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  1. That's fair lol, top 50 is an amazing accomplishment for all the teams at this point. It was moreso that I didn't understand why Tyler & James were still around. I will Fast Forward Colin & Christie
  2. Tyler & James Season 10 Enjoy their fanservice opening pic. Yeah they look good, they're both models after all. And good for them on beating drug addiction, that is a fantastic accomplishment that they deserved to be commended for. However, as a TAR team? They were boring and vaguely douchey. Tyler at least was, I remember him being sort of an annoying fratbro type. James was a little more fun with how he never lived up to Tyler's expectations, but Brodie & Kurt did that better for me. I will finish this write-up by saying that although I don't really mind who places where at this point, I am kinda 100% judging someone who would cut Jaymes & James while this basic boring-ass team was on the same list of nominations. Save Joe & Bill
  3. How tf are Tyler & James still here?! Cut Tyler & James Save Joe & Bill
  4. Ok. Make Elise's "Let's Stay Together" to round 4 official if it isn't already, please. Since I am an equal opportunist when it comes to hair colors, I will advance DeAndre's "Sometimes I Cry," "Master Blaster," and "Georgia On My Mind" to the second round. He had by far the best hair of anyone in this season, and I doubt anyone else will be going out of their way to advance his performances since he's criminally underrated, so I figure I better do it myself while I have the chance. Last choice will go to Colton's "Lately," because he had cool hair back in the day, but has become a hair emergency in recent years. #MyLogicIsSound
  5. I'll advance Colton stuff later, I have to go back to work now.
  6. Yeah because Elise is amazing. I also said basic blonde girls which Hollie is the definition of.
  7. Bahahaha for real, and somehow I just KNEW The Power of Love would be the first advancement as well. Nope, she's just a blonde basic b*tch and IDF loves them just as much, as we know. Advance Elise's "One and Only" to round 4 over whomever put it in round 2
  8. I will never forget Victoria yielding herself in the pre-IDFpocalypse rankdown so she wouldn't have to do more writeups. #LegendsOnly
  9. Gus & Hera Season 6 Gus & Hera were pretty great. They were one of the very few teams from season 6 that weren't in a romantic relationship, and for that reason were very much a breath of fresh air. Gus in particular gets major props for realizing Jonathan was trash literally from the word go. He was also pretty fun dad-ish, doing stuff like taking a snow bath in his underwear in Iceland and trying to sip beer at a German roadblock. They got hosed when the two Hungary legs were combined into one and getting equalized with the other teams (of course, it was season 6) and Hera getting her face smashed by a gate. Sucks because I would've liked to have seen them go further. Scenes like Gus crying at the gate of no return and "my daughter is now my friend" were pretty powerful. Save Logan & Chris
  10. Omg Amanda, 5 notifications in 10 hours? I have a day job and sleep at night. Save Logan & Chris Cut Gus & Hera
  11. Yeah, we need as many interchangeable blonde women in every top 20 as possible! /IDF If you mean actual diversity, wake me up when we play round 2 and Naima gets a performance or two in the top 20 like she deserved. lol
  12. Glad the right performance won. Let's move on to the good season now!
  13. All this drama and nothing has changed for this site in the past 10 years. All I really have to add is that I'm getting really sick of the term "hater". Such a meaningless insult because it's easier than considering that music is subjective and not everyone is gonna like the same contestants.
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