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  1. Top 24 Questions 1. Which 8 singers from Group A will advance to Top 16? (80 points) Alanis Sophia Alyssa Wray Anilee List Cassandra Coleman Grace Kinstler Willie Spence Wyatt Pike 2. Which 8 singers from Group B will advance to Top 16? (80 points) Ava August Beane Caleb Kennedy Chayce Beckham Casey Bishop Hunter Metts Madison Watkins Mary Jo Young 3. Which female singer (from each group) will be announced first by Ryan Seacrest to move forward to Top 16? (20 points)
  2. Casey is just a bad ass. She’ll get signed no matter what. And way to go Ava for coming out and proving she’s not cannon fodder!
  3. Gonna guess Colin, Jason, Hannah, and Liahona. Mary Jo and Beane could be shocker early boots too.
  4. Alana, Cecil, DeShawn, Andrea/Graham. Leaning towards Andrea.
  5. 1. Grace Kinstler 2. Willie Spence 3. Cassandra Coleman 4. Alanis Sophia 5. Alyssa Wray 6. Wyatt Pike 7. Anilee List 8. Andrea Valles 9. DeShawn Goncalves 10. Alana 11. Graham DeFranco 12. Cecil Ray Baker
  6. Thank God we’re getting a lot of new song choices on Idol. The Voice seems to have a list of 100 songs they reuse over and over every season.
  7. Grace will win this season. Her solo was a bad song choice but her voice just can’t be touched.
  8. Feeling a little rushed but both girls killed it and sounded great in their duets. Hoping Cass makes it!
  9. Just Sam also benefited from being the only “big voiced” singer in the finale. Jonny and Francisco both performed basically the same genre of music, Dillon wasn’t mainstream country, and Arthur was very niche and polarizing as a vocalist. I still think it’ll be hard for the returnees to surpass Willie, Grace, or Chayce. People will likely go for new faces instead of singers who have already had their chance. Arthur is the only returnee who I could see making the finale.
  10. You know TPTB are gonna want Ariana to win... so definitely her.
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