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  1. Both Fantasia and Jennifer are successful, talented women and we should leave it at that. No need to put two incredible women against each other when it is likely something they would not want to hear their fans arguing over.
  2. I agree that it seems to be getting riskier and riskier by the minute. But, apparently the Governor of California has given TV and Movie employers the title of "essential workers" so they probably wont shut down unless they are breaking rules.
  3. The Grammy's were just moved to March because of surging covid cases. I wonder if this is going to effect idol filming as well.
  4. Accurate Top 40/20 Spoilers dont arrive until the end of January. I remember Mjsbigblog posting the Top 70 of Hollywood last year around this time but idk if they are doing that this year.
  5. Im expecting a surge in singer-songwriter types and also a lot of country powerhouses.
  6. I dont know if anybody posted this here, but Lionel Richie posted this last week: https://www.instagram.com/p/CIrMqDWHL85/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link "Walking into Hollywood Week like..." This confirms that Hollywood Week is 100% happening at the Dolby Theater, now its just about wondering how many people are attending and how they are going to do Lines of Ten and Duets/Groups.
  7. Idol Maniac/The Idol Pad are the same person. They get their spoilers through a secret source, not the audience.
  8. I agree with this, but they have 14 weeks of episodes to fill this season and Auditions and Hollywood combined usually only take up 4-5 of those weeks. I dont see them spending 9-10 weeks on lives so what would they fill it with instead?
  9. Katy Perry was posting wardrobe stuff on TikTok a few days ago so that would make sense that it was already filmed.
  10. Well SOMETHING is happening, which is always good to hear in times like these.
  11. Yay! Atleast we know its happening Interested to see how it works out
  12. Last season only had 170 contestants in Hollywood week. One idea they could use is split the amount of contestants into shifts where they record half of the 170 one week, half the other week, and then do results. At the theater, they can stay in the audience area and sit multiple seats apart from eachother. Theres about a million other things that could do too, but the producers likely have this all planned out to a T and we just have to trust them.
  13. Coronavirus might not be under control completely, but AGT, The Voice, The Masked Singer, and Dancing With The Stars have all sucessfully completed in-person seasons in the pandemic so I dont see why American Idol wouldnt be able to? The only part of the format they would have to change is the Hollywood Week duets/groups, but they can easily make that socially distanced like The Voice did for Battles and Knockouts. I dont think they will limit the amount of people in Hollywood week because social distancing is easy especially if they are using a large venue. If dance group acts were able to p
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