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  1. Grace's vocals is amazing. Not digging the arrangement. She should've sung a stripped down version instead
  2. Why Laine sounds like he's high? Or is he always like that?
  3. Lmao i wonder what they gonna sing in the finale? Cuz they usually sing coronation single and reprise at the finale
  4. This is probably one of my fav Casey performances of the season. Not a huge fan of the arrangement though
  5. Hunter should be brought back. I believe he has the biggest chance to be a star out of everyone this season. Not a huge superstar but he could pull off a hit like Hozier
  6. with his results announcement each week Top 12: Casey - Deshawn - Cassandra - Caleb - Ava - Chayce - Alyssa - Willie - Grace - Hunter Top 9: Grace - Casey - Willie - Alyssa - Caleb - Deshawn - Chayce - Cassandra - Hunter Top 7: Chayce - Casey - Willie - Hunter - Caleb - Grace - Arthur Top 5: Casey - Grace - Chayce - Willie - Caleb Now it wouldn't be a surprise for me if Casey is the top vote-getter every week
  7. Well Katy said she does not want to give much critique because she knows how the judges' opinions could change the game for some contestants and she thinks it's unfair I do think the judges gave critiques though. Like how they told Alyssa to tone it down (which she did and got better) or how Katy last night told Arthur to not change the melody too much. Or how Katy told Grace to find her lane which she did last night and delivered her best performances. It's subtle but obvious how the judges did give constructive feedback to the contestants.
  8. I feel you sister Super bummed that Hunter is out but i think he has the greatest chance to have a successful career out of this group BUT THANK FREAKING GOD THE DEVIL IS OUT! HALLELUJAH!!!!!
  9. Damn everyone seems to mess up today Round 1: Grace Willie Hunter Casey Chayce Caleb Arthur
  10. OMG this song is truly a curse Not to mention Majesty and Ashley are both my faves in their respective seasons Gurlllllll if Grace gets voted off today
  11. YASSSSSSS Grace that's beautiful i'm crying mama Not a big fan of the ending though
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