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  1. Idol will start back up once every other reality show does. Covid-19 is hurting any show currently filming. AGT, The Voice, Idol and Survivor aren’t just gonna get canceled forever. The season will finish at a later time or they’ll do the living room concert type thing. Whether or not there will be a S19 is the bigger question.
  2. Right now, I don’t see a big need to hurry up with the live shows. It’s not like the winner could even get to work on recording an album right now, given how the whole entertainment industry is pretty much on hold.
  3. The list was updated and it’s Francisco who sang Falling, so maybe that person just didn’t catch the singer’s name and thought it was Devin.
  4. I knew Sex On Fire seemed like an odd choice for Francisco. He seems like he’d be embarrassed to even say the title lol.
  5. I noticed Idol’s FB changed their cover picture to say Sundays and not Sundays and Mondays, so I think they’re trying to drag the next two episodes out into two weeks and then go from there.
  6. I’m early predicting an Arthur Gunn VS Lauren Mascitti finale right now (if the show continues.)
  7. Very hard choices to make. We need a Top 12 now more than ever. 1. Julia Gargano (still my favorite but she’s gonna have to step it up even more) 2. Lauren Spencer-Smith (she will give us some moments with that big voice of hers) 3. Just Sam (she has grown so much since her audition and nailed every round of HW) 4. Lauren Mascitti (an absolute songbird) 5. Francisco Martin (his nerves might get in the way but he definitely has star potential) 6. Cyniah Elise (we can count on her to bring the diva belting moments) 7. Arthur Gunn (when he’s not trying too hard, he has one of my favorite voices) 8. Louis Knight (so much potential) 9. Sophia Wackerman (when she gets it right, she GETS IT RIGHT) 10. Dillon James (one of the best storytellers this year) If I could make it a Top 12... 11. Grace Leer (a powerful voice but I think Lauren is the more relatable country girl) 12. Jonny West (I like his IG stuff more than what he’s shown us so far) It pains me to have to leave out Franklin, Makayla, Kimmy, and Olivia. Such a talented cast.
  8. Hard to predict because there are so many great singers. Girls: Lauren Mascitti Just Sam Lauren Spencer-Smith Cyniah Elise Julia Gargano Kimmy Gabriela Guys: Arthur Gunn Louis Knight Francisco Martin Dillon James or Jovin Webb, can’t decide
  9. The show is not continuing with the live shows as of yet. That’s been made very clear.
  10. Yeah but that was back in 2016. Nothing on TV now even gets a 2.0 in the demo. The Masked Singer is the most watched show at a 1.9. Idol has been getting 1.3. Same with The Voice, other than their most recent episode which got a 1.8. Still, I won’t be surprised if the show ends because of the problems this pandemic causes the economy. Disney is gonna want to make up their losses somehow. Plus, I can see shows wanting to move away from having big crowds show up to audition and move to social media recruiting only.
  11. There was no way around this. Too many people from too many states. No way to have a live audience. AGT and SYTYCD have postponed production as well. The Voice will have to as well if the virus isn’t under control by the time they film live shows.
  12. American Idol has been forced to suspend production because of the Coronavirus social restrictions. The Voice is further along with their filming, so I guess it remains to be seen if they’ll have to postpone their lives shows too.
  13. Idol has stopped production until the Covid-19 restrictions are over.
  14. I honestly don’t see how they can still do the live shows, though. Francisco is from San Francisco and they’re on shelter in place. I’m not sure if being on Idol qualifies for being able to travel? Same with Lauren being from Canada. Will they let her out of the country to do Idol?
  15. ^ They’re all pretty blah except Franklin, so I can see why they weren’t shown. Amber Fiedler and Hannah Prestlidge should’ve made the Top 20 over some of them. Then again, Kree Harrison and Kris Allen weren’t shown at all until Group Rounds and they both did well, so anything could happen.
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