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  1. It would be cool if they could release the stats. IIRC half of the X-Factor winners did not dominate the votes until at least top 5/6
  2. Julia had the highest rating performance of the season. Love it
  3. Another winner on ABC seasons that won't be talked about again Arthur's name will be plastered all over the next season for sure
  4. Jonny's song is definitely bizarre but i like it
  5. Just Sam dodged all the high notes in her performance. I like Francisco's performance. It's the third time a Maggie Rogers song was performed this season. Quite impressive for an unknown artist
  6. Gosh Just Sam is the only female left but I don't want her to win at all. She's way too karaoke
  7. We all want to have more live shows but statistically the liveshows usually have the worst ratings so i don't think the producers care
  8. She's so talented. Was ROBBED definitely
  9. Francisco from San Francisco is doomed then
  10. Not necessarily true for Gabby's case. When she first dropped the song in March last year, it quickly picked up on youtube views because of her dedicated fanbase and it's a very good song as well. That's how she got into the radar of the label and got signed.
  11. They can't film the next episode already, can they??? Will the contestants learn their fate through online spoiler? That's just brutal
  12. As following the previous thread, oops IdolManiac is on a roll this week so better get these out quick Popularity score this week 1 (=). Arthur Gunn: 29.51 2 (=). Francisco Martin: 17.55 3 (+5). Dillon James: 14.92 4 (=). Just Sam: 13.08 5 (=). Jonny West: 10.32 6 (-3). Julia Gargano: 9.79 7 (+3). Louis Knight: 7.32 Louis is certainly gone this week. I can't see him staying with 2 mediocre performances + underperforming stats + bus from the judges. If he sails through, the "big D energy" is huge th
  13. Arthur - Have You Ever Seen The Rain Francisco - River/Falling Jonny - His original song Julia - Growing Pains Louis - Hold Me While You Wait Dillon and Sam are difficult, they haven't really got a standout performance
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