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  1. Aww I like Archie's Shop Around. I'm glad Angels went through, that's another one of my favorites from him.
  2. "Why didn't you redo one of your best performances?" "I didn't see the need to rely on something I've already done." The (unintentional I'm sure) shade
  3. Well yeah I know, but having one of your songs in a blockbuster movie is more success than 90% of Idol alumni could aspire to lbr. So I don't get the diss.
  4. Rude but ok. Where does this whole "omg this song is about penguins" crap even come from? Sounds like a lame attempt at being a smart alleck, like when Simon told Carly she was singing about a blackbird. I'm not saying it was super amazing, but I preferred it to the other two producer choices that year. IDWTMAT is just one of those songs that can never be good anymore due to how overdone it is.
  5. I actually think Syesha got the best choice for the producer round? Lol. Cookie got the asteroid song and idk where they dug that dreary ballad for Archie from.
  6. Jordan_Fan and I are advancing Archie's "Stand By Me" to round 6. We are cutting: Asia'h Epperson "All By Myself" Carly Smithson "The Show Must Go On" Ramiele Malubay "Against All Odds"
  7. This was actually my favorite performance of her's to be honest, minus her first/only legit good one. It was cute lol. I looked down the random.org list and was like "Oh cool, I'm finally working with Elliott!" only for the gap between us to be the cutoff. I'll message Jordan_Fan here in a bit.
  8. That's not a comment that's usually taken as offensive in queer spaces. At least from my experience, it's always been a lighthearted thing. I'm sorry if it upset you.
  9. Carly's comment was a reply to Brooke's, I believe. I think most of his close friends and season-mates have known for a while lol. I was reading sometime last year that Melinda helped Archie with mental health and therapy recommendations while he was struggling with post-Idol fame.
  10. Really happy for David, I mean he had a glass closet lol but still, it must have been a huge struggle for him to come to terms with his sexuality. Seems like he came out to his family around the same time I did, although I was public about it from that moment on. I saw Melinda, Brooke and Jordin as well!
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