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  1. LaToya was my favorite of Season 3, and that happened when she sang in the semifinals. From then on, I voted for her. Alas, I think that her innate reserve hurt her ability to connect with the audience, and that, along with the judges being so harsh on Jasmine that she cried, and the support from Hawaii, sent LaToya packing too soon.
  2. David Cook was never my favorite winner — he was a rocker, and I don’t like anything harder than soft rock at best — but I do agree that he was a worthy winner.
  3. I wanted Crystal to beat Lee, but sadly, she didn’t. I would agree that her personality may have seemed too standoffish for the viewers. But if she just wanted to be a working musician, maybe it’s just as well she lost.
  4. Elise was someone I liked okay, although not nearly as much as Jessica or even Hollie. Unfortunately, she failed to connect with viewers and was somewhat inconsistent, being up one week and down the next.
  5. I liked Kimberley. I would have liked her to make the finale instead of Ruben, but he had too big of a head start in gaining fans, and singing “Heatwave” only put her further behind.
  6. Isn’t that the truth? Had Quentin not got caught up in the heat of the moment concerning his friend Joey, he would have made it a little farther.
  7. Quentin is a sad example of how not to follow the rule of avoiding any arguments with the judges, no matter what. While the producers and Harry certainly weren’t blameless in the matter, Quentin could have resisted falling into the trap that the producers laid out for him; or at least resisted a whole lot better than he did. The moment that he got into that argument with Harry, I knew that Quentin was doomed.
  8. Here’s my comments on the singers from 15 to 11: 15. Haley: I would have placed her a lot lower but I can be protective of my favorites too. She might have done better on a different season. 14. Brooke: she just wasn’t good under pressure. It’s a real shame. 13: Pia: the Save should have been used on her, not Casey. 12. Jessica Meuse: I liked her okay. This is a fairly good spot for her. But her problem with that stage mother caused a bad first impression for many, I fear. 11: Candice: I would have placed her higher than Quentin. She deserved to win her season, as she was the best.
  9. Here’s my comments on the singers from 20th place to 16th: 20. Chris was very good but he wasn’t my cup of tea. Also, I agree that he’s probably better off as a front man for a band than as a solo performer. 19. Bo was very good, but he was never my favorite. 18. Maybe it’s just as well La’Porsha didn’t win, given what Borchetta was like. But I still preferred her to Trent. 17. I’m not fond of hard rock, as I’ve said several times, but I voted for Allison at the Final 4 and I thought that she should have gotten past Danny into the Final 3. 16. Melinda was my favorite in Season 6 and I was so devastated when she was eliminated. She was a bit too much like Jordin in terms of vocal talent and she started near the top which meant that she had less room to improve, however. Finally: Haley is your favorite from Season 6? What the heck?!
  10. Sorry that I was so late to comment on the rankings from 25-21. I was very busy with an online version of The Mole. But here goes: Erika: I liked her okay. Unfortunately for her, she was solid but rarely spectacular and that didn’t help her when few were crashing and burning. Ruben: I liked him, although I preferred Clay, so I wasn’t too upset when he won. Vonzell: she was my second favorite after Nadia. But she was up against Bo and Carrie, and they just did better or were more popular. Haley: People have said that the judges bussed her and they might have been right. I thought that she should get in over Lauren at least. Fantasia: My second favorite after LaToya. I was fine with her winning.
  11. Here’s my comments on the rankings: 1. This is a good spot for Hollie. I liked her but preferred Jessica. 2. Jennifer probably needed time to be a star. This is a close enough spot for her. 3. I’d have ranked Caleb lower but that might be in part because I’m not fond of rock music, at least hard rock. 4. I’d have ranked Carrie higher than Bo, but I liked her less than Nadia or Vonzell. And yeah, she wasn’t really a great performer back then. 5. Nadia was my first favorite in Season 4. Unfortunately, voters preferred Scott for some reason and Nadia made some indulgent song choices.
  12. Here’s my comments: 1. This is a pretty good spot for David Archuleta. But I preferred him to David Cook during their season, mainly because I don’t like rock music much. 2. This is a fine spot for Angie. She did well but wasn’t quite good enough. 3. Am I right in thinking that you like Haley more than Jordin? Haley should be here instead of Jordin, as Jordin was better. But Melinda was even better. 4. This is a good spot for Avalon. She deserved to go farther than she did. 5. George was the best male singer of Season 3. But getting sick hurt him, though at least he outlasted John Stevens.
  13. Here’s my comments on the rankings: 1. I liked Skylar. I just loved Jessica more. 2. This was a fairly good spot to rank Nikko. 3. Naima was pretty good, but I’m not sure that I’d rank her quite this high. She was too inconsistent. 4. I liked Didi, but she was never my favorite. I wonder why the judges were so lukewarm on her. 5. I’d definitely not rank Megan Joy this high! She wasn’t a great singer. But she was fun, especially with “Rocking Robin”.
  14. Sorry I’m a little late, but here’s my comments: 1. Anoop — he wasn’t versatile enough, since up-tempo songs were his weak spot. 2. Jeremiah — I think that Jeremiah was a victim of his own consistency and many of his songs being so similar. Had Wade been in the Bottom 2 and not Laci, I’m sure that Jeremiah would have been spared. But the judges probably wanted two girls and not just one. 3. Laci wasn’t my favorite but I’m glad that she went out on a high note. 4. Clay is the only guy I ever voted for from the start. I think that part of it was because he worked with Special Ed. kids. That said, his comments on Catie weren’t so smart. 5. I voted for Kris in the Final 3. There were no more girls, I didn’t think Danny was good enough and the other option was Adam, whom I’d never have voted for. Thus I was thrilled when Kris beat Adam.
  15. I think that I wasn’t too fond of Adam from the start and I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t like his shrieking even before “Ring Of Fire”, but I do believe that it was on that song that I began to be so annoyed by his shrieking that I’d be ready to vote for anyone but him!
  16. I won’t be guessing the clues, but I will be commenting on the contestants: 1. This is a pretty good spot for Carly. She was very good but not consistent enough to get close to the finale. 2. You probably hit the reason why I couldn’t stand Adam, or at least one of the main reasons: his shrieking. I couldn’t stand it and by the Final 4, I was ready to vote for anyone but Adam! I still cringe whenever I think of his performances! 3. I liked LaKisha. Not as much as Melinda or even Jordin, however. 4. I think Joshua was somewhat overrated by the judges, but this is still a good spot for him 5. I like Phillip more now, but at the time I was rooting for Jessica and the fact that he beat her totally devastated me.
  17. Here’s my comments on the rankings: 1. This was a good spot for Michael. He began well but apparently faded. 2. Kimberly was a bit more of a performer than a singer. 3. Janelle was the weakest vocalist among the women but she still did well. This ranking is about right. 4. I do wish Michael had been saved because of Idol Gives Back. I wonder why they didn’t save him. 5. Sigh. Sarina-Joy was my favorite from Season 14. I was so disappointed when she stumbled so badly and was eliminated without being saved only to save Qaasim the following week. Darned equipment malfunction! I think that I lost much of my interest in Season 14 after that.
  18. Here’s my comments on the rankings: 1. Jena — I was never much of a fan of hers, although I never hated her. 2. I liked Diana although I liked her more after LaToya was gone. 3. I’d actually have ranked Alex behind Jena, but you’re not too far off. 4. Michael’s Achilles heel was up-tempo songs. But I still liked him. 5. I’d have ranked Casey below Michael. And I wouldn’t have saved him either. I’d have waited to save Pia.
  19. Olivia didn’t make the Top 10, so she’s fine. But I’d advise her to wait until the Top 20 can perform live since she did so badly when she had to perform from home.
  20. I’d actually have ranked Matt Giraud below Amber, Anwar and Siobhan. Also, I preferred Amber to Janelle, but the rankings are otherwise pretty good.
  21. Here’s my comments about the rankings: R.J. wasn’t a horrible contestant but he wasn’t the best singer by a longshot. This was a pretty good ranking for him. Joey was certainly unique, what with her accordion. Unfortunately, there’s such a thing as being too unique, and she was that. I remember Rickey’s “Hercules” bit. He was good but not great. I agree that the Twitter Save was dumb. But I thought that the “Tweet Tweet” clue referred to Megan Joy, who sang “Rockin Robin”, not Rayvon! Uche was also a unique contestant (for his season) who was more of an entertainer than a singer. And he chose a poor song on Disney Night.
  22. The one who wasn’t present at elimination has to be Christina. I think that I began watching the show around the time she was eliminated. I thought that R.J. should have gone before her, but if the competition took such a huge toll on her health, maybe it was just as well she was eliminated then. The ranking is about right. The forgotten diva is most likely Stephanie. I liked her but not as much as Melinda. The ranking is also about right. Gray Charles is probably Taylor. He has gray hair. The ranking is also about right. I never voted for him but I never disliked him either. The fourth clue must refer to David Hernandez. He had the same first name as the winner and the runner up of Season 7. I wasn’t too fond of him and actually would have put him last among my rankings of the Season 7 contestants. That means that the final clue must refer to Alexis. I’d actually have put her higher than David Hernandez, but this is close enough. Sadly, while she tried to stand out, one bad song choice did her in. And Adam stole the show.
  23. When I saw the clue about the other blonde country singer, I knew that it referred to Jessica Sierra. She and Carrie (who won) were the blonde country singers of Season 4. Now for my comments on the rankings: I’d have ranked Kristi lower than Jessica Sanchez, but this is a good ranking for her. Hmm, maybe Sonika wasn’t sabotaged by Borchetta into picking songs that caused her to slide backwards. Maybe she just wasn’t confident enough. Oh well, I liked her and after she sang “Bring Me To Life”, I began voting just for her. At least she got to fifth. I’d actually have ranked Melissa lower than Sonika, but this is close enough. As noted, Jessica was the other blonde country singer, and Carrie was just more memorable and better. This is a good spot for Blake. He was a fine performer but not such a good singer. That’s why he had to change his songs up.
  24. I’m a huge Jessica Sanchez fan so I can’t rate her this low! But I respect your opinion and do agree that she could be boring for some.
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