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  1. Lol, well personality goes a long way for me and Jaymes was just adorable. He was a fantastic narrator for that season (TAR21 is underrated in general imo, the teams were all great). We were robbed of that drag queen conversation between Jaymes and Josh. You definitely right that I need to watch recent seasons. Most recent I watched was TAR29. Funny how I was vocal for years against having an all-strangers season and it turns out to be one of the best ones. I didn't watch 30 at all and only saw a bit of 31 (solely for Colin & Christie tbh, Daddy!Colin can do me). Don't watch TV
  2. Lol my taste in guys is quite obviously different from your's. Jaymes would be the unquestioned #1 for me. I will say that Freddy has aged nicely and facial hair really suits TAR10 James! Most of the recent season guys I barely recognize, oops. Millie Mole, moley moley Millie Cringe as hell but I always loved Kelly & Jon. Everyone was an $^^@*(! that season (besides the ATC and Debra & Steve) so they were my favorites just because they were at least entertaining about it.
  3. Haha yeah I just signed back in to see it happened. I suppose so, I made a new account when I came back. I assumed that our old accounts were lost to the purge. Thank you for your help!
  4. I find it hilarious how Trumpsters (and Republicans in general) are just so used to cheating and bullying their way through life, that they simply can't fathom that 75 million Americans voted against the orange conman and have to paddle their conspiracy theories. Whatever helps you sleep at night. I personally will sleep better knowing that racism/homophobia/white supremacy will have no residence in the White House for the next four years (and hopefully, never again).
  5. Wanted to give Rickey some love, since he was one of my season 2 favorites. There aren't any convenient videos on YouTube of his best performances, but here he is singing with Melinda:
  6. Wondering if there is a way to change our username/display name? I made my "new" username as a joke due to being gone for a while, but after posting in the Nikki McKibbin thread I find it to be in bad taste. I was wondering how I could change it to simply be Weedy Speedy? I'd be willing to pay the $5 which was the charge for username changes before.
  7. Paula. She always had Nikki's back, even after Simon and Randy turned against her. Ryan was always very complimentary to her, as well.
  8. Absolutely horrible news. Nikki has always been one of my favorites. She was always underappreciated during her run on the show and I enjoyed her underdog journey, she didn't deserve all the grief she got. She had her own style and always stayed true to herself, something I always respected her for. RIP Nikki.
  9. Pretty much. I won't be playing, but good luck to the new participants.
  10. Didn't do too hot this episode lmao. I thought Yogi would be bad (she decided to be mediocre instead oops) and I was on the fence with Jock. I knew once DWTMAT started that he was bad though lol. I thought Biker would be good, so she made the right call walking away.
  11. Damn. I was hoping Candice would win, but I guess that's not possible when nobody ranks her #1 (other than my contribution to the public vote). 3rd is nothing to slouch at, though. Congrats to David and Kelly for making the top 2. Expecting Miss Clarkson to take the win.
  12. I don't know how to make the spoiler tag, so I'm gonna white out instead. I'm convinced Popcorn is Cyndi Lauper. She talks like her and everything, and the pride flags in her clue packages just sell it for me. True Colors, anyone? My mama told me Sun is Leann Rimes, as do most people here lmao. I agree. Other than that, agree about Baby Alien being Justin Guarini.
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