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  1. I am tired of WGWG who sound like they are taking a crap on stage winning over better female singers. Lee Dewyze, Phillip Phillips, and now Chayce Beckham. I am sure that I forgot some. Maybe next season a good singer will win.
  2. Kelly Clarkson Carrie Underwood Maddie Poppe Laine Hardy Ruben Studdard Jordin Sparks Kris Allen Fantasia Burrino Scotty McCreey Taylor Hicks Candace Glover Just Sam Caleb Johnson David Cook Phillip Phillips Trent Harmon chayce Beckham Nick Fradiani Lee Dewyze
  3. Willie Spence-Stand Up was way better than Cam’s.
  4. Clay Aiken- Bridge Over Troubled Water
  5. I forgot how many great contestants placed 3rd. I don’t think I can rank all of these but I will start. Haley Reinhart Melinda Doolittle Grace Kinstler Gabby Barrett Elliot Yamin Jax Angie Miller Madison Vandenburg Kimberly Locke Dalton Rapattoni
  6. Sorry I think his voice is awful. One of my least favorite winners.
  7. Clay Aiken Katherine McPhee Clark Beckham Adam Lambert Willie Spence Diana Degarmo David Archuleta Crystal Bowersox Jena Irene Jessica Sanchez Caleb Lee Hutchison Kree Harrison Lauren Alaina Alejandro Aranda Blake Lewis La Porsha Renee Bo Bice Justin Guarini ArthurvGunn Ask me tomorrow you might get different answers. Too many to rank!!! Clay Aiken will always be my favorite runner up though!!!
  8. Loved the Katy and Hunter duet was breathtaking!!
  9. Grace and Willie were my favorites but I don’t think Willie will win either. So upset about Grace!!!
  10. I think I have figured out text voting. Sent 10 votes to Grace.
  11. Two of my favorites made the Top-3 (but I had lots of favorites this season) and neither will win. WGWG lives on.
  12. I hope she can come in 2nd, but I like Willie, too!!!!
  13. From everything I have seen, Chayce will win. The race is between Grace and Willie for runner-up. They are both so good but I would love Grace to be runner-up! She has an incredible voice!! Definitely my favorite of the ABC run and one of my favorite female singers for the entirety of Idol.
  14. I think I have come to the realization that Chayce will win. I am not a fan, but he is leading by a large margin in most polls. I love Willie, but I really want Grace to come in 2nd.
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