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  1. I wish we were getting as much spoilers and content as The Voice is right now but its also super toxic over there on those forums so.....
  2. The judges are more than likely going to have separated desks for the entire season. I don't see them going to Hawaii this year or in the foreseeable future because traveling is too much of a risk. As for mentors, they can easily social distance or have the mentors wear masks. On AGT I know that the acts had to get tested at least three times a week, and guest performances were all pre recorded and socially distant. I assume Idol will do the same.
  3. Im really wondering how the format will work this year. Hollywood Week is probably going to be scrapped or it will be only Solo Performances.
  4. Season 11 is my favorite of the old Idol be because of the diverse artists, memorable contestants, good song choices, and great singers that kept me craving more week after week. Of the new Idol, none of the seasons have been amazing in my opinion. I agree that Season 18 had the most potential and couldve been one of the best Idol seasons had Miss Rona not arrived. The Top 20 was super diverse with great vocalists and artists, but the competitions format didnt allow for stellar performances or growth from contestants.
  5. I havent commented on this thread yet, but I've been lurking around all along and keeping up with these rankings LOL. I just want to say that even though I am a HUGE Jessica stan, you phrased your write-up on her perfectly. Keep up the great work, I really enjoy reading these!
  6. If only the Top 11 in CSAB couldve been the real one :///
  7. I would love to see Jeremiahs vote stats.
  8. These guys seriously went as far to find his REPORT CARDS
  9. That is so disgusting. The fact that people made racist attacks and remarks toward an innocent and talented young girl who is very talented is sad. This is even worse then what happened after Alejandro got 2nd.
  10. Ratings are up! The reprises made up the Top 5 performances of the night and Jonny tops the whole thing with a 74
  11. If you hate it all so much then leave! The door is that way. Nobody wants to hear about how you hate everything.
  12. 1. Julia Gargano- New York State Of Mind 2. Francisco Martin- River 3. Just Sam- Rise Up 4. Dillon James- The Times Are A Changing 5. Jonny West- Makin Love
  13. What are some of the best performances we saw this season?
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