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Top 10 Favourite Females Contestants

Hamza Tufail

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After the first four..this was hard..


1. Michelle Chamuel - Forever Favorite

2. Jacquie Lee - after a brief dip at #3, she has returned to my #2 of all time. 

3. Chloe Kohanski - Love Love Love her voice. In fact, it's my third favorite voice ever after Bria and Domenic..her new music has been great too.

4. Danielle Bradbery - Danielle is like a fine wine. She gets better with age..and every time we have a new ranking, I find myself moving her up. 

5. Bria Kelly - Bria is the only contestant that I've seen so far that could have overtaken Michelle. But she crash and burned in the lives and decided to become an artist rather than a singer. Still..love that voice. 

6. Amber Carrington - Amber just had some of the most amazing performances in Voice history. 

7. Melanie Martinez - Didn't watch this season, but Melanie's off show music is fantastic. m

8. Brynn Cartelli - Like Danielle and Jacquie..she just keeps getting better. With the release of her own music, I see her moving up. Plus, I gotta support my local girl. 

9. Addison Agen - Loved her unique voice. If Chloe wasn't on the same season, I would have completely stanned. But Chloe/Addison is one of the best top twos ever. (Along with Danielle/Michelle, and Tessanne/Jacquie) 

10. Mia Z - incredibly talented. Like..unspeakably talented. She sings a more mature style of music, and she's released some music I like..but I think she'll get better as she grows up too. 


HM.  Maelyn Jarmon, Alisan Porter, Tessanne Chin, Kimberly Nichole, Kennedy Holmes, Brooke Adee

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1. The Queen, The Only, The Maelyn Jarmon

2 - 10(I don't wanna rank individually cause it would hurt)

Christina Grimmie, Ali Caldwell, Amber Carrington, Tessanne Chin, Addison Agen, Lauren Duski, Makenzie Thomas, Alisan Porter, Chevel Shephard 

HM: Kyla Jade, Sasha Allen, Madi Davis, Juliet Simms, Dia Frampton

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I jotted down my whole list and just did process of elimination by that point lol

1. Amy Vachal

2. Chloe Kohanski

3. Madi Davis

4. Amanda Brown

5. Janice Freeman

6. Makenzie Thomas

7. Karli Webster

8. Vanessa Ferguson

9. Lauren Duski

10. Sarah Simmons


HM (Not in order):

Zan Fiskum

Katie Kadan

Maelyn Jarmon

Kennedy Holmes


Addison Agen

Lilli Passero

Dana Harper

Hannah Huston

Ellie Lawrence

Kimberly Nichole

Hannah Kirby

Kat Perkins

Kat Robichaud

Michelle Chamuel

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1: Alison/Maelyn, no way I am putting one below the other. They both own these spots.

2: Sisaundra Lewis

3: Makenzie Thomas

4: Addison Agen

5: Jacquie Lee

6: Amber Carrington

7: Vanessa Ferguson/Kyla Jade, Grouping these together aswell. 

8: Christina Grimmie

9: Rose Short

10: Chevel Shepherd


HM: too many 

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1. Alisan Porter

2. Kimberly Nichole

3. Maelyn Jarmon

4. Tessanne Chin

5. Michelle Chamuel

6. Amber Carrington

7. Rose Short

8. Addison Agen

9. Kyla Jade

10. Jacquie Lee



Mia Z

Hannah Huston

Katie Kadan 
Kennedy Holmes


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I'm not ranking and you can't make me, but I'll list ten of my favorites here (the length of the HMs list would probably definitely break the forum).

  • Juliet Simms: My favorite female rocker the show has ever had (though Chloe is right on her heels), she's got a great angsty-grunge-rock sound that remains distinct years later and she killed it every time onstage. 
  • Tessanne Chin: She went from power-pop to reggae to R&B with ease, and went from being a "she's gonna last to at least the semis but maybe not be the one to win" to topping the iTunes charts the last two weeks of the competition - for damn good reason too. 
  • Sisaundra Lewis: The woman was a vocal director for Celine frickin' Dion, for crying out loud - plus she and Blake were a surprisingly delightful and unexpected coach/artist combination.
  • Koryn Hawthorne: She went from mid-pack for me to one of my favorites after Make it Rain - that tone is killer, she's gone on to be quite successful in her genre post-show, and she seems set to have a long career ahead of her.
  • Alisan Porter: Blue Bayou is seriously one of the best auditions the show's ever had, and she was one of the winners who was incredibly consistent her whole run.
  • Ali Caldwell: By far the most skilled female vocalist to make the lives in her season, her exit to the show is one of the few times I've been legitimately angry at the outcome of the Instant Save (rather than just frustrated).
  • Lauren Duski: She's got that perfect voice for country that feels familiar but remains somehow her own, and people ate it up during her run on the show. 
  • Addison Agen: That head voice is to die for, and the fact that she had that much control over her voice at 16 and made it seem totally effortless is basically unheard of.
  • Maelyn Jarmon: The best thing to come out of the dumpster-fire season format was Maelyn's win. The worst thing to come out of the dumpster-fire format was that we didn't get nearly as many performances from Maelyn as we could have.
  • Rose Short: My mom's taste is basically 90% artists similar to the Jake Worthingtons and Jake Hoots of the show's history - so the fact she enjoyed the hell out of Rose's live run on the show says a lot to me about her talents as a vocalist and her ability to win people through that genre-crossing. 
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I pay a lot of attention to what they do after the show, and sometimes it clouds my opinion of a past contestants. If they work hard, I will continue to support them. If they don’t appear to have much of a work ethic, I probably won’t. I often follow some who I didn’t support on the show, with an open mind. I’m even following Todd right now. 

In no particular order:

Amy Vachal - I need to check and see what she’s been up to. 

Mary Sarah - She tried to go pop country after the show and it didn’t work. 

Morgan Frazier - She didn’t last long, but I listen to her pre and post show music still. She’s fantastic. 
Lauren Duski - Robbed Qween. Did I do that right? I’d like to see a little more touring or something. 

Addison Agen - Still waiting on that album...

Brynn Cartelli - Where did you go?

Chevel Shepherd - Regardless of what you think of her, she’s the hardest worker on this list by far. 

Maelyn Jarmon - Yeah, she’s great. Please cut ties with Republic. 

Joanna Serenko - I like what she’s done off the show much more than on the show. That’s what I’m here for. 

Sorry, I don’t have 10. 

EDIT: I actually do have a 10th....Alisan. I love her post show move to country.  I know she didn’t have much success with it, but the effort is what matters most to me. She works hard. 



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Again, this is purely based on what I saw on the show, because I don't really follow female artists post-Voice as much as male artists. Listed in order of their seasons.


Dia Frampton

Juliet Simms

Cassadee Pope

Michelle Chamuel

Tessanne Chin

Christina Grimmie - the only one I followed post-show, RIP :(

Alisan Porter

Brooke Simpson

Chloe Kohanski

Addison Agen


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1. Kyla Jade/Vanessa Ferguson

2. Rose Short/Sandyredd

3. Kimberli Joye

4. kimberly Nichole

5. Brooke Simpson

6. Tesannne Chin

7. Alisan Porter

8. Ali Caldwell

9. Amanda Brown

10, Sisaundra lewis

Almost made to my top 10

11. Christianna Danielle

12. Juliet Simms

13. Koryn Hawthorne

14.  Brynn Cartelli

15. Mackenzie Thomas

16. Christina Grimmie

17. Chloe Kohanski

18. Lauren Duski

19. Emily Ann Roberts

20. Maelyn Jarmon

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  • 8 months later...
  1. Danielle Bradbery
  2. Rachel Mac
  3. Reagan Strange
  4. Kat Hammock
  5. Aliyah Moulden
  6. Addison Agen
  7. Shelby Brown

  8. Holly Tucker
  9. Cassadee Pope
  10. Ashland Craft


Kyndal Inskeep

Megan Danielle

Chevel Shepherd

Marybeth Byrd

Savanna Woods


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Alisan Porter

Maelyn Jarmon

Tessanne Chin

Christina Grimmie

Jacquie Lee

Brooke Simpson

Kimberly Nichole

Rose Short

Kyla Jade

Kennedy Holmes



Moriah Formica (If she lasted longer, she’d definitely be on the top list)

Amanda Brown

Cassadee Pope

Katie Kadan

Chloe Kohanski 

MaKenzie Thomas

Dana Monique

Keisha Renee

Addison Agen

Sarah Grace

Judith Hill

Amber Carrington

Sisaundra Lewis

Hannah Huston

Mia Z


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1 Moriah Formica

2 Christina Grimmie (may she RIP)

3. Chloe Kohanski (Chloe MK)

4. Alisan Porter (After watching Curly Sue, I might download her music)

5. Maelyn Jarmon

6. Jordyn Simone

7. Marisa Corvo 

8. Holly Tucker

9. Kim Cherry

10. Juliet Simms

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Imma write as many as I want #girlpower purrrr


edit: literally no order I think it’s order of season lol


  1. Emily Luther
  2. Chloe MK
  3. Karli Webster
  4. Janice Freeman
  5. Keisha Renee
  6. Brooke Simpson
  7. Jackie Verna
  8. Kyla Jade
  9. Brynn Cartelli
  10. Claire Dejean
  11. Reagan Strange
  12. Kymberli Joye
  13. Chevel Shepherd
  14. Maelyn
  15. Rose Short
  16. Gracee Shriver
  17. Brennan Lassiter
  18. Brooke Stephenson
  19. Toneisha Harris
  20. Zan Fiskum
  21. Allegra Miles
  22. Joanna Serenko
  23. Tayler Green
  24. Arei Moon
  25. Cedrice
  26. Samantha Howell
  27. Gigi Hess
  28. Tamara Jade
  29. Desz
  30. Cami Clune
  31. Payge Turner
  32. Chloé Hogan
  33. Taryn Papa
  34. Madeline Consoer
  35. Lauren Frihauf
  36. Rachel Mac
  37. Gihanna Zoe
  38. Dana Monique
  39. Pia Renee
  40. Ryleigh Modig
  41. Zania Alaké 
  42. Savanna Woods
  43. Emma Caroline
  44. Anna Grace
  45. Raine Stern
  46. Lindsay Joan
  47. Denisha Dalton 
  48. Rio Doyle

And many many more

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I haven't watched every season yet (no Maelyn, Addison, Danielle, etc) so this may change:


Cami Clune

Cassadee Pope

Brynn Cartelli

Kat Hammock

Rose Short

Christina Grimmie

Megan Danielle

Ryleigh Modig

Gihanna Zoe

Emily Ann Roberts




Kyla Jade

Katie Kadan

Allegra Miles

Anna Grace

Livia Faith

Julia Cooper

Jaclyn Lovey

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That was hard af I CAN'T - I'm not that sure about the ranking except for Rose and Ali being the top 2

  1. Rose Short
  2. Ali Caldwell
  3. Maelyn Jarmon
  4. Kimberly Nichole
  5. Kyla Jade
  6. Myracle Holloway
  7. MaKenzie Thomas
  8. Cami Clune
  9. Joanna Serenko
  10. Addison Agen


HM : Kelsie Watts, Taryn Papa, Lindsay Joan. They would've been in the top 10 FOR SURE if they had a better/longer run but it is what is #robbedqueens #realitysucks #denial


I didn't include the S20 queens cause there's still a recency bias and I don't know yet how they would grow on me on the long term. I would definitely include some of them if it was a top 20.

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