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  1. Well since TVUS13 there have been four female winners count and that was a huge setup for Maelyn Jarmon i think is her name who won five seasons ago. Then we had four consecutive guys in the last four seasons. Is there any way we can get another female winner?
  2. Agreed. I wouldn't be shocked if any of the Top 10 from this season were signed to 19 recordings/BMG.
  3. So am I. I'd rather have an all-female finale consisting of three female contestants next season. And they made a Downfall Parody over this.
  4. Well, since season 17, where Hoot won, we've been seeing males winning The Voice after season 16 where Maelyn won. Is there any way a female can win The Voice again?
  5. Deserving winner in Voice history. And they're still making Downfall Parodies.
  6. Congrats Chayce on your win. And they're still making Downfall videos.
  7. MjsBigBlog and IdolChatterYD.com both have Grace ranked at third in their power rankings.
  8. I think my bets are on Chayce. Though I'm hoping it comes all down to Grace and Willie.
  9. Disappointed that Casey is not in the finale. and LOL someone send this to Casey.
  10. 1. Grace 2. Casey 3. Willie 4. Chayce 5. Caleb
  11. But which one? Casey, Grace or Willie?
  12. It's now possible that the numbers are pointing to that direction. But I'm hoping Grace, Casey & Willie are the top 3.
  13. Disagree. Grace or Casey will secure the season 19 victory. I read in the tea leaves.
  14. 1. Which 5 singers will be voted by America to Top 5? (100 points) - Grace Kinstler - Casey Bishop - Willie Spence - Chayce Beckham - Arthur Gunn 2. Which two singers do you think will NOT be in Top 5? (30 pts) - Caleb - Hunter 3. Which singer will be announced first by Ryan Seacrest to move forward to Top 5? (20 points) - Grace 4. Which singer will be announced last by Ryan Seacrest to move forward to Top 5? (20 points) - Arthur Gunn 5. What will be the ratio of male and female singers in the Top 5? (30 points) - 3 males, 2 females 6. How many singers will use musical instruments in BOTH performances? (50 pts) 3 Bonus Questions 7. Will the singer who is going to perform first this Sunday, survive the elimination? Yes or No? (20 pts) - No 8. Will Casey received standing ovation from all of the judges for BOTH performances? (20 pts) - Yes 9. Will we see Caleb’s hair without any hat or cap during one of his performance this Sunday? (20 pts) - No
  15. Agreed. I wouldn't be shocked if he was the 2x runner-up. But if he wins, then that would be the most ridiculous excuse for him to win.
  16. He shouldn't have won the comeback. I hope one of Casey/Grace/Willie wins or else IDF would riot if Arthur wins LOL.
  17. The last time we had an all-male top 3 was when Alison Irahetta was eliminated during season 9, and last time all-male finale happened was when Nick Fradiani won over Clark Beckham five seasons ago.
  18. I think all signs are pointing to that direction (if Casey and Grace flop). Though I would predict that Arthur and Caleb would be eliminated at Top 7.
  19. Frontrunners 1. Casey 2. Grace 3. Willie Good 4. Hunter 5. Chayce GTFO 6. Caleb 7. Arthur
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