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  1. People with bad enough taste to purposely tank Vonzell should just be disqualified from the rankdown tbph.
  2. Yesss, my girl LaToya pulling out the win. You go, OG Rankdown Champion! I'm so excited for season 4. Between the people purposely tanking Carrie vs. the people purposely tanking Bo, I can't wait to see which Vonzell performance shows up on top.
  3. Omg they are? I wouldn't say they were a trainwreck couple (that was Lenny & Karyn), just woefully unprepared for wtf they got themselves into. It was the first season, after all. Paul & Amie choosing the trap massage Detour
  4. Peggy & Claire Season 2 I suppose having a team of older women that obviously have no chance is fun to have every now and then, but like all old people teams I'm not one for stanning them just because they can walk out of the first airport without breaking a hip or whatever. Peggy & Claire had the self-moniker "Gutsy Grannies" and while that applies to Claire I guess (who is downright adorable, might I add) it sucks that she was paired with Peggy who was just all about everything. They were on one of the first few seasons, where all the Detours were "do s
  5. Hope things look up for you and your baby soon, Diana. Save Mama Paolo & Co. Cut Gutsy Grannies
  6. I didn't expect Somewhere to make top 5. I always felt like that's one of LaToya's more underappreciated gems.
  7. Would be cool but we've learned by now semifinalists are doomed for low rankings no matter how good/robbed they were.
  8. Will & James are such pricks. It's like Luke cloned himself and lost his brain in the process. "Oh we feel 'threatened' by the stick-figure nerds always in the back of the pack, but not the TWO teams of BUFF ALPHA MALES, them we're cool with." I'm assuming it was heterophobia vs. lust on their part. I like the two alpha male teams, but I'm definitely getting Back Pack vibes with this alliance (although I guess it's a "Front Pack" this time). It'll be funny if it all comes crashing down in a glorious way, but father/son are yet another likable team getting the boot, so that in
  9. Damn, really? That's a shame. As much as I don't like the Yield, I like its new implementation. I enjoyed the strategy behind finding an hourglass with a worse time and going with it to get an early sign-up spot. Or the idea behind it at least, since it seems like everyone just went with the first hourglass they found. Mainly though, I just find the idea of the teams carrying a tiny hourglass along with all their other important documentation incredibly hilarious. The rest of the leg was pretty bland. I know Columbia was on the no-fly list for the longest time, but ce
  10. Damn, the Jasmine and Diana "haters" already out in full force. Inseparable at least should be higher.
  11. Lol yeah everyone and their dog having a streaming service is super irritating, and going to cause ~other methods~ to make a comeback. I think the first leg of S32 was pretty outstanding. It was put together like an earlier season, complete with overnight rest stop, rather than the stupid "double roadblock" of the more modern seasons. I love human route markers (CHILD. ON. A. SWING.) and the goat race to the Pit Stop was a nice touch, too.
  12. Thanks, guess I'm using the free trial lmao. I wanted to finish 31 first for Colin & Christie but oh well. Also someone needs to cut Dave but save Rachel. "Silence is golden." "THEN WHY DON'T YOU SHUT THE F*CK UP?!"
  13. Is there any convenient way to watch the three most recent seasons? Hulu only has up to 29.
  14. Brandon & Nicole Season 5 TAR5 is a top-tier season but I honestly don't care about these two so they can go now. Really the only blight spot of that top 6, their shtick was that they were models and huge Christians. Other than that, they were boring, to the extent that the show's editors would go out of their way to take the piss out of them. The example that immediately springs to mind was when they were having trouble getting a flight in an early leg, only for the camera to pan over to a group of NUNS descending the escalator right before they found their fl
  15. I agree, lol like who gives a sh!t. Save Kelly & Jon Cut Brandon & Nicole
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