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  1. I'm pretty much in agreement with your thoughts on Jack, with one exception: he actually grew off on me as time went on. He was so corny and self-indulgent, like it still cracks me up how he performed "All My Ex's Live in Texas" in the AMERICAN IDOL FINALE with people trying to pretend he was robbed. Not in my world tyvm, not even Will chose a country song this season that horrid. Triston did, though Agreed that he could've left at any point and I wouldn't have cared. I personally would've kicked him off after his mediocre cover of "Believe", but that would mean losing out on "Always on My Mind", which was indeed very good. Ehhhh lol.
  2. Yeah, the themes were really bad in S7. It had the old semifinal 24/20/16 format and the themes for those week were 60s/70s/80s. It was awful. That being said, Dolly Parton night is one of the best in Idol history, but that's to be expected with one of the greatest songwriters of all time.
  3. Agreed on this point too. It's a nothing argument that immature people use to prop up their own egos. All parents/grandparents use whatever skills and influence they have to better their children's future and there is nothing wrong with that.
  4. YES! NO! I get that he's not that great in the grand scheme of things, but I always had a soft spot for Aaron. I may or may not have crushed on him leave me alone
  5. I agree. Like the judges, the themes serve no purpose to modern Idol and should be eliminated for the benefit of the viewing experience. I enjoy Emmy's voice and artistry, but she wasn't quite ready for the competition and it showed as time moved on. I'm glad we got "Coal Miner's Daughter," that was her best performance and one of the best of the season in general. In retrospect however, she probably should've left the next week in McKenna's place. Triston's best performance was in Hawaii but it was all downhill from there. I would've kicked him off at top 12 or top 10. Definitely a diamond in the rough talent-wise, but he needs more experience and seasoning to be a true winner.
  6. Fair enough, apologies for misinterpreting your words. My favorite McKenna performance is actually "Hard to Say I'm Sorry." I just really dug her tone on that song in particular, for whatever reason.
  7. Candice went back to school a few years ago and now works as her alma mater's music coordinator while doing gigs on the side. She might not have ever lit up the charts, but she seems happy and is still working with music in a way that gives back to her local community. I think that's really awesome! She's my favorite winner and "Lovesong" is the best performance in American Idol history, as WhatNotToSing proves.
  8. Flashback to when @Elliott and @sublymonal met Kayko in Nashville and they didn't tell him that I love him.
  9. I think the funniest part about S21 is that they'll sometimes cut to the judges watching the lesser performances and they'll be wearing a stankface for how mediocre it is. Of course, they'll turn around and praise it once they expect to be on camera... it's like being pathological liars is part of their multi-million dollar contracts. Also jfc even Wé covered IHN do people just not think Whitney has additional songs?
  10. I like Julia because I'm an old school Idol boomer who enjoys strong vocalists. I'll admit that some of her song choices were a bit all over the place...she covered people from Bryan Adams to Jelly Roll. Still, I think she would've been in the top 5 had "Roam" never happened. That and "I Believe" were her only true missteps imo. As for McKenna, she was kind of an acquired taste for me, but I ended up becoming a fan. I disagree with "Iris" being her best, it was good but she got drowned out by bandzilla hardcore. I also thought she was inconsistent in general, and a bit too self-indulgent to properly "play the game" once the cannon fodder was gone.
  11. Heejun was right there and George of all people gets cut.
  12. I actually did like him to an extent! His voice is very limited, but I think he worked well with what he had. his "Lose You to Love Me" is better than Emmy's also what's the tea
  13. Agreed. I think the judges usually make the right calls with their wildcards, but Lucy/Nutsa were not the right combination. I would've chosen Kaeyra (being unbiased) and one of Matt/Nailyah, personally. I mean, isn't Ariana a modern diva? Olivia's absolutely got a voice on her, but she's not a diva and shouldn't have tried to be. I agree that the top 4 I chose should've been in the finals over certain people who did, but I'll reserve my commentary on specific names for now.
  14. Alright, my commentary on these semifinalists will definitely be snarkier than this past season. I don't think ya'll will protest. 8. Paige - I mean, they obviously made the right decision by cutting her the first time. I would say she's another teenager who should've waited a few years to audition, but I honestly found her tone to be...ugly, for lack of a better word. Plus she's someone who resorted to shouting instead of singing an attempt to impress, no thanks. 7. Hannah - She deserved to be eliminated for her horribly misspelled last name alone. 6. Mariah - Why do white people still wear dreads? I actually thought her WC performance was alright (definitely her best), but there were obviously enough country singers this season. 5. Michael - I liked his backstory about how his parents went out of their way to record his entire music career throughout his childhood/teenage years. That being said, he shouldn't quit his day job. Maybe he should dabble into modeling or gay porn instead of music since he's quite a good-looking dude. 4. Olivia - Eh, just another wannabe diva who couldn't pick songs that matched her voice. 3. Kaeyra - This might sound strange, but I liken her to a second-rate Pia Toscano. Pretty girl, good voice, but lacking in charisma/stage presence. She should've been in the top 12, though. All of her performances were good. 2. Matt - I liked his voice, but hell if I can tell you what songs he sang. One of them was the James Arthur song, I think? I guess that was his problem: he was forgettable. I mean, Wally couldn't even remember him and he's definitely someone who enjoys good R&B singers. 1. Nailyah - I'm not that surprised she didn't get the call for top 12, even though she has a great voice. Her Hawaii performance was impressive and the WC showing was good too, but she's not as good as We and thus had a small shelf-life in the competition. At least she has her youtube channel to fall back on...I have no idea if it's successful or not lol. As for the Hawaii contestants, I think Elise was robbed to a minor extent. It's sort of her own fault for choosing a karaoke song, but she has a good voice. The other people shown the door weren't real losses by any stretch of the imagination.
  15. I never realized this before, but you're totally right. Fraudiani getting cut before Taylor. Yay for small victories.
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