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  1. I watched it today. She sounded great, as usual.
  2. Hey, you have a right to your own opinion — even when I think it’s wrong, like your putting Jovin in first. I guess that having Just Sam in my avatar and my signature was a pretty clear sign that she was my favorite, eh?
  3. Here’s my opinion about your rankings: 20. Nick Merico: I’d have probably put him in last as well. He was just outmatched. 19. Aliana Jester: Sadly, you were right that Aliana wasn’t ready yet. I liked her more than Faith, though, but I’d still have put her near the back of the pack. 18. Louis Knight: I’d actually have put him ahead of DeWayne, but by the time of the Hawaii Showcase, he was becoming outmatched. 17. Faith Becnel: I’d have put her lower but at least she went out on a high note. 16. Arthur Gunn: I liked his singing until he chose to really change up his audition, but the voting rounds were when his voice really began grating on me. 15. Sophia Wackerman/James: I’d have put her in the Top 10, but she might indeed have been trying a little too hard. 14. Cyniah Elise: Sadly, having a great voice isn’t enough if people think that you’re arrogant. 13. Francisco Martin: I might have put him in the Top 10 but he certainly benefited from having to perform at home. 12. Dillon James: He started off slow but gained steam towards the end. Unfortunately for him, it was too little, too late. 11. DeWayne Crocker, Jr.: Song choice is key, and DeWayne proved it with a horrible song choice in the first voting round. 10. Kimmy Gabriela: I liked her but she didn’t stand out enough among the teenage divas. 09. Franklin Boone: He was just too laidback as a performer. 08. Lauren Spencer-Smith: She surprised me in the first voting round, and I’d have put her higher than Makayla. 07. Jonny West: He was good but boring to me. 06. Makayla Phillips: I wouldn’t have put her this high. 05. Olivia Ximines: My second favorite but performing at home really hurt her chances. 04. Grace Leer: A little too high but I still would put her in the Top 10. 03. Julia Gargano: This is probably where I’d put her as well. 02. Samantha "Just Sam" Diaz: I’d have put her in first, since I feel that she did the best of all the contestants despite some iffy song choices, and because she’s my favorite. 01. Jovin Webb: This is the only ranking that I really disagree with you on. He was very good but not that good! More like tenth to sixth for me.
  4. It beats depression, however. Fortunately for me, depression is not something that I’m prone to. As for your rankings of Kimmy, Franklin, Lauren Spencer-Smith, Jonny and Makayla, while I might not have ranked some of them as high as you did, I have no quarrel with your rankings. And I think I know who’s getting first place.
  5. No, Asperger’s Syndrome doesn’t impact my life too much. I am more prone to anxiety, however, and must take medication for it. Yeah, in a longer season Dillon might have made the finale or at least gotten past Arthur. Here, he couldn’t do either one. I love listening to I Got You (I Feel Good), but this certainly should be a valuable lesson for DeWayne about how to choose the right song. When a website called Foxes On Idol was running alongside Reality News Online, the creator of both sites noted that song choice was key, and DeWayne is a good example of why this rule still applies.
  6. I hope not either. I’m currently listening to her single on Apple Music and I can’t say the same for Laine or even Maddie, so there’s some hope for Just Sam. The rankings also seem reasonable enough for me. While Sophia was someone whom I voted for, that was only when she, Julia, Just Sam, Grace and Makayla were the girls in the Top 11 and I voted for her in part because of her brother being disabled like me (I have Asperger’s Syndrome). And I didn’t vote for her as much as Just Sam. Cyniah is the type of singer I’d vote for but you have a point about her seeming arrogant, whether she intended it or not. And her semifinals song was in the middle of the pack for me. I liked Francisco but this is a good enough spot for him since he did benefit a lot from performing at home. Dillon had a slow start but while he came on stronger towards the end, it was too little, too late. DeWayne really shouldn’t have chosen I Got You (I Feel Good). It doomed him.
  7. I liked Maddie and she wasn’t a belter or a ballad queen. But she’s also kind of an exception, so you have a point about people like me not favoring musicians or artists in general.
  8. I know exactly how you feel about Arthur’s performances. I was another person who didn’t like his performances, especially Take Me Home, Country Roads. Making it a reggae song wasn’t such a good idea.
  9. I’m glad that you liked my analysis of the final results. I’m analytical by nature and the surprising results demanded an analysis of why Just Sam ended up winning, which I tried to provide.
  10. What you said about Just Sam being the most deserving of the win from the human perspective of being a sentimental favorite, that’s absolutely true, and I think that the fact that her story so resonated with people is a major reason why she won.
  11. 1. Kelly Clarkson — I have to put the original winner here. 2. Carrie Underwood — she was also a successful singer, so I’m putting her here. 3. Candice Glover — she was talented and creative. 4. Just Sam — my favorite winner. 5. Fantasia Barrino — she was the first winner to rise from hardship to victory. 6. Jordin Sparks — I wish Melinda Doolittle had won but Jordin earned her win. 7. Maddie Poppe — my first favorite from the start to win. I only ranked her this low because the ones above her were such powerful singers. 8. Ruben Studdard — probably my favorite of the male winners. 9. David Cook — not one of my favorites but he was talented and creative. 10. Laine Hardy — I may have rooted for others but I still liked his singing. 11. Taylor Hicks — he wasn’t as vocally gifted, but he was a smart performer. 12. Kris Allen — I liked him but I only voted for him since I’d never vote for Adam. 13. Trent Harmon — I just like those above him more. 14. Caleb Johnson — I’m not a fan of rock music. 15. Scotty McCreery — I might have liked him more had he not only sang country or countrified every song he sang. 16. Phillip Phillips — he beat Jessica Sanchez, that’s why I ranked him so low. 17. Nick Fradiani — he won mostly by avoiding disaster. 18. Lee DeWyze — he was the least deserving winner, in my opinion.
  12. Thanks for sharing this with us!
  13. I found it on Apple Music, listened to it on my iPhone and then put it into my Library of tunes! It’s excellent!
  14. 1. Jessica Sanchez — she was my favorite runner-up and I was devastated when she lost to Phillip. 2. Clay Aiken — the only male that I ever voted for from the start, I loved his voice and the fact that he worked with kids with special needs. 3. Crystal Bowersox — she should have won, not Lee. 4. David Archuleta — I liked him more than David Cook. 5. Diana DeGarmo — she was a worthy runner-up to Fantasia. 6. Katharine McPhee — I liked her well enough. 7. Kree Harrison — not my favorite but she was a very good singer. 8. Caleb Lee Hutchinson — he might have been lower had he not been dating Maddie Poppe. 9. Bo Bice — he was very good but I preferred others to him in his season. 10. Lauren Alaina — she was very good. 11. Jena Irene — I liked her more than Caleb. 12. La'Porsha Renae — she was probably the best singer in her season. 13. Clark Beckham — he was very good but also somewhat boring. 14. Adam Lambert — I admit that he’s talented but I just couldn’t stand his singing or performing style. 15. Blake Lewis — he could beat box well but he wasn’t a good enough singer. 16. Arthur Gunn — I liked him as a person but his singing style could be grating. 17. Justin Guarini — the first runner up, he was also one of the weakest. 18. Alejandro Aranda — he may be a fine musician but he wasn’t a good singer.
  15. It’s a Kelly Clarkson song. Even if you have good reason to choose a Kelly Clarkson song (and I believe Just Sam had good reason to choose that song), you’ll still always be compared to her and more often than not, you’ll come out on the short end of the stick.
  16. 1. Just Sam - “Rise Up” (Andra Day) — this was a great performance and it got her the win. 2. Dillon James - “The Times They Are A Changin’” (Bob Dylan) — he was smart to do this as his coronation single. It just wasn’t enough. 3. Just Sam - “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” (Kelly Clarkson) — I have to take points off for doing a Kelly Clarkson song. She still did it well. 4. Francisco Martin - “Adore You” (Harry Styles) — this was a very good performance from him. 5. Dillon James - “Change the World” (Eric Clapton) — this was one of my favorite performances from Dillon. Good job! 6. Francisco Martin - “Alaska” (Maggie Rogers) — this might have been a good choice for his coronation single. I just thought his audition was a little better. 7. Jonny West - “You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down” (James & Bobby Purify) — I liked this song but he really didn’t have the impact of Dillon, Francisco or Just Sam. 8. Jonny West - “Makin’ Love” (Jonny West) — he was smart to reprise this song as his coronation single. I just liked the songs above this one more. 9. Arthur Gunn - “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” (Creedence Clearwater Revival) — it was a smart decision to reprise this song. I just wasn’t too fond of the arrangement. 10. Arthur Gunn - “I Don’t Want to Be” (Gavin DeGraw) — it was good but it wasn’t great. Nor was it my cup of tea. Overall: 1. Just Sam — she was the best, especially when it really counted. 2. Dillon — he came on strong in the finale. He was just too far behind. 3. Francisco — he stumbled a bit at the end and it probably cost him. 4. Jonny — he did well to make it to the Top 5. 5. Arthur — his performance style was just too divisive and he wasn’t a good enough singer. Thus he lost.
  17. Well, I did note that the fact that Dillon, Francisco and Jonny all lived in California probably hurt them, but I also stated that I didn’t think it was a major reason for their failure to win. That said, it’s possible that Francisco might have gotten past Arthur had he lived in a state where people could vote while watching the show (i.e., not on the West Coast). I don’t think that he would have won, because I think that he didn’t have a “killer instinct” which would have enabled him to pick songs that would weaponize his strengths, but he might have come in second. I think that Dillon and Jonny wouldn’t have made the Top 2 anyway.
  18. Me too. I never voted less than 30 times via text, online and app voting. It paid off!
  19. I felt bad too, but I would have done what Just Sam did and stayed in LA. Her grandmother was in a high risk category (so is my mom) and she came from New York City, which was a place hit very hard by the coronavirus. Health and safety first has always been my motto so I was fine with Just Sam staying in LA to protect her grandmother. At least now she can go home and give her grandmother a big hug.
  20. Yeah, in retrospect I agree that Arthur and Just Sam led the votes every week, which just proves my point that Dillon was never a front runner. A dark horse, yes, but a front runner? Nope. And Just Sam followed in Fantasia’s footsteps by having a story and personality that clicked with the voters, especially now with the coronavirus. I don’t know if Dillon’s story clicked with the voters or not, but I don’t think his personality did — at least, not as much as Just Sam’s did.
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