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  1. I would love to see Jeremiahs vote stats.
  2. These guys seriously went as far to find his REPORT CARDS
  3. That is so disgusting. The fact that people made racist attacks and remarks toward an innocent and talented young girl who is very talented is sad. This is even worse then what happened after Alejandro got 2nd.
  4. Ratings are up! The reprises made up the Top 5 performances of the night and Jonny tops the whole thing with a 74
  5. If you hate it all so much then leave! The door is that way. Nobody wants to hear about how you hate everything.
  6. 1. Julia Gargano- New York State Of Mind 2. Francisco Martin- River 3. Just Sam- Rise Up 4. Dillon James- The Times Are A Changing 5. Jonny West- Makin Love
  7. What are some of the best performances we saw this season?
  8. Last time I cried tears of happiness from someone winning was Darci Lynne on AGT LOL
  10. Are they not even gonna reveal the placements of the other 3????????
  11. Hot Take: This season wasnt as bad as people are making it out to be. Sure...it was different. But I think there were some consistent and good performances that we got.
  12. These contestants are SOOOO predictable...
  13. OMG. Jonny singing an uptempo? Unheard of! Happy he finally ventured outside of his comfort zone and this was my favorite performance of his yet.
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