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  1. More responses from Idol alums
  2. This just makes me even more mad at him stealing a spot in the Top 10.
  3. Vocally, Grace and Willie were the best and should be the Top 2, but we all know that America doesn't always vote that way (See: Reinhart, Haley).
  4. I don't know if anyone's ever topped Latoya London on this song.
  5. Here we go! I don't know why I'm humming Change Nothing (Jessica Sanchez's winner's single) right now, but I am.
  6. Also, why does DeShawn get to be in both group performances?
  7. When Alyssa, Arthur and Cassandra get duets and Casey doesn't
  8. Grace trying to singlehandedly break the record for most overdone songs in one night
  9. I keep expecting Graham to show up on one of the family shots
  10. S3 was the first full season I watched. I was 14 then. I'm 31 now.
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