/Top 40 article in a week or so. Thanks, NGH
  13. The NGH Report - American Idol 18’s Auditions Pt. 4 - “I’m taking it all in!” The big announcement this week? Katy is pregnant! This will be an interesting season for sure. I’m sure there is going to be no less than 5,000 random bits about babies this year. I’m sure they will all be incredibly creative and not repetitive whatsoever. I’m kidding. It’s going to be hell. An absolute hellscape. Here we go! Danny La Rota ?? years old AL “Royals” Danny is currently in dental school, and after he received his golden ticket… he s
  14. The NGH Report - American Idol 18’s Auditions Pt. 3 - “Shoe-wee!” The third audition episode begins with a bang, but it did feel like some of the talent tidal waves we have seen have begun to recede. Yes, there were some strong singers in this episode, but it didn’t have that viral “can you believe that?” moment that the others have had for me. Also, as someone who has auditioned for this show, and had to sit thru the cattle call round for hours to be seen, and then advanced to the Producers and the Judges rounds… watching a girl just camp out in front of the taping and circumvent
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