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  1. Beane is more of an entertainer who is better suited for Broadway. He didn't seem to have a musical identity on the show that Idol needs.
  2. Ava gets point for not being a jr diva. She's more of an artist, musician.
  3. I'm not a country music fan, but there is no way Idol isn't going to have a country singer in the Top 12. But he's not going to win.
  4. Wyatt could have gotten a better offer. It's not inconceivable. He's more of a musician.
  5. Deshawn is under rated. He's one of the stronger guys.
  6. If Wyatt has Covid, they have to announce it - like with Luke.
  7. Unique voice? It's been done on Idol before and better. Charisma? Not when he opens his mouth and has to talk. I hope we don't keep hearing his sob story.
  8. I thought the purpose of this thread is people's personal picks - yet they are not allowed to pick Colin???
  9. I am not surprised about Colin. He knows how to work the stage. He's not uptight and shows confidence. And he doesn't have a sob story.
  10. How many times can they keeping bringing her back? She was already eliminated by the voters, then the judges brought her back as a wildcard only to get voted off the next week. And she has experience, she competed on America's Got Talent.
  11. Chacye Beckham and Hunter Metts are very generic. Idol doesn't need another Laine Hardy and Nick Fradiani, who won at the expense of better artists who did not have the heart throb narrative.
  12. But that's when you have to think outside the box. Artists have to do that all the time. Furniture can be moved. You can decorate the background. Some of the contestants performed from their back yard, front porch.
  13. Being an artist means having the flexibility and creativity to quickly pivot. That was the challenge of the at-home performances. If someone can't get votes by performing from the comfort of their home, it is a lot tougher in front of an audience.
  14. The Eastern time zone voting for the finale worked in Sam's favor - and against Arthur who is from the Midwest and Francisco, Jonny, Dillon who were in the West Coast. In the real world, you need a lot more than just singing ability (a lot of which is based on personal preference, bias). That's why so many good technical singers struggle after the show. It doesn't matter who wins, but who ultimately has the better career. Alejandro must doing well enough to get people to pay to see him on his sold out tours. And he still has a record deal. Whereas Sam was droppe
  15. Arthur can still get signed - to a real label - that doesn't include 19. It's not inconceivable there are labels who want to see how he performs on the Idol stage. In as far as winning? Maddie and Sam have been dropped by the label. I think Laine will be next, since he has not even released an album in 2 years. Alejandro deserves credit for creating buzz outside the Idol franchise. His tours have consistently sold out and he was ready to tour overseas before the pandemic hit. When he played at Lollapalooza, he was singled out by the Grammy's as an artist to watc
  16. She only won because people felt sorry for her. She was alone during the pandemic while the other contestants were with their families. The label dropped her within a few mos of winning. Her style was too old school.
  17. Link? If Arthur Gunn had won, Idol would have gotten a lot of international attention.
  18. They couldn't even get Taylor Swift to appear on Idol when Scott Borchetta was mentoring for 2 seasons. And he was her label head. Lady Gaga has her film career. Idol is not known for forward thinking. They let Nick Jonas (Season 12) and Charlie Puth (for reboot) slip by.
  19. A lot of these people haven't had a hit in years. And for a few, calling them a celebrity is a stretch.
  20. It's more about singing ability. Alanis has professional experience. She was previously signed with Scott Borchetta. She could be a shock boot. Whereas Alyssa may not be as polished - but that's what Idol is supposed to be about. She also has an accessible, fun personality.
  21. The Monday show hit an all time series low. The first Monday of the 2021 season garnered a 0.7 rating in the key demo and 4.8 million viewers overall. https://www.mjsbigblog.com/american-idol-and-the-voice-ratings-fall-amid-march-madness.htm
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