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  1. Yes all of those people as well. I just didn’t want to sound like I was rambling on and on.
  2. Edited: Pia Toscano, Haley Reinhart, Jax, Daniel Seavey, Ada Vox, Michael J. Woodard, etc. say hi.
  3. Edited: I saw the guy’s tweet that explained what the platinum ticket means.
  4. I loved every season especially the ABC ones and we discovered my favorites from ABC/Season 16 Maddie Poppe and Gabby Barrett.
  5. The anticipation of waiting for these spoilers can be hard at times. I can handle waiting since there's only the two people I mentioned I really want in The Top 24. After that, the rest doesn't really matter to me. I'm sure I'll like many of the other contestants once I actually see them on American Idol.
  6. Well if we get more information than what the other user gave us about Kenedi (most of us guessed the right person for the second clue), it’s safe to say she will be in the Top 24.
  7. I hope Allegra Miles gets one of the spots in the Top 24. She's one of my favorite female contestants that are auditioning this season.
  8. I discovered another problem with the possible Top 12 guys. Most of them didn't get any standing ovations from the judges. So that means, Tobias Hill, Ryan Argast, Briggs, and Noah Thompson who got standing ovations from the judges didn't make the Top 24. Aaron Wessbery - Didn’t get any standing ovations Christian Guardino - Did get 3 judge standing ovation Cole Ritter - Didn’t get any standing ovations Elliot Greer - Did get 3 judge standing ovation Douglas Mills, Jr - Didn’t get any standing ovations Jacob Moran - Did get 3 judge standing ovation Jay Copeland - Did get 3 judge standing ovation Jordan Chase Torrez - Didn’t get any standing ovations Jourdan Blue - Didn’t get any standing ovations Mike Parker - Didn’t get any standing ovations Sir Blayke - Did get 3 judge standing ovations. Tyler Allen - Didn’t get any standing ovations
  9. Just my guess, but maybe the judges told them to challenge themselves and sing something outside of their comfort zone. I remember they tried doing that with Alex Miller.
  10. The first time I actually don't trust it as well. As you said, there are no country singers in this list.
  11. I brought up Laine because we brought up Alejandro (From Laine’s Season) saying that he did what Chayce is probably going to do this season during Hollywood Round. I was trying to ask why would they bring back last season’s winner and not the winner from Season 17? But that was answered after I asked and why I decided to drop it and move on.
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