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  1. 6 females and 2 males are eliminated. Well it's American Idol. Always the same
  2. Another thing I hate with this twist is they gonna do big cuts again, like 3/4 eliminations every week I miss the time when only 1 gets cut and contestants are given chances for redemption. Like Haley Reinhart would be eliminated at top 12 round with this new rule
  3. I would be excited if the actually talented ones gonna participate (Lauren, Sophia, Jonny, Kimmy, Julia). Only care about Makayla out of all the people on that list.
  4. Liahona, Hannah, Colin and Jason. But I think Hannah might get the country votes so Madison/Beane is in trouble I hope they could eliminate more ppl in this group though
  5. If it's not 4/4 for each group (we don't know yet), I would gladly get rid of Jason, Hannah, Liahona, Caleb, Cecil, Alana, Colin and either Graham or Madison
  6. Last night was muchhhhhhhhhh better than tonight Can they cut 5 from tonight and 3 from last night instead?
  7. Hannah is a mess. But she's the only country girl in the competition and she got tons of screentime
  8. All 3 so far are in danger, especially Jason. I think he's a goner
  9. She has incredible social media stats so far so she's very likely to be safe + the exposure from the Showstopper performance
  10. NEVER GOING HOME Grace Willie VERY LIKELY TO BE SAFE Alyssa Cassandra Alanis MIDDLE GROUND Wyatt Andrea Anilee Graham Deshawn GONE GONE GONE Alana Cecil I'm hoping that Anilee will pull through so Alana, Cecil, Deshawn and Graham
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