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  1. Remember that we didn’t even have a correct Top 24 spoiler list last year until two weeks into the show. We had the fake one that said Chayce didn’t even make it and we know how that turned out.
  2. Hm… Morgan Gruber commented “So happy for you!” on Danielle’s post. Seems like she may have made the Top 24 and maybe Morgan didn’t.
  3. The talent this season seems to be on another level. Everyone on the list has a good voice. Kenedi might be my favorite but we’ll see.
  4. Awesome! Honestly, there’s so many good people this year, I would’ve loved a Top 36 like in the really old seasons lol.
  5. That was so dumb lol. They could’ve just made it a Top 21 or just added another guy too and had a Top 22.
  6. So much awesome Idol news coming out lately! Apparently this was announced last year but I just found out that Australian Idol is currently in the works to be rebooted in 2022! I used to watch Aus Idol back when I was an even bigger Idol fanatic than I am now. Fingers crossed for a Canadian Idol reboot in the future? https://www.nme.com/en_au/news/music/beloved-reality-show-australian-idol-to-return-in-2022-2793217
  7. 11: Gymani 10/9: Lana, Joshua 8/7: Jim and Sasha, Hailey 6/5: Jershika, Jeremy 4: Paris 3: Holly 2: Wendy 1: Girl Named Tom
  8. We can’t say Shadale was bussed because she chose to sing that karaoke hell song. You could tell John was embarrassed lol.
  9. Wendy Moten Girl Named Tom Paris Winningham Holly Forbes Jeremy Rosado Jim and Sasha Lana Scott Joshua Vacanti Hailey Mia Jershika Maple Gymani Ryleigh Shadale
  10. All I know is Ariana is definitely going to be a one and done coach. An absolutely abysmal team.
  11. They all should go home except Wendy and Gymani. Sheesh what a bad night.
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