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  1. Ok?? So they havent ever done a season called double agents before either. They havent done a season where everyone votes anonymously and individually while only 2 people can see how people voted(and the cast still doesnt know that part). I haven't see every season but I am pretty sure the unorganized melee to snag their partner on the spot was pretty unheard of as well. That is the exact point lol. They blindly took a shot because they all told themselves ahead of time coming into the game they were going to play big. There is a time and place. Winners are calculated. They had inf
  2. Impressive??? This ep proved why Kam, LeRoy and Aneesa haven't won this show before. The theme and foundation of the eliminations was blatantly not laid out yet. They were continually getting bits and pieces of info as they went and they blindly took a shot.....way too early. It was edited perfectly with the proven vets who dominate these challenges regularly predicting that exact error would happen. You can't play it safe all season of course, but let an elimination play out so you see what the heck is going on before you ruffle feathers. Now its even more LOL at Anees
  3. Wait, we got a guy cut in Hollywood week performing instead of the top 5?? Nice
  4. LOL coulda done 1 more song each. But we did these bs performances by the judges
  5. The episode immediately goes downhill the moment Bobby Bones gets screen time.
  6. You mean twice and completely rearranging it?? LOL
  7. Arthur is far and away the better all around artist. Fransisco has a really nice voice but its not pretty plain and hes show next to nothing in terms of what he might be able to do beyond doing covers in his living room
  8. They will announce Louis didnt make it. Leaving a final girl battle
  9. Johnny was a lock even if some didn't think so
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