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  1. ...basic pop music? Like, she's not my favorite, but I think it's pretty obvious what type of record she would make. It's not like she's going to cut a Gospel album or drop an Alt-Rock EP.
  2. The NGH Report - American Idol 19's Top 16: "Instant Identity." What are we calling this round? Semi-Finals Week 2? Man, I miss the good old days of the Top 24 being whittled down by 4 contestants each week until we have a Top 12. What a fantastic format that was! Alas, we just don't have the episodes for that anymore, so we are left with this format which asks contestants to sit, nervous as hell, waiting for the results and then being asked to sing immediately after hearing their fate. I mean, look at how great some of the performances were tonight and... imagine how
  3. The NGH Report - American Idol 19's Top 24 Group Two: "Magic." After spending the week ruminating on (and rewatching) these semi-final performances, I am really missing the Top 24/20/16 elongated semifinals of yesteryear. It was such a better way to whittle down to our finalists as it allowed for growth and unknown contestants to find a foot hold. This elimination setting is so brutal. We are cutting 8 people in one week. It's just a lot. I am certain of SIX contestants who will make the Top 16: Willie Spence Grace Kinstler Ava August Chayce
  4. The NGH Report - American Idol 19's Top 24 Group One: "You have a gift." Okay! Well. That was 48 performances in four hours. I feel like American Idol maybe doesn't realize I am 16 years older now than when I first started writing these reviews. That's right. I started writing this report in, like, 2004/2005. So, maybe they can throw me a bone here and not pile on FORTY-EIGHT performances that I need to somehow comment on in a pithy and immature way. I'm halfway through my 30s, y'all, and I have THINGS TO DO. Still, I enjoyed the se
  5. No, I get ya there, but "change" can sometimes take a few cycles. I'm just hesitant to say, for sure, that the same Idol voting patterns are applicable in 2021 as 2011.
  6. I think we also need to consider the fact that the ABC Disney voting pool is different than the FOX voting pool. Maddie Poppe and Samantha Diaz were also not the type of archetype that usually wins Idol. But they did. It's very possible that the old Idol voting patterns have changed.
  7. None of those men are comparable to Willie, in my opinion. Jacob Lusk, Big Mike, Joshua Ledet, George Huff... none of them have received the amount of buzz that Willie Spence has received prior to the actual voting rounds. Articles about him make up the majority of Google News alerts, the Facebook stats are crazy (As of midnight last night, his performance was shared 1.4k times. In comparison, the next largest was Grace at 471 shares). The buzz around Willie is VERY similar to Season 2. Ruben was the frontrunner from the get go, and while he certainly had competition, he was lavish
  8. I mean... I'm not sure there is much evidence to the "public don't vote for the Ruben Studdard types" since we haven't really had a Ruben Studdard type since, you know, Ruben Studdard. We have seen multiple R&B black men make it to the Top 5, 4, or 3, but none of those mean ever had the type of viral backing as Willie Spence has had in the past few weeks.
  9. Okay okay okay! We are done with Hollywood Week and I thought I'd check in with my views on the semifinalists and where I think they stand coming into the next round of this competition. As always, please remember these rankings are completely based on my opinion after observing the contestants talent, genre, and history of Idol voters. Also-- I think it's very important to keep in mind, especially in these truncated seasons, how important a contestants edit up until now plays into another big factor - their current fanbase and support. I've arranged them into four cat
  10. As someone who has always thought Samantha Diaz was a pretty "eh" winner, I am very excited about the prospect of Arthur Gunn getting another chance. But that's just my own bias.
  11. Another season! Last season was... odd. Pandemic Idol is definitely going to feel like an asterisk season to me, so it has been really nice to see the show get back to a semblance of normality. The ABC gloss is back, the judges chemistry is still very strong, and the talent seems rather sharp. So, what do I think my initial impression is after watching all of these Audition episodes? 1. Girls seem stronger so far. By, like, a lot. 2. There are a couple of country male contenders that could easily win the whole thing if the audience connects with them.
  12. What specifically are you referring to? Do I think the producers help create content for the show? Sure, they do. That's their job. But it doesn't make the moments not honest. I think the Producers likely encourage them to fill a long day with antics and want them to fool around a bit so they have stuff to use on television. But again... doesn't make it insincere.
  13. This is a wild thing to say. I think the one thing that seems clear to me about Katy, Lionel, and Luke is how MUCH they like each other. Those three are having a blast and it doesn't even come close to appearing insincere to me.
  14. Just here to point out that The Voice premiered last night with a 1.1 in the demo rating. Which is exactly what Idol got for its premiere this season. The shows are at parity. But there's still a big difference between Idol and The Voice... its record of success. So, maybe they know a bit more about what they are doing than you?
  15. I mean, sure, and Aretha Franklin would have a hard time breaking into the music industry in 2020, but that's not how this works. You can't pick or choose metrics like this. American Idol is a television program that has found megastars. The Voice is not. If I'm a singer, and I'm looking at the two shows, at this point, with their ratings at a practical parity, and I'm measuring their successes... I'd rather be on Idol. It's that simple.
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