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  1. Say you are 90% accurate(while of course blaming america for 5% of your inaccuracies) then proceed to predict someone who doesnt make top 20 wins the show.........while on a spoiler thread. Genius
  2. The most trust worthy source in the past did say that "Danni is diabolical" and she finds an idol and finds herself in an alliance with Denise, Parv, Tyson and Michelle. So far that isn't out of the question yet. Basically means Danni will have to be the first EOE returnee and those other 4 all make the merge. If any of them go home before merge its debunked.
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  7. Google defintiely isn't gospel but thats what it says
  8. Nick Merico has a net worth of 72 mil?? Why is he even here??
  9. Arthurs singing is perfect english and when he talks its very broken lol But hes great.
  10. How long until someone realizes the two eyes on the immunity idol are totally fire tokens?
  11. Tyson was obviously in big trouble in the ep. But he overall had one of the best edits
  12. 1st Boot-Natalie Speculated 2nd boot- Amber Sandra and Danni get idols Sandra, Rob, Amber, Natalie, Ethan, Parv, Adam, Ben, Tony, Michelle have all been confirmed not to win Rob and Amber premerge. Those are some of the main things so far.
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