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  1. Her post just popped on my feed and I really love the sound of that snippet. Hopefully she is able to release it soon!
  2. Lol I really just asked myself in my head "Who is Alana?" but then I remembered her The edit did her dirty! Amber was one of my fave S18 contestants after her audition but her Hawaii performance was not it.
  3. Normal Size Ticket: https://imgur.com/a/rFh9nxH Platinum Ticket???: https://imgur.com/a/Dzrhjkv There is definitely a size difference.
  4. I do think that is a Platinum ticket, from the abnormally large size and the silver tint (but that could just be the tv screen/camera quality).
  5. https://instagram.com/stories/cajun_kitty_kat/2754851984387487661?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&utm_medium=copy_link New promo with Kenedi, Tristen, and Tyler Allen in it
  6. Normally I would agree, but in the live it was mentioned a few times that Leah is also working on an album at the moment (if you look at her info theres a bunch of stuff about her recording too) and I have a hard time believing shes not in Top 24. Willie also released an album mid-season last year right before lives began so I'm pretty sure contestants can dabble in both original music while also focusing on Idol.
  7. It doesn't, that's why I only said it makes me "think" they are in the Top 24 because of their behavior and how enthusiastic they are for each other.
  8. The way they talk to eachother (and about the future of eachothers careers) makes me think they are 1. very close and 2. in the Top 24 together.
  9. https://www.mjsbigblog.com/american-idol-2022-plans-to-employ-alums-as-mentors-see-new-promo.htm Some new info: - There will be alumni mentors throughout the season. - The average contestant age this season is 20. - They plan/want to have a full live audience, but have plans to pivot on that if Covid worsens.
  10. All of the tickets have that design on the back of them I'm pretty sure.
  11. Also, it makes sense that Jay was the Top 59 pimp spot now that we know he has one of the platinum tickets. Maybe Leah also got one?
  12. I thought Jay was just your typical R&B male singer from that clip but maybe he has a story that pushed the judges to give him that.
  13. I feel that the ABC era is pretty over-hated by people who rely on the nostalgia factor to carry their viewing experience. This is not the Idol that aired in the 2000's/early 2010's and I think that is a good thing. There is still tons of fresh talent every year and new artists to discover so I don't really get what the difference is. While it would be better if we had the extended live shows format of the OG Idol AND more "ruthlessness/the Simon attitude" from the judges, there are just not enough viewers who care about American Idol anymore to justify an extremely long live shows format. I'm perfectly content with 6-8 weeks of lives a season, lets just hope it stays that way
  14. Not when Season 10/Season 11 are 2 of the most iconic Idol seasons
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