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  1. I won’t be surprised if they try to find a country winner this season. After seeing Gabby’s success, I can see them trying to find another Carrie Underwood type. This is the “fourth season”, after all.
  2. I can see them doing things the S1-S9 Hollywood Week way this year. The Top 20/24 are chosen based solely on HW performances. No extra round in Hawaii, Vegas, etc.
  3. I’m sure they have it all planned out. Hollywood Week will probably be a lot less crowded than usual. Around 100 contestants. And no family members allowed except for guardians to minors. I’m also assuming the live shows will have a virtual audience like other reality shows.
  4. Yay! And we should start getting spoilers next month!
  5. Kelly is my favorite. John’s artists are all too similar imo. Gwen... yeah. Good luck girl.
  6. I’d love to see Carvena Jones from The Four audition. She was too good of a vocalist for that show.
  7. Angela Peele (S1) Adriel Herrera (S1) Kelly Glover (S1) Lisa Leuschner (S3) Ayla Brown (S5) Sabrina Sloan (S6) Alaina Whitaker (S7) Ricky Braddy (S8) Kristen McNamara (S8) Felicia Barton (S8) Jesse Langseth (S8) Lily Scott (S9) Alex Lambert (S9) Katelyn Epperly (S9) Kendra Chantelle (S10) Lauren Turner (S10) Isabelle Pascalone (S12) Kenz Hall (S13) Maurice Townsend (S13) Jillian Jensen (S13) Katherine Winston (S14) Effie Passero (S16) Shannon O’ Hara (S16) Lauren Spencer-Smith (S1
  8. The whole calling it Season 4 thing doesn’t bother me. I take it as they’re referring to this as Season 4 on ABC. I honestly think of this reboot as a whole new era of Idol.
  9. I think Just Sam and Arthur probably led the votes every week. Production knew to give Sam a duet with Lauren Daigle. Like Fantasia, I think her story and personality clicked with the voters. Arthur has a lot of international fans, which is why his social media numbers look so inflated.
  10. Some trivia information I just realized: Just Sam is the first person to win Idol using a stage name. She is not the first winner who had the sing two songs in their initial audition. Kelly (At Last, Express Yourself), Fantasia (Proud Mary, Killing Me Softly), Taylor (A Change Is Gonna Come, Swanee River Rock), Scotty (Your Man, Put Some Drive In Your Country), Phillip (Thriller, Superstition), Caleb (Original Song, Respect), Just Sam (Rise Up, You Say) all had to sing two songs before the judges.
  11. 1. Kelly Clarkson 2. Carrie Underwood 3. Fantasia 4. David Cook 5. Candice Glover 6. Maddie Poppe 7. Kris Allen 8. Jordin Sparks 9. Trent Harmon 10. Just Sam 11. Phillip Phillips 12. Laine Hardy 13. Scotty McCreery 14. Caleb Johnson 15. Ruben Studdard 16. Lee DeWyze 17. Nick Fradiani 18. Taylor Hicks
  12. Wow. What a pleasantly surprise of an ending. I never expected her to win but honestly, she may have lead the votes all season long. Production somehow knew to give her the one celeb duet of the finale. I guess this shows that a lot of Arthur’s support was overseas fans. Just Sam was truly the underdog winner. I thought she was gonna be the female Dennis Lorenzo: talented but wouldn’t connect with casual voters because of her neck tattoos and urban flair. I’m so glad she proved me wrong. The only thing that sucks is that she had to be crowned at home alone, but it was nice to see her
  13. I agree. Less talking and more singing. I want Nigel Lythgoe back. I’m sure he’s learned from the S12 blunder. I did enjoy Season 16 but the past two seasons have been poorly managed, even though the talent has been great.
  14. ABC has renewed American Idol for a 4th season on the network (Season 19.) https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/american-idol-renewed-season-4-abc-1234607770/
  15. I’m about 90% sure Louis and Julia are going. I’ll be a little surprised if it’s anyone else. My two pre-show faves. Julia’s still my favorite but Louis didn’t live up to my hopes for him. If Julia leaves, I’ll have to root for Francisco.
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