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  1. Casey should be doing more alternative route songs (like Billie Eillish perhaps) or jazzy songs like her audition. However, she clearly doesnt want to do that and is sticking to rock which is probably going to cost her later on.
  2. Jazzy versions of Disney Songs arent good, lets ask Julia Gargano about that LOL
  3. The girls are so strong I cant take it omgggg, praying that America doesnt mess this up.
  4. Yeah, Mary Jo isnt edited as "bratty" at all on the show. She could be bratty behind the scenes (I dont know if she is or not), but the general public wont see that from her either way.
  5. My guess is Madison, Liahona, Hannah, and Colin are out.
  6. I would love for Grace to sing Run To You and go full diva on us all
  7. You cant really have flexibility when you are forced to perform in a living room that is surrounded by furniture (leaving barely any room for moving around), unprofessional cameras, and no audience or live music to feed off of.
  8. Top 24 Questions 1. Which 8 singers from Group A will advance to Top 16? (80 points) - Alanis Sophia - Alyssa Wray - Anilee List - Cassandra Coleman - Deshawn Goncalves - Grace Kinstler - Willie Spence - Wyatt Pike 2. Which 8 singers from Group B will advance to Top 16? (80 points) - Ava August - Beane - Caleb Kennedy - Casey Bishop - Chayce Beckham - Hunter Metts - Jason Warrior - Mary Jo Young 3. Which female sin
  9. Casey and Ava owned tonight for me. Only voting for them.
  10. Ava sounded amazing on the solo and duet, definitely beyond her years. Possibly my favorite of the night so far?
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