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  1. She sang "Happy" two performances ago. She has changed it up, and really should not have.
  2. Yeah I think if Fix You goes to Grace, then Casey may end up with the scientist. Think that one fits best with her or Hunter.
  3. What you all thinking?? Gotta believe Yellow goes to Arthur or Chayce. Fix you hopefully is Casey. Could be Grace. Really no idea what Caleb is gonna do. And Willie gonna be forced to steer away from the female power ballad.
  4. There is no chance Grace and Casey both get booted next week. I'd actually be pretty surprised if either of them did.
  5. Apparently we are gonna get no spoilers on who won the comeback
  6. I'd pay serious money to have Willie not win this show
  7. Willie is singing another female power ballad??? Shocked.
  8. These judges including Katy just blow smoke up the a ss of every singer ever performance. There is no actually........judging. There hasnt been since the old days. We had it a bit with JLO/Randy/Steven. Katy gets paid ridiculous money and makes just about every performance show(especially disney) about her outfits/hairstyle/antics. You think she cares?? LOL. Paula came in and immediately mopped the floor with them. Is she unpredictable? Yup, and thats whats great. She will say anything, she will even offer.......critques.
  9. Unfortunately probably Willie. Otherwise its Chayce, Grace or Arthur. Anyone else wins and I'll be absolutely floored
  10. The show needs to stop throwing the bank at absolute airheads like Katy and Luke. Give Simon whatever he wants. Get him on board. Randy and Paula would 100% come. The original 3 is the way this show needs to go out.
  11. We say it all the time, this show isn't exactly creating stars anymore anyways. But if the show is trying not to have another complete dud of a winner. They need to rig the votes fast and stop the ineveitable win. Like what music is he gonna make? Just gonna steal Adele and Rhianna's music and do it in his Willie way of just over singing the entire song and having virtually no build up?? Has he even song a song by a male artist???
  12. Chayce Casey Ava Grace Are my personal preference top 4. The winner will be Willie, Chayce or Grace. IN that liklihood of order imo. Or Arthur if he comes back and everyone still loves him. Everyone else is just competing for the experience.
  13. Probably a solid bet that the Wyatt drop out saved him.
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