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Rank the Top 12


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i can only rank a few right now.


1 Tyson

2 Nutsa

3 Wè

4  Iam

5 Lucy

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hmmm.  My first shot at ranking this season. I dont know any of their last names yet.



1. NUTsa

2. We

3. Marybeth - mostly off of tonights song choice.

4. Tyson

5. Iam

6. Collin - mostly because of his song choice tonight, this likely won't stay this high for long.

7. Warren

8. Haven

9. Lucy

10. Oliver

11. Meghan

12. Zachariah

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1. Nutsa - She’s camp, she’s an icon. I have no choice but to stan.

2. Zachariah - Always has the best song pick of the night and always delivers it in the most entertaining way while also being on key.
3. Oliver - He needs to pick better songs but he’s a cool guy.

4. Mary Beth - She knows how to interpret a song and can sing the sh*t out of it.

5. Colin - I took zero notice of him until he sang that Robyn song and didn’t change the gender on it. Suddenly I’m a fan.

6. Iam - He’s super talented. If he wins, I won’t be upset.

7. Megan - I really liked her performance last night but less songs about Jesus please.

8. Wé - I like her singing voice but she hasn’t wowed me yet.

9. Haven - I’ve been wanting so much more from her every week and she hasn’t delivered yet.

10. Warren - It says a lot that he’s not dead last since I honestly couldn’t tell you a single one of his performances, but he’s likeable, I guess.

11. Lucy - I liked her from her audition but her last three performances have been trainwrecks. She should not have gotten the wildcard.

12. Tyson - He was better tonight but up until now I just have not understood what the judges see in him.


if I could replace Warren, Lucy and Tyson with Kaeyra, Nayilah and Michael, this Top 12 would be drastically better 😢 

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1.  Wé -- you know I'm a fan of hers.

2.  Nutsa -- I love her but if she doesn't go on Sunday, she's going on Monday.

3.  Iam -- my favorite of the guys.

4.  Marybeth -- the best of the country contingent.

5.  Tyson -- one of my early favorites has returned to form.

6.  Warren -- not my cup of tea, that's why I ranked him so low.

7.  Haven -- she redeemed herself with her performance.

8.  Lucy -- she's had some off performances now.

9.  Oliver -- somewhat boring but better than Colin or Zachariah.

10.  Megan -- I don't hate her, I just like the others more.

11.  Zachariah -- at least he's entertaining.

12.  Colin -- the weakest of the guys.

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1. Nutsa - the only one left that I care for. Will probably be the first season I stop watching since AI9 once she gets voted out next week.

2. We Ani

3. Marybeth Byrd

4. Zachariah Smith

5. Tyson Venegas

6. Oliver Steele

7. Lucy Love

8. Megan Danielle

9. Colin Stough

10. Iam Tongi

11. Haven Madison

12. Warren Peay



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1. Iam: THE winner. 

2. Wé

3. Megan

4. Zachariah

5. Marybeth

6. Warren

7. Lucy 

8. Oliver

9. Tyson

10. Nutsa

11. Colin

12. Haven (I knew Colin was making it through no matter what, but this Top 12 would’ve been a hundred times better if Kaeyra had replaced this girl)

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2. Iam (used to think he was meh but he's grown on me lol)


Good, some things holding them back though

3. Megan

4. Oliver

5. Lucy

6. Warren

7. Marybeth



8. Tyson

9. Nutsa

10. Zachariah


Why are you still here?

11. Colin Stough (he has an interesting tone at least and that DOMO performance was great)

12. Haven Madison

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6 hours ago, StarWalker1 said:


2. Megan

3. Marybeth

4. Tyson

5. Iam

6. Lucy

7. Oliver

8. Warren

9. Nutsa


11. Haven

12. Colin


so you admit you're only betraying The Voice to watch The Voice girls on Idol 🤔 Wouldn't blame you though

  • Haha 1
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01. Zachariah Smith - He’s a good vocalist and a fantastic performer.

02. Megan Danielle - Probably the most consistent and reliable vocalists.

03. Nutsa - She brings another dimension to the competition. She isn’t a cookie cutter and is unapologetically herself.

04. Oliver Steele - Great singer.

05. Warren Peay - Love his tone.

06. Tyson Venegas - He reminds me of the old school Idol.

07. Lucy Love - She has so much potential.

08. Haven Madison - She’s defying the odds but she’s getting better.

09. Colin Stough - He’s starting to get very samey.

10. Marybeth Byrd - She’s decent.

11. Wè Ani - This board makes out as if she’s one of the all time greats but I’m still waiting to be impressed.
12. Iam Tongi - Probably the most basic singer of the top twelve. I’m still not sold.

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1. Nutsa - I stan!

2. Wé Ani - I stan!

3. Iam Tongi - I enjoy!

4. Oliver Steele - I enjoy!

5. Haven Madison - I know she is inconsistent, not the best vocalist, and she shouldn't have made it this far, but she is my guilty pleasure contestant of the season :giggle:

6. Megan Danielle - I like her tone and vocals. Not a fan of the religious/worship song choices though.

7. Lucy Love - Inconsistent, and I'm not a fan of all of her stylystic choices. However, I have liked some of her performances. 

8. Marybeth Byrd - Consistently doing well, but perhaps a bit TOO consistent. Needs a "moment" to win me over.

9. Tyson Venegas - Very inconsistent, but good when he's at his best. 

10. Zachariah Smith - He is a great vocalist and fun personality, but he is singing too many dated songs.

11. Warren Peay - Honestly, he is good and I like his tone. I just personally don't like his genre or song choices.

12. Colin Stough - You will never catch me supporting him, sorry!

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1a. We

1b. Iam



Cool tones

3. Marybeth

4. Oliver

Great vocalist, not much else

5. Warren


Wasn’t impressed before but they were great last night (still not a fan)

6. Lucy

7. Megan

8. Colin

9. Tyson


Too extra for me

10. Nutsa (I don’t get it)

11. Zachariah



12. Haven

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